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August 5 - 11, 2015

Jacksons Home!

Worship Service and Parish Picnic at Blue Springs

Sunday, August 9th - 10:00am 

This will be Fr Jeff's first worship service after sabbatical.

Bring a friend. Casual dress - bring  a chair or towel 
to sit on. Lunch follows the service and then swimming
for those brave enough to jump into the beautiful
Blue Springs Swimming Pool. 

Please bring cold side dishes, salads and desserts to go with the barbecue that will be provided.


From the church, travel west on GA Highway 116 for 4.6 miles. The address of Blue Springs is 3505 GA Highway 116. At the bottom of a steep hill, look for a driveway on the right with a stone and wooden gate. There will be a "St. Nicholas Episcopal Church Meets Here" sign posted nearby.




Sunday, August 9th 

at the Parish Picnic!
Look for the red balloons!


Friday, September 25, 2015 
at Sweet Home Plantation Pine Mountain

  Tickets are Now On Sale!!!
Click on the link above

Enjoy the convenience of electronic giving!


We've had an enthusiastic response to our electronic giving program. Thank you to all the parishioners who have signed up.


This is a way to automate your regular weekly offerings--and another way to reduce the stress in your life! Please sign up today--it's quick and easy.  

Electronic giving is safe and convenient for you and provides much-needed donation consistency for our

congregation. When travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, this program will allow your offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.

To set up a recurring giving schedule you, visit us online at and locate the blue Online Giving button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. 



Your information is held in strictest confidence and your check, debit or credit card information will be secure. Setting up your profile and your giving instructions can be completed in less than 10- 15 minutes. 


I think you will find it very easy to get started, but please contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you for your generosity and support!


Nick Simpson

Financial Stewardship Vestry Liaison

Cell:  706 594-2884 



Jonathan  Daniels

  Pilgrimage on August 15th.   

Johnathan Daniels  (March 20, 1939 - August 20, 1965) was an   Episcopal   seminarian and civil rights activist. 
In 1965 he was murdered in  Hayneville, Alabama   while in the act of saving a young woman, Ruby Sales, who was a civil rights activist with Johnathan and others. 

They both were working in the  Civil Rights Movement   in  Lowndes County registering people to 
vote .


In 1991 Daniels was designated as a martyr in the Episcopal church, and is recognized annually. He is memorialized in the Civil Rights Movement and other venues. The Diocese of Alabama and the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast organize an annual pilgrimage to Hayneville - this has been happening for at least 13 years. Many people from the Diocese of Atlanta go. 


This year our area Episcopal Churches are arranging for our parish groups to go together. Rt Rev Michael Curry is scheduled  to go - He is our new Presiding Bishop. It is a time of unity and remembrance. The city of Hayneville welcomes and embraces this pilgrimage as well.


More details will be posted about this trip as time gets closer.


CVEM will be taking reservations for travel to the Pilgrimage honoring the 50th Anniversary of Jonathan Daniel's Death in Hayneville on  Aug. 15.
Vans will leave from St. Thomas at 8:15 a.m. and return around 4 p.m. 
Box lunches will be catered to All Saints Parish in Montgomery where The Rev. Matthew Grunfeld is rector. Lunches will be $10 for an option of a Hoagie Veggie or Hoagie Club with slaw, chips, cookie, a pickle & a drink (if you would like to purhcase lunch). Bring your $10 cash with you and pay when you check in.  
RSVP by Aug. 2 at or call CVEM at 706-327-0400




 Get to Know Your Parish Family

Charlotte Winsness has done a fantastic job compiling biographies of our parishioners. 

If she has asked you to send in your biography, please do so now so this column can continue.



The FOCUS Food Pantry is in need of
Soup and  Peanut Butter .
 Thank you for your donations!

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 


In Thanksgiving


For those who are ill, recovering or needing special prayers:


Members of St Nicholas:


Bruce Clouser

 Chris Butzon

 Ashley and Nate Taylor

 Bill Caudill

 Dorothy Webster

Connie Guy

Chris Cox

 Linda and Mike Sawyer

Garrett Hinnant

Larry Hinnant

Bob Hamilton

Judy Jenks

 For members with unspoken prayer requests. 



Family members of members of the community:


James Daniels

 Jack Whitley

 Ron Anderson

 Clara Butzon

 The Harris Family

Jameson Miers

  Andy Hubbard

 Julie Raines

 Paul Jones

LaDean Hall

Leanne Croft

 Robin Zion

Jimmy Dorminy

Jimmi Ann Moore


Prayers for all our veterans, those currently serving their country

away from home, for their safe return and for their families who wait for them.


For those with unspoken prayer requests.



Birthdays and Anniversaries


August Birthdays

1 Patty Hamilton
6 Dick Wood
8 Bruce Clouser
10 Trish Wehrle
13 Danielle Whitworth
15 Kelly Dimon
20 Lexie Whitworth
26 Geoff Robertson
27 Leslie Cooling
31  Nancy Callaway    

August Anniversaries

Chris & Andy Butzon
5 Bill & Terry Caudill
16 Lynn & Kenny Hall
18 Jeff & Molly Jackson
29 Gene & Pat Demonet
31 Sammy & Kristy Hubbard

In This Issue


Welcome the Jacksons home on August 9th at the Parish Picnic at Blue Springs


Online Giving 

Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

Get to Know Your Parish Family

Lay Ministry Schedule

Vestry Minutes


FOCUS Food Pantry

Lectionary Readings




Birthdays & Anniversaries





Father Jeff's Travel Blog 


Thought of the Month 
for August

We have all heard the saying, "Give until it hurts."  Too often we assume giving will hurt.  So, we procrastinate.  When we finally get around to giving we do so timidly, fearful it will impoverish us.  We rarely experience the joy of giving.  Yet Jesus says:  "There is more happiness in giving than in receiving."  Stewardship calls us to plan our giving... giving the first portion of our income, not the last.
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