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Ask your Assembly Member to vote “NO” on AB 1223!
AB 1223 is now on the Assembly floor and will be brought up for a vote by Friday, June 4!

AB 1223 would impose an 11% tax on all long gun and ammunition purchases, along with a 10% tax on handgun sales. This bill is said to “mirror” the federal excise tax paid by sportsmen and women to fund conservation efforts via the Pittman-Robertson Act. The revenue generated by AB 1223, however, would not be used to fund conservation. It would instead fund a program that helps deal with criminal activity.
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CSF is encouraging partners with an interest in the Summit to help develop the conference agenda by submitting proposals for session topics. The theme of this year’s Summit is, “Shifting Demographics: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing our Time-Honored Traditions.” Proposals for sessions during the two full days of educational programming, as well as ideas for prospective keynote speakers and presentations during meals, are welcome.

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