The Special Diabetes Program for Indians Expires this Month – Contact Your Member of Congress TODAY!

The Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) is bipartisan, and widely supported in Congress. However, the program has been flat funded at $150 million for 20 years. Counting for inflation alone, the program should receive $246 million. Regardless, unless the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader make reauthorization of SDPI a priority, the program will expire September 30, 2023.

Earlier this summer, legislation was passed out of committee in both the House (H.R. 3561) and Senate (S. 1855) that would reauthorize the SDPI program at $170 million per year for two years. Both pieces of legislation were passed out of Committee in their respective chambers but await consideration by the full House and Senate.

Failure to reauthorize SDPI will create unnecessary program uncertainty and impact the continuity of care for the patients who depend on this highly effective program. Despite the lack of funding, the SDPI program continues to show its success and prove its necessity to saving lives. Yet, neither the Speaker of the House nor Senate Majority have made reauthorization a priority for Congress.

We need your help to get SDPI reauthorization across the finish line!   Members of Congress need to hear directly from their constituents. Please join NIHB by contacting your delegation to request they urge Congressional leadership to bring the legislation for a floor vote and reauthorize the Special Diabetes Program for Indians by September 30, 2023. 

You can view a sample letter on SDPI renewal here.

You can view sample talking points here.

For more information and additional resources on the Special Diabetes Program for Indians, please visit NIHB’s SDPI website

If you have any questions or need any advocacy assistance, including information on how your delegation has supported SPDI in the past, please contact NIHB’s Congressional Relations Coordinator, Taylor Barrett at [email protected] or 202-548-7299. 

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