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After months of hard work, we are happy to officially announce the launch of our brand-new website.

The FOCUS USA site has been completely redesigned with a fresh look that offers visitors an easier way to learn about our work, prepare for emergencies, and give online.
You’ll find smartly designed menus to help you quickly navigate to critical tools and essential information for you and your family. You can even select a specific hazard or emergency to focus on and get the most relevant knowledge right away. 
There is a section dedicated to help you and your loved ones build an emergency plan and obtain essential information on accessing emergency supplies. You can also catch up on past newsletters and stories about our work and the contributions of our partners. So be sure to check out these and other features by visiting us as often as you’d like.
We will be constantly updating and improving our content to get you the most helpful and relevant information and would appreciate you send any feedback, suggestions, questions, or comments to focususa@focushumanitarian.org.

Visit us today and spread the word!
Preparing you for disasters and emergencies through easy to follow communication, like our website, is part of our mission. Help us do more.