Volume 9 - February 2014 
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South Park in the NewsSPNews

Recent Articles Point LA's Attention Towards Our District


South Park is all the talk in local and state-wide news!  Check out all thats being said about this blossoming neighborhood.


A recent press release was picked up by a variety of outlets, including those in Sacremento and San Diego, taking a closer look at the Jones Lang LaSalle report done on the area late last year.


Additionally, South Park BID Executive Director Jessica Lall was interviewed by the Downtown News, and the Q&A is presented in Powering a Hot Neighborhood Forward.


However, one of the biggest articles on South Park was on the front of the Business section of the LA Times Sunday Edition, in Downtown L.A.'s South Park catching a wave of new development.  


The South Park District is getting more well known every day!  Be sure to check out all of these articles, and stay tuned on our social media pages for future updates.

Big Presenters at 2/20 SP Board MeetingBoard220

Onni, My Figueroa, and COW to Discuss Projects

Are you interested in some of the projects coming to South Park?  Join us at this month's Board of Directors Meeting, where we will have three very special presentations by:


  • Developer Onni Group will be presenting its plans for 1212 S Flower location.
  • LADOT will speak about the My Figueroa streets cape project, updating on next steps for transforming the community along Figueroa & 11th St.
  • COW combines yoga, co-op, and community service, and will soon a cafe in the area.


Please RSVP if you plan on attending the Board meeting by 5 PM on Wednesday Feb. 19, to anna@southpark.la.

Its YOUR DTLA: Map Its Future!CityPlanning

LA Dept. of City Planning Asks for Input on Community Plan & Zoning


The LA Department of City Planning recently kicked off two major endeavors:  an update of the Central City Community Plan, and a recalibration of zoning for the City of LA.  Both of these have major impacts and repercussions for the Downtown LA community, and this is YOUR chance to get involved.  The future of the built environment depends on you!



Here are 2 ways to get involved:

Learn more about both endeavors here:
 When it comes to land use, sustainability, economic development, urban design, zoning, and more, these are you venues to make a difference in DTLA.  The Planning Dept. wants to hear from you!
For more information, contact Bryan Eck at Bryan.Eck@lacity.org or Nick Maricich Nicholas.Maricich@lacity.org.
Meeting with Caruso Innovation CommitteeCaruso

SP BID Meets with Innovative Developer to Draw to DTLA


South Park Directors recently met with Rick Caruso's Innovation Committee, a group put together by developer firm Caruso to look at innovative ideas and new markets.


Caruso's existing projects include The Grove, The Americana at Brand, and the Commons at Calabasas.    


Through a discussion on the changing demographics of DTLA and South Park, the need for more retail and basic services, and new technological integration into wayfinding and daily life, the two groups were able to increase each other's knowledge on the potential future of DTLA.

Community Safety Walk with LAPDSafetyWalk

Law Enforcement, SP BID, and Local Residents Tour the District


Several residents and property owners joined LAPD Central Division Captain Mike Oreb, our LAPD Senior Leads Victor Aguilar and Danny Reedy, plus other representatives of LAPD and the BID Safety Team in a discussion and tour of district safety.  


By getting together a small,

 focused group and pointing out issues on the street, these three groups will be able to work together more effectively on dealing with safety in the neighborhood.  The team that recently got together looked at specific spots of concern from local residents and property owners, and discussed efforts in action for dealing with panhandling and illegal vending.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting: March 26NW

Join the SP Community and Discuss Current Safety Issues


Neighborhood Watch Logo Once a quarter, the South Park BID hosts a Neighborhood Watch meeting, where our Clean and Safe Teams will update you on current practices, LAPD is there to listen, and you can discuss issues you see and find out how to fix them.


Previous topics at the Neighborhood Watch included panhandling, graffiti, escort/safewalk services, and how to get information out to the public.


Last week, there were no crime reported in South Park at all - the closest ones were at least 3 blocks away.  Lets help keep South Park safe!


Our next meeting is:

Wednesday, March 26

5:30-7:00 PM

SP BID Offices

1333 S Hope St.


RSVP Required!  Please call (213) 663-1111 or email anna@southpark.la.

Welcome to New SP Team MembersNewHires

Additions to the Clean, Safe, and Office Staff of South Park


The South Park staff has been moving and shaking 

in 2014!  When you call ouroffice line at (213) 663-1111, or stop by to say hello, you will first be greeted by our new Office Manager, Anna Webb.  With a strong background managing a workplace and a myriad of administrative duties, we are looking forward to taking advantage of all that she brings to the table.


Also new to our team is consultant Jessica Mandelbaum, a Pepperdine business school graduate who will be focusing on the businesses of South Park.  Working closely with property owners and retail managers, she'll be putting forth a plan to help fill our vacant storefronts with pop up shops and fully leased businesses, as well as come up with interim uses to activate our existing indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Be on the lookout for new faces from our Clean and Safe teams, as new supervisors and officers have joined the staff.  We've also hired an additional safety officer in a new position.  She will spend half of her time staffing the new mobile kiosk as it moves throughout the district, and half patrolling.


When you see a new face on the streets of South Park, be sure to say "Hello!".

Call (866) 560-9346 for ServiceCallforService

Be Sure to Call the SP BID 24/7 Hotline for Clean & Safe Issues

All of us at the SP BID love to hear from you!  In order to best serve you, we'd like to ask that you remember we have not one, but two phone numbers:


24/7 Clean & Safe Issues:  (866) 560-9346


Office/Management:  (213) 663-1111


Please also keep in mind that you must call our Clean/Safe hotline above for an immediate response.  Emails are accepted at dispatch@southpark.la, but will only be responded to during the 8:30 AM - 5 PM office hours.  Additionally, we have a mobile app coming within a month, that will allow you to report clean and safe issues on your phone with just a few clicks.

Mobile Phone Tech for SP Clean & SafePhones

Officers & Supervisors to Use Phone for Data Entry in the Field


When you see SP Clean Team 

Supervisors and Safe Team Officers on a phone,don't worry - they're working hard to document everything they see and do in the district.  


With the new work order system we've had custom built as part of the new SP Database, our teams can input all information while they're on the go.  We've made our information more accessible, and reduced our paper use as well.


Please let your friends and neighbors know!

L.A. LIVE Wants to Get to Know You! LALiveSurvey

What Do You Want to See in Your Neighborhood Venues?

Please take a moment to tell us about your experience and perception of L.A. LIVE. They care about your input! There's something in it for you, too: we'll be drawing 10 lucky survey participants at random to win a "VIP Suite Experience" ticket package to an upcoming Clippers game in a catered suite.

Our questions will only take a few minutes of your time and will help us stay in tune with how we can enhance the district so we're always "the most entertaining place on the planet" for the Downtown community.

Take the Survey HERE!

Please note that the survey closes on February 25th, 2014.  

Drought 2014: Its Time to Save Water Water

All Californians Asked to Reduce Water Usage by 20%


Did you know that Governor Brown of California has declared a state-wide state of emergency?  We're currently experiencing a massive drought, and we each need to do our part to cut down our water usage.  As California's most precious resource, we need to take this shortage seriously.  While its easy to turn on the tap and take all we need, its important not to take this valuable resource for granted. 



Heres some easy tips cut your water use down:

  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher only on full loads
  • When washing by hand, don't let the water run- fill the basins, one to wash and one to rinse.
  • If you dishwasher is new, you probably don't need to rinse first.
  • Collect the water you use to wash fruits and vegetables, and use it to water plants.  Do the same with dropped ice cubes.
  • Consider shortening your showers.
  • Check all appliances and pipes for leaks.
  • Turn off the water while shaving, brushing teeth, or even lathering at the sink or in the shower.
  • Are your sprinklers watering the sidewalk instead of just the lawn?
Together, we can help minimize cost and maximize efficiency of this vital source to so many aspects of our lives.
For more information and great tips on saving water, visit saveourh2o.org.


All-Star Chef Classic To Debut at L.A. LIVEChefs

Be a Part of this Exciting Foray into a Celebration of Taste!

"All-Star Chef Classic is a modern food event that brings together 25 highly acclaimed chefs from around the country and across the globe to L.A. LIVE in a never-before-seen Restaurant Stadium™ on March 21-23.


Indulge in one or all four of the unique gastronomic celebrations that make up the All-Star Chef Classic: The French Masters Dinner hosted by Ludo Lefebvre, All-Star Lunch, Grill & Chill presented by dineLA and Stella Artois and Savor the Season presented by Melissa's Produce.


The packed line-up of chefs includes: Trois Mec's Ludo Lefebvre, Pizzeria Mozza's Nancy Silverton, M´┐Żlisse's Josiah Citrin and more. Tickets are starting at only $65! For more info, visit www.allstarchefclassic.com.

$7 Tuesdays at Regal Cinemas for 2014!Movies

Score a Great Movie Deal in South Park, Every Week


$7 Tuesday is every Tuesday of the month at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE! All movies all day are just $7 for all guests every Tuesday when you come to Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE to see Hollywood's biggest blockbusters! 
To see whats playing and get even more info, check out lalive.com/movies.
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Big Presenters at 2/20 SP Board Meeting
Its YOUR DTLA: Map Its Future!
Meeting with Caruso Innovation Committee 
Community Safety Walk with LAPD 
Neighborhood Watch Meeting: March 26 
Call (866) 560-9346 for Service 
Mobile Phone Tech for SP Clean & Safe
Welcome to New SP Team Members 
L.A. LIVE Wants to Get to Know You
Drought 2014: Its Time to Save Water
All Star Chef Classic to Debut at L.A. LIVE
$7 Tuesdays at Regal Cinemas for 2014!
SP Spotlight On:Spotlight
Girl Scout Troop 16155
Don't Forget, Its GS Cookie Season!



The girls of troop 16155 are selling cookies!  As you may know, Girl Scouts sell cookies in order to keep the cost of membership and programming low.  In supporting the Girl Scouts, you help promote leadership, friendship, community service, working together, and so much more.  Additionally, our local troop hopes to go camping with the funds they raise this year!
Girl Scout Troop 16155 started in 2013, with young women from Downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods.  The "rainbow" troop is called such because it includes girls from Kindergarten all the way through High School, and is always welcoming new members!  They also welcome those women who participate or would like to participate in Girl Scouts to help volunteer in a number of capacities.
Be sure to stop by the following locations in order to pick up some delicious Thin Mints, Samoas, and more:
Raw Materials
March 1, 11AM - 6PM
436 S Main St
Fig at 7th
March 8 & 22, 1PM - 4PM
735 S Figueroa St
Historic Core Farmers Market
March 2, 9, and 16, 9AM - 1PM
5th St btw Broadway & Spring St
March 13, 4PM - 7PM

Want more information?  Contact Troop Leader Ginny Brideau at gs16155@gmail.com or call (213) 248-0698.  Also, Click here for a flyer!

Clean & Safe Report
Updates from the SP Service Team

Clean Team


The Clean Team has been diligently pressure washing sidewalks, removing graffiti, and disposing of trash in the district, as well as responding to special requests.
Clean Team Accomplishments for January:

Streets Maintained
Streets Maintained (linear ft)
Trash Disposed (bags)
Trash Disposed (pounds)
Bulky Items Disposed
Number of Requests
Graffiti Removed (square ft)
Citizen Assists
Pressure washing (sf)

Safety Team

Our Safety Team is always making strides in improving the security of South Park.  This month, SP Safety Team participated in a Community Safety Walk with LAPD, and will be fully trained on deployment of the new mobile kiosk.

The new segways have been branded!
Selected Safe Team Statistics for January:
Merchant Contact
Resident Contact
Citizen Assist
Vehicle Tags
Call For Service

Report maintenance & safety issues at (866) 560-9346 or click here.

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Have a business or service in South Park?  Hosting or promoting an event?  Maybe you live in the neighborhood but want to support a shop just outside?


If you'd like to advertise on SP BID's newsletter, website, mobile kiosk, social media, street furniture, and more, check out our Sponsorship Package.  Your financial support will increase funding straight into the local community, while we promote your business or event!


Click here for more info, or contact Amanda@southpark.la.

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South Park Board BOARD 
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  • Sidewalk Beautification, Operations, and Order Committee (SOBO)

Upcoming Meetings: 

Anyone is welcome to join SPBID at any of these meetings, which take place at our office.  Agendas are available online. 

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The South Park BID was established in 2005, with the mission to continually support the unique living and commerce experience for its residents and businesses by facilitating a safe, clean, collaborative and wholesome environment.
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