The Athletes Connected Newsletter: May 2019

Each quarter we share updates surrounding our program and other student-athlete mental health initiatives. This issue features a new video about U-M Senior Executive Associate Athletic Director Greg Harden, Athletes Connected's new initiative Life After Sports, selected Athletes Connected updates, as well as news from across the country in the student-athlete mental health space.
New Video
Greg Harden and U-M's Mental Health Legacy

"The real mission, my objective, my obsession, is to help people become the world's greatest experts in one subject: on themselves. "
- Greg Harden

Greg Harden, senior executive athletic director and director of athletic counseling at the University of Michigan, discusses his passion and process for mental health wellness from his 33-year career in collegiate athletics.  [ Watch ]
Life After Sports Series
Your athletic career is over. What now? 

Athletes Connected launched a new section of the website, Life After Sports, complete with tips on finding counseling and therapy as well as navigating the world of insurance. On top of that, Athletes Connected has produced original content in support of this initiative that include personal experiences from our own team members and effective strategies to continue your success after sport.
The After-Sport Adjustment

In our most recent article, Jevon Moore unveils how to reignite the fire once the honeymoon period of life after sports ends.  [ Read Here ]

"Taking time to reflect on your experiences with an open mind and critical eye will give you the choice of making a change in your life that will prevent misalignment and stress."
The Athlete Identity in Sports

Emily Klueh shares her story and tips on how to sift through your feelings and handle the challenges and opportunities that life after sport brings.  [ Read Here ]

"Identities affect the way we carry ourselves through day-to-day interactions. Sport is something you do; it does not define who you are. 
The traits and qualities you possess make up who you are as an individual."
Finding a New Normal

Rachel Amity shares her perspective on how to find a new normal years after your last game.  [ Read Here ]

"It's normal to have a lot of questions and feel a mix of excitement, hesitation, fear, and sadness. One of the biggest things to recognize is that you are not alone. Similar to college, there are resources available to help you navigate this life change.
Athletes Connected Updates
Renaissance Woman: Dropping Beats, Erasing Stigmas with Michigan's Mira Shane

Athletes Connected contributor and former Michigan women's lacrosse player, Mira Shane, was profiled in US Lacrosse magazine sharing her life outside of sports including her mental health advocacy work.  [ Read More ]
Detroit Pistons Pride Night Features G Ryan's Video

At the end of the Detroit Pistons Pride Night, G Ryan participated in a post-game Q&A and showed their Athletes Connected video.
Athlete Mental Health In the News
Spotlight: Other Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiatives
Kansas University student-athletes host "Beak the Stigma" series

The KU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted mental health events prior to final exams to help encourage student-athletes to accept, support, and encourage one another on and off the field.  
University of Colorado Boulder surveys its student-athlete alumni on mental health

The CU Boulder Athletic Department has partnered with CU Boulder research faculty to survey 1,000 former student-athletes on depression, anxiety, and perceived stress levels to compare their measures to alumni who did not play college sports. 
Athletes Connected is a partnership between the University of Michigan Depression Center, School of Public Health, and Athletic Department.