Autumn Transition
Transition is underway! In the produce industry, we call the migration from growing areas in California to Arizona (aka "the desert"). This occurs again in the spring. Major grower/shippers literally pick up an move their equipment and operations. 

All markets on Row Crops are adjusting slightly downward. The warmer weather in the Salinas Valley and Huron, California growing regions is helping spur growth and yields a bit.  In Yuma, AZ, the hail and heavy rain a couple weeks ago did some major damage to all the planted row crops. This could push back the start of harvest in the Desert. As as result, suppliers are trying to stretch their supply by harvesting minimal amounts. 

We are anticipating volatile markets and short supplies on Broccoli, Cauliflower, Iceberg, and Romaine through the end of November.

Seashore has direct relationship s and receives direct shipments from these large, premier national growers. Whenever supplies run short, these relationship mean we are often pro-rated, not shorted. Seashore also offers options to help stabilize your costs, including contracted pricing and value-added solutions. Feel free to r each out to your account manager to answer questions, offer menu planning suggestions, and offer their expertise.


Local Leeks and Lettuces are now available!

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