The Calendar Change
While change is constant, it can be more easily measured in the milestones. The changing of the calendar year provides an accessible opportunity to pause at a vista point in our lives, with visibility to months gone by and the open roads which lie ahead.

Midnight marks the threshold between these two worlds, yet nature doesn't act on a chime. The winding down of one year and the integration into the next takes time and an individuals' own pace, just as any other transitional season navigated in this lifetime.
As the owners of Sky Pond, we have embraced this liminal space to look through the lens of the business in both directions (past and future), and we are grateful to share these reflections with you.
Yesterday, 2023
This past year
Sky Pond's
network of hosts expanded by 30%
the overall number of reservations
more than tripled
since 2022.

These numbers exceed what we'd deemed milestones for the year, and they allude to what's possible among the partnership of sharing this property with each of you.

Everyone who says 'yes' to spending time here as host or a guest, contributes to a rise in consciousness for prioritization of mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. These numbers reflect a response to that process, and we are honored and proud to be part of what is being accomplished together.

TOGETHER we create opportunities for everyone to tend to well-being.
TOGETHER we show up with our curiosity and willingness, fears and courage, self-doubts and hope...all to do the work for self-Love, personal healing, rejuvenation and growth.
TOGETHER we connect individuals to one another as resources, guides, mentors and friends.

THANK YOU for all that you've shared here in 2023. Your presence is much more than a metric...it is a gift to us and to one another and inspires our tomorrows.
REFLECT with us if you haven't already. Read community reviews HERE for your own inspiration and add your voice to the story! Rate your year at Sky Pond with a REVIEW using stars, a word, your thoughts...or add photos from your lens to Google for others to see. We grow together!
Tomorrow, 2024
The gifts of your presence have provided an insurmountable amount of motivation and inspiration to carry forward into the new year.

Sky Pond hosts share the sentiment and have been actively scheduling events to support each of us throughout 2024. We can't wait for you to see the calendar if you haven't already!

Each event is a place to pause along life's journey...to check in, evaluate our personal needs and calibrate for the days ahead. The current calendar offers guided experiences for rest or movement; with durations ranging from 1.5 to 11 hours.

There is something for everyone, all year, in all Seasons of weather and Life.
Celebrating January
Short & Sweet
Little steps add up to bigger strides. These events are 1.5 - 2 hours in duration but offer effects that last!

Winter Retreats
Take the day. These events are 7-8 hours in duration and include yoga, food and community.

Moving It Through
For the seasons when the body needs time, space and movement to access stuck energy. These dynamic agendas offer practices for mindfulness, healing and new beginnings.

Twice as Nice
Consistency is key! These hosts are offering experiences in a series to help create a sustainable shift in one's transformational habits. Each will meet twice in January (and beyond).

Breathe Beats Fusion Jan 10th & Jan 24th
Want something else on the calendar? Create your own day by the pond! Recommendations are available for other movement and energy practitioners (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Thai Yoga, and a broad range of Yoga Teachers) as well as therapist and specialists in Soul Collage®.
Meanwhile, we THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful Season among Seasons. We THANK YOU for taking such incredible care of this property and of one another. We THANK YOU for helping us to grow in so many ways. It is truly an honor to be in partnership with you for the nourishment of Sky Pond land and community.

May the time shared here in 2023,
support everyone more in 2024!

We look forward to seeing you soon.
In Love & Light, Sean & Miriam Anderson
The best is yet to come.