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March 4th - 10th, 2015 

Save the Date!

Grab Your Hat and Read with the Cat! Celebrate NEA's Read Across America Day at Park Elementary

Read Across America - Dr. Seuss' Birthday -
To be celebrated on Friday, Mar. 6, 2015
Parents, grandparents, community members, school board members, faculty will be invited to read to a class for Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America, so that all classes will have a reader on that day.
Volunteers will be asked to stop by the Library Media Center early to sign in and select a book to read to the class.  They are requested to be here by 12:45.  Teachers may have a preselected book or the volunteer may bring a favorite Seuss book to read instead.
After reading, the volunteers will be served birthday cake and beverages in the Media Center.
Scholastic Book Fair will be going on that week!
Attached is the invitation that was sent home by our little Park Tigers!
Thank you and please come join us,


Melanie Bruno
Media Specialist
Park Elementary


The person who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the person who can't read them.
Mark Twain


Authors in our resident writing group, St. Nicholas Writes, led by Dianne Armstrong, have written a series of Lenten meditations for us to enjoy each day of Lent. 

If you have missed any of these meditations they can be found on our website in the Writer's Corner:

Feb. 18, (Wednesday) Ash Wednesday: David Johnson
Feb. 19, (Thursday) Lenten Musings: Susan Wiley
Feb. 20,(Friday)  Marley's Message: Dianne Armstrong
Feb. 21, (Saturday) Judas' Cry: Susan Wiley
Feb. 22, (Sunday) What Matters: Mallon Faircloth
Feb. 23, (Monday) Who am I?: Leslie Baker
Feb. 24, (Tuesday)  Caring for Caregivers: Chris Butzon
Feb. 26, (Thursday) The Storm: Barbara Morgan
Feb. 27, (Friday) The Blind Man: John Winsness
Feb. 28, (Saturday) Passion for God: Bob Hamilton

March 1 (Sunday), Rising from the Dead: Gabe Clouser

March 2 (Monday), True Knowledge: Leslie Baker

March 3 (Tuesday), Having a Bad Day: Bob Hamilton

March 4 (Weds.), Jesus Wept: Anna Wiley

March 5 (Thursday), Isaiah 40:31: Dianne Armstrong

March 6 (Friday), Virtual Choir: John Winsness

March 7 (Saturday), Like Little Children: Bob Hamilton

March 8 (Sunday), And God Said: Susan Wiley


More coming soon!


Lenten Evenings 
Family-Friendly Service at 5:30pm
followed by dinner for all,
SNICK program for children,
Lenten series program for adults



March 4 Author, David Johnson, discusses his latest book,  On Becoming.

March 11 "Draw the Circle  Wider"  Katherine Johnson and  Nick Simpson

March 18 "Liturgy That Takes Its Time" with Stuart Higginbotham

March 25 "The Sabbatical Agenda" with Father Jeff Jackson

Ruby Miller (706-594-4805) and Carolyn Jacik (706-577-7667)
are coordinating the food preparation. 


Family Worship at St. Nicholas

On Wednesday's at 5:30pm, please join us for child-friendly and child-led worship.  Abbreviated in order to introduce children to worship and including a mix of traditional and contemporary music, this service of Holy Eucharist will inspire you. Following the service, we will have dinner at 6:15pm, followed by our speaker series for adults and our SNICK program for kids. All are welcome! Come join us! For more information, contact Father Jeff Jackson at 706 628-7272.



Spring Forward!

Don't forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour this Sunday, March 8th @ 2:00am
Adult Formation March 8

Have you ever sent or received a love letter? If you received or sent one while in grade school or high school, it brought about a range of emotions whether you liked or didn't like the person. 

What in the world does this have to do with church? 

This is a church-wide event that you don't want to miss. Plan to attend St Nicholas on March 8th at 9:45 am in the Adult Forum Classrooms. Hear some love stories from Bill Caudill, Annie Simpson, Drucye Cox, and more. Wow, talk about LOVE, Annie will have some of her World Famous Biscuits and coffee.
Date March 8
Time  9:45am
Location Adult Formation Classrooms


The St. Nicholas 
Columbus Book Study Group
meets each Tuesday
at 12:00 noon
at Trinity Episcopal Church
1st Ave., Columbus
In the Library on the second floor

Second Saturdays
Concert Series
continue at St. Nicholas
March 14 Kate Campbell!

Safeguarding God's Children
Safeguarding God's People
 St. Nicholas is blessed to have people who want to continue to make this place safe. Our Vestry members, program leaders, Sunday School teachers, and many others have been responsible to take the Safeguarding courses offered by the diocese. This is intended for all leaders of the church, not just those who work with youth and children. Please pass this invitation on to anyone in the parish you think needs to complete the Safeguarding courses. The more people who take it, the safer our congregation will be from sexual predators or sexual harassment.

We are also blessed to have some options. First, if you or others wish to complete the courses online in your own time, please let me know and I will set you up with how to do that. Or, you can attend the workshops listed below, which will happen at St. Nicholas on March 14. You can register by contacting Deborah Silver, who will be facilitating the courses.

Safeguarding God's Children
For those who work with children:  

HAMILTON | Saturday, March 14, 9:30 to 12:30

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church. 




Safeguarding God's People

For those who work with adults:    

HAMILTON | Saturday, March 14, 1 to 4 p.m. 

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church



If you have any questions, please contact Father Jeff at

Spiritual Gifts Workshop

March 15, 9:45am

Episcopal 101


What are your spiritual gifts? What unique talents and qualities has God given you, and how might you use those gifts? We will discuss the many gifts listed in 1 Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians and discover which ones you might have using a spiritual gifts inventory. 


If you would like to attend the workshop, please contact the office to RSVP and we will send you a gifts inventory prior to the class. This class will also serve as our monthly Episcopal 101 class. 


Get to know your parish family

Charlotte Winsness has volunteered to compile biographies of our members and presents another article for your enjoyment.


The Baker Family


Lou and Leslie Baker both grew up in the Midwest and moved to Columbus from Chicago, IL.  Lou retired last year, after a career as a financial executive and tax attorney.  Leslie is a high school teacher at Hardaway High School.


The Bakers have two grown children, Vanessa and Nicholas. In their leisure hours, the Bakers enjoy travel, history, music and food adventures.


Vanessa was married last summer in Peru and the service was repeated at St. Nicholas this winter.  


Volunteer Schedule

Lectionary Readings 

If you would like to see the readings for Sunday, 


If you would like to have a name placed on this prayer list, please email or call Katherine Johnson, 706-628-5676, Pastoral Care Committee.  


Persons must give permission to be placed on this list.  Names will remain on the prayer list for one month unless otherwise contacted.





Prayers of Thanksgiving


For St Nicholas Church.

For the members of St. Nicholas and their care for church and community.



For those who are ill, recovering, or needing special prayers


Ashley and Nate Taylor

Nick Simpson's Mother

Jack Whitley

Don Baldwin

Jim Nemchak

Tina Miller

Jamie Forestal

Gail Jackson

Ron Anderson

Clara Butzon

The Harris Family

Jessica McComb

Liz Dixon

Jeff Cody

Garrett Hinnant

Janice Murphy

Dorothy Webster
Doug Martin

Jameson Miers

Andi Smith

John Halmrast

Michael Butler

Andy Hubbard

Anthony Cox

For those who are in mourning

The Nordin Family on the death of Larry's Mother.

The Butzon Family on the death of Chris' Mother

The Tomlin Family on the death of Bert's brother

For the Hammonds Family on the death of Melissa's Grandmother

For the Tranmer Family on the death of Alyssa's Father.

For all our veterans, those currently serving their country away from home, for their safe return and for their families who wait for them.


For those with unspoken prayer requests.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

1 Anne Simpson 
3 Marilyn Vida
5 Chris Price 
6 Ansley Butzon Shelley Butzon 
11 Julie Nordin Wesley Brown 
12 Sidney Evans 
14 Jan Pylant 
18 Bill Eidson 
19 June Wood 
22 Terry Caudill 
24 Beth Brown 
25 Kay Faircloth Rebecca Crowley 
28 Caroline Queener 
31 Peggy Martin 
18 Kenny & Terri Townsend 

Men's Group Dinner

The St. Nicholas Men's Group will continue to meet on the third Tuesday of every month for dinner beginning again on March 19th 

FOCUS Shoe Drive

FOCUS is conducting a shoe drive, collecting gently worn shoes to help support micro enterprise programs in impoverished nations such as Haiti, Ghana and Nicarauga.  The shoes are sent to people who go through a free training program teaching them how to run their own business selling shoes. 

Please bring the shoes to FOCUS in Hamilton. This shoe drive will also help fund the FOCUS Food Bank.

In This Issue


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!  


Lenten Meditations


Lenten Evenings

Family Worship at St. Nicholas

Spring Forward!


Adult Formation


Book Study Group


Second Saturdays


Safeguarding God's Children


Spiritual Gifts Workshop/Episcopal 101  


Get to Know Your Parish Family


Volunteer Schedule


Lectionary Readings




Birthdays & Anniversaries


Men's Group Dinner


FOCUS Shoe Drive 








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