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Time is short and we have a lot to cover so I'll be brief here.  

On the local front (front being the Colorado Front Range), our next Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO) Metro-Denver chapter meeting and Bible study (aka, "Cop Church") is set for this coming Tuesday ( August 21st) in Highlands Ranch starting at 7 PM (1900 for us police/military folks -- LOL). Email me for the details and see additional information in the below-right section under FCPO.  This is also how you can get a FREE Centurion LE Ministry t-shirt or ball cap!  Don't forget that spouses are both welcome and encouraged to attend with their LEO as well.  We'll be in John 6 -- read ahead. As always, I'll recap the study for everyone else in the following week's newsletter (as I did here below from our study through John 5 --  " The Spirit of the Law vs. the Letter of the Law ").

Miss last week's  newsletter/Bible study? Here again is the well-received Understanding "Rest in Peace"  (who it applies to, and those it does not).  Don't forget that I also always  re-post past editions on our website , Twitter and Facebook pages as well.  

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Again, let's  "Run to the Battle" with a front sight  focus on Christ our Captain!  Stay safe on the street but radically bold in Christ!



(1) I'm constantly promoting and encouraging strength and conditioning training (in addition to firearms, arrest control/self-defense, etc.) for those of us serving in law enforcement and for church security sheepdogs as well. I was a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), certified personal trainer and competitive strength athlete before I became a cop and I've trained officers almost exclusively during my past 30+ years on "the job." Here is a great resource with links to some good training programs (all free): Developing Functional Strength for Police Work.

(2)  Here's a powerful, short blog post and resource on the "social justice" <SMH> mess that is impacting us in law enforcement today (the "War on Cops").  Noted author and pastor, John MacArthur, is SO on point!  Social Injustice and the Gospel


(1)  Pray for our brethren seeking to keep order (with their hands tied, no less) in the face of the leftist terrorists who are rioting and illegally protesting.  God help us.  

(2)   Continue to pray for our fire fighting colleagues battling the raging forest fires across Colorado, California and the West in general.  Many First Responders have lost their homes, and several their lives.

(3)  FCPO Exec. Dir. Paul Lee is requesting prayer for former LAPD officer and one of FCPO's founders, Ralph Evans

(4)  Pray for AL police chief Jason  Helper who is recovering from surgery and in no small amount of pain.  

(5)  Keep praying for our many wounded...Lord have mercy!

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(1)  Fallen Project Event!  Mission Hills Church, August 24th, 6:30 PM.  Click on Fallen for complete details. 

(2)  The Sheepdog Seminars is led by my friends Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Officer/Minister Jimmy Meeks and fellow church safety expert Carl Chinn (among others). Outstanding, highly recommended training for every sheepdog (sworn and unsworn alike)!

(3)  Here's the 411 for the 2018 Breaching the Barricade Law Enforcement Conference and Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day events!  Please consider joining us in Elkhart, IN and Sturgis, MI this October 5th and 6th!  

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The Spirit of the Law vs. the Letter of the Law

One of the big things that we deal with as peace officers is correctly balancing our enforcement efforts between the spirit of the law versus just the letter of the law (yes, there is a balance).  Clearly, however, it is not always an easy balance, and there are indeed times when the "spirit" and the "letter" become one in the same.  The same holds true for our lives as Christians as revealed in God's Word, the Bible.  My recap of our last chapter-by-chapter study through the Gospel of John deals just this subject. Let's dig in:

John Chapter 5 contrasts the God's love and grace through the healing power of Christ (and His power in general) with the powerlessness of dead legal ordinances. As stated in my opening paragraph, we see this contrast with what we do in police work. Generally, the goal is to apply the spirit of the law, yet, all-too-often with "the brass," there is an insistance on enforceing the letter of the law.  Example?  There are those supervisors who will actually write-up an officer who loses his cover (hat/cap) in a foot pursuit or battle with a resisting offender because "policy" says we have to wear our covers!  Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Now here in John 5,  Jesus and the paralyzed man He healed found themselves in very similar situation.  Instead of praising God for the healing, the Jewish religious leaders were incensed that the now healed man picked up his bed roll and carried it on the Sabbath (see The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath)!

John 5 can be summarized as follows: All judgment is committed to Christ so that those who have been born again in Him would not come into judgment. The end of the chapter sets forth the testimonies that have been born to Him, and the guilt therefore of those who have rejected Him as Lord and Savior.  To have life (salvation), God's divine power was needed; but in rejecting Him, in refusing to " repent and believe" ( Mark 1:15) in Him that they might have life, they did so in spite of the most overwhelming, irrefutable EVIDENCE.

In his commentary, John Darby writes: "The poor man who had an infirmity for thirty-eight years was absolutely hindered, by the nature of his disease, from profiting by means that required strength to use them. This is the character of sin, on the one hand, and of law on the other. Some remains of blessing still existed among the Jews. Angels, ministers of that dispensation, still wrought among the people. Jehovah did not leave Himself without testimony. But strength was needed to profit by this instance of their ministry. That which the law could not do, being weak through the flesh, God has done through Jesus. The impotent man had desire, but not strength; to will was present with him, but no power to perform. The Lord's question brings this out. A single word from Christ does everything. " Rise, take up thy bed and walk." Strength is imparted. The man rises, and goes away carrying his bed (literally, a bed roll or mat). It was the Sabbath-an important circumstance here, holding a prominent place in this interesting scene. The Sabbath was given as a token of the covenant between the Jews and the Lord." Yes I know...pretty deep stuff!

But it had been proved that the law did not give God's rest to man. The power of a new life was needed; grace was needed, that man might be in right relationship with God in Christ. The healing of this poor man was an operation of this same grace, of this same power, but wrought in the midst of Israel. The pool of Bethesda supposed power in man; the act of Jesus employed power, in grace, on behalf of one of the Lord's people in distress. Therefore, as dealing with His people in government, He says to the man, " Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." 

Now, the miraculously healed man told the Jewish religious leaders that it was Jesus who healed him. Instead of rejoicing in his healing, the Jews rose up against Jesus under the pretense of a violation of the Sabbath (the letter of the law). The Lord's answer is deeply affecting, and full of instruction -- a whole revelation in fact He declares the relationship, now openly revealed by His coming, that existed between Himself (the Son) and His Father. It shows that neither the Father nor the Son could find their Sabbath (law) in the midst of misery and the sad fruits of sin. God in Israel might impose the Sabbath as an obligation by the law, and make it a token of the previous truth that His people should enter into the rest of God (the point of the Sabbath was to spend time with God, not a bunch of silly rules). 

Another truth came out from that which the Lord said: He revealed His equality with His Father (another picture of the Trinity). But the Jews, proud and zealous for their dead religious ceremonies (the letter of the law), saw nothing of the glory of Christ but rather sought to kill Him as a blasphemer. Darby adds that "this gave Jesus occasion to lay open the whole truth on this point. The Son is in full union with the Father, does nothing without the Father, but does whatsoever He sees the Father do. There is nothing that the Father does which He does not in communion with the Son; and greater proofs of this should yet be seen, that they might marvel. This last sentence of the Lord's words, as well as the whole of this Gospel, shows that, while revealing absolutely that He and the Father are one, He reveals it, and speaks of it as in a position in which He could be seen of men. The thing of which He speaks is in God; the position in which He speaks of it is a position taken, and, in a certain sense, inferior. We see everywhere that He is equal to, and one with, the Father. We see that He receives all from the Father, and does all after the Father's mind (this is shown very remarkably in chapter 17)."  It is the Son, but the Son manifested in the flesh, acting in the mission (a "call for service") which the Father sent Him to fulfill.

How may we know, then, to which of these two classes we belong? The Lord (praised be His name!) replies that those who hear his Word and believe (pisteuo in the Greek, meaning to totally surrender to Christ in faith) in Christ for their salvation , has everlasting life (such is the quickening power of His word), and shall not come into judgment (ultimatley Hell). He is passed from death into life. What a simple but powerful testimony! 

Darby goes on to write that the Lord points out four testimonies rendered to His glory and to His Person, which left them without excuse: John, His own works, His Father, and the scriptures. Nevertheless, while pretending to receive the latter, as finding in them eternal life, they would not come to Him that they might have life. Poor Jews! The Son came in the name of the Father, and they would not receive Him; another shall come in his own name, and him they will receive. This better suits the heart of man. They sought honor from one another: how could they believe? Let us remember this. God does not accommodate Himself to the pride of man-does not arrange the truth so as to feed it. Jesus knew the Jews. Not that He would accuse them to the Father: Moses, in whom they trusted, would do that; for if they had believed Moses, they would have believed Christ. But if they did not credit the writings of Moses (evidence), how would they believe the words of a despised Savior?

The Son of God gives life (salvation and yes, healing), and He executes judgment. In the judgment that He executes, the testimony which had been rendered to His Person leaves man without excuse on the ground of his own responsibility. Here, in John 5, Jesus shows us both grace (spirit of the law) in contrast to and in balance with the letter of "the Law."  It is the Son of God who, with the Father, gives life, and as Son of man judges. 

For more, I highly recommend John Guzik's commentary on John 5.  In addition, our friends at Got Questions Ministries have a great article on grace (the spirit of the law) vs. legalism (dead law): Law vs. Grace.

So where are YOU today?  Are you serving and seeking God according to the spirit (and Holy Spirit) of the law (grace) or are you holding onto dead religion or so-called "good works" (without Christ) in the letter of the law?  Folks, it is only in the the latter that there can be any validity to the former. Accordingly, please consider the following: 

(1)  Do you cling to the false hope that you can "earn" or otherwise "badge" your way into heaven and escape hell because you are a so-called "good" cop or "good" person? Take  the  Good Person Test  and see how you do.  

(2)  J esus' first recorded words in His earthly ministry were and remain, " Repent and believe in the Good News " ( Mark 1:15 ).  To repent  is a "180" -- a complete, radical change of mind and heart as it relates our sin. To believe  (pisteuo in the original Greek) as Jesus intends it here is to cry out to God for your salvation and wholeheartedly  surrender in faith to Christ  in the same way we have "faith" that our body armor will do its job against the rounds it is intended to stop, that our weapons will function properly in when facing criminals intent on destroying us, or that a jumper's parachute will open when it is supposed to (we stake our very lives on it)!  And the "Good News"? That is simply the Gospel of Christ

(3)  This same concept of " believe " (the saving kind) is further revealed in John 3:1-21  where Jesus says, "... you must be born again. " Note our Lord's emphasis on the word " must " (not "may" or "should"): this is ultimately the life-saving/life-changing  personal relationship (and NOT "religion") with Jesus Christ that I stress here every week (see What does it mean to be a born again Christian ?) through which we are in fact made "righteous" before a just and Holy God. 

(4)  Then, with this in place, open your heart to:  How can I be saved? 

(5) More?  Then check out this powerful, short video message by my friend, fellow officer and noted trainer, Travis Yates:   Cops and Salvation.

(6)  Have you said "yes" to Jesus but are wondering what to do next? Then click on,  Now what?   Understand that the "Now what?" MUST include regular "iron sharpens iron" fellowship with other believers -- including (for us cops) other mature Christian officers -- who can help support you, encourage you, disciple (help you grow) you in the faith and yes, hold you lovingly accountable.  Message me for how you can do that!  

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