Spring 2022 Newsletter
A Message from the Chair

Dear Civil and Environmental Engineering Community,

As we move towards higher excellence in academics, research and service, we acknowledge that the achievements of our department are fueled by its people - the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends who work together to engineer a better future for us all. Despite the challenges of the past two years in education, research and life in general, our students, faculty, staff and alumni have once again distinguished themselves and the department with their outstanding accomplishments on so many fronts. I am proud to represent such a talented department that is committed to excellence and service to the NJIT community and the world beyond our campus borders. 

We continue to make exciting and significant contributions in key research areas, such as resilient infrastructure systems, intelligent transportation systems and a sustainable environment. Our externally funded research continues to grow in all of these strategic areas.

We continue to make notable improvements to our academic programs by embedding necessary technical and soft skills that make our graduates marketable and successful. Our student chapters have been working hard and are being recognized on a regional and national level. Today, we are the largest producer of civil engineering graduates in the State of New Jersey. This academic year, we awarded 202 students the bachelor of science in civil engineering, placing us in the top 2% of producers of civil engineering undergraduates in the nation.

Our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) has been a key player in our continuous advancement. The latest initiatives include embedding soft skills, multi-disciplinary curriculum advances, a 3D-printed bridge competition and engagement with incoming freshmen, among others. Rocco Palmieri, PE, PP, PLS, ’72, ’77, has been on the IAB since 2012 and chaired it for the last three years. Rocco announced his retirement last month. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his outstanding service and dedication to CEE and the IAB. I want also to take this opportunity to welcome the new chairman, Maurice Rached, PE, PTOE and thank him for agreeing to serve as the new IAB chairman.

David Hawes joins us as the new Director of Labs for Education. He holds a bachelor of science in construction engineering technology and a master of science in civil engineering from NJIT. Prior to joining NJIT, he worked as a principal engineer for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, where he was the resident engineer for the iconic Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation and worked in the Materials Bureau, where he developed first-hand knowledge of the testing procedures used in heavy highway construction. 

Please join me in reading some of our latest news. As always, I sincerely appreciate and welcome your support of our department’s academic and community service programs and initiatives. 
Taha F. Marhaba, P.E., F.ASCE
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Opportunities for Students
We collect information on various experiential opportunities for our students such as internships, co-ops and other job postings. Please contact us with any opportunities at cee@njit.edu, and thank you in advance!
In the News
Students Earn High Marks in a Return to Engineering Competitions
Students from NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering have earned first and third place recognitions across steel bridge and concrete canoe events held for regional competitions.

The steel bridge regional competition made its return for the first time since COVID restrictions canceled the event in 2020 and 2021, and NJIT took home first place in the metropolitan region in the Construction Speed and Stiffness categories.

Team members include Kayden Bevando, Pedro Bandeira, Michael Brusca, Diego Cabrera, Vincent Campanella, Joel Florim, Thomas Hickey, Wairagu Kariba, Julien Kempf, Jorge Lucero, Liam Stobert and Joe Vitale. Additional support came from alumni including Thomas Nadolsky, Zachary Keator, Rocco Cioffi and Niyam Shah.

For stiffness, a 2,500-pound load is applied and an aggregate deflection is measured. NJIT’s bridge deflection measured approximately .3 inches over a roughly 20-foot span, beating out its next closest competitor by nearly 25%. For construction speed, which measures the total time for the bridge to be constructed, the team assembled its bridge in 13 minutes, over four minutes faster than the next closest competitor.
“I was determined to finally participate in the competition since it was canceled during my sophomore and junior years,” said Kayden Bevando, a senior civil engineering major.

The bridge had steel donated from Acrow Bridge out of Parsippany, and fittings fabricated by Xometry. Additionally, parts such as the jig plate and jig fitting were fabricated in NJIT’s Makerspace, with the construction and assembly taking place in the Civil Engineering Lab. Students had the opportunity to learn how to operate and perfect the use of industry-grade machinery and gain valuable experience with welding and fabrication.

Also making its return to in-person competition was the American Society of Civil Engineers Concrete Canoe event. Concrete Canoe provides students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience while testing their skills with concrete mix designs and project management challenges. NJIT’s entry, captained by Elizabeth Mundkowsky and Samantha Arcilla, came in third place in the Metropolitan Region. 

Engineering Students Give Water In Ecuador

A small, indigenous Ecuadorian community now has clean spring water thanks to a passionate group of engineering students in the NJIT Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. The initiative started in 2016 as part of an independent project led by...

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For Jennifer and Dominic, Scholarships Opened the Door...

Dominic Bosi, a senior majoring in civil engineering, entered NJIT as a 26-year-old with experience working on large-scale construction projects, including a $400 million...

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NJIT Expert Evaluating Self-Driving Car Behavior at...

There's Musk-level hype about autonomous vehicles, and then there's NJIT Associate Professor Joyoung Lee working through painstaking and vital research of how self-driving systems should behave at stop lights.

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NJIT's Class of 2022 Urged to Seize the Opportunities...

Crisis presents opportunity, and given the pandemic, war in Ukraine, structural racism, climate change and questions around the world's supply of energy, food and water, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson called on the ...

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Department Highlights
Maurice Rached, P.E. Elected Chair of NJIT's CEE Industrial Advisory Board
Maurice Rached is a senior principal and a division director of Transportation Services for Colliers Engineering & Design with over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. Responsible for over 120 employees, he oversees five of the firm’s services: Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Roadway/Highway Design, Inspections, and Bridges and Structures. This extensive experience has qualified him to provide expert witness testimony over 1,000 times before courts, planning/zoning boards, and governing bodies.
Throughout his career, Mr. Rached has been involved with sustainable transportation, land-use planning, large-scale projects, and international consulting. He has been retained by governmental agencies in Cyprus, Iraq, and Ecuador to consult on transportation planning, urban planning, and sustainability.
Mr. Rached serves as a member and chair of the Industrial Advisory Board for civil engineering at NJIT. He currently lectures the NextGen course at NJIT. NextGen is a course that introduces students to soft skills that enhance their ability to succeed in the field of engineering.

Student Highlights
GSA 3-Minute Research Presentation CEE Department Winners
Bruno Bezerra de Souza - Second Place Thermal Degradation of PFAS at Elevated Temperature Advisor: Dr. Jay Meegoda, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Bruno is a second-year CE Ph.D. student, from Recife, Brazil. His research focuses on the destruction of a group of chemical molecules known as PFAS. These molecules are found in food wrappers, drinking water and plastic bags at fast-food restaurants. When in contact with human bodies they can lead to cancer, kidney malfunction and metabolic disruption. His research aims to find the most effective way to clean the environment and protect public health.

Bruno loves soccer and all sports in general. He plans to run a duathlon this summer.
Catarina Baptista Pereira - Most Effective Oral Presentation
Quantification Micro/Nano Scale Properties with Ultrasound. Advisor: Dr. Jay Meegoda, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Catarina, a fourth-year CE Ph.D. student, is from Lisbon, Portugal. Her research focuses on hydraulic fracturing, which has been used to enhance the recovery of (un)conventional oils for the past years and has gained notice in the fields of CO2 and hydrogen sequestration and wastewater disposal. She is investigating the penetration effects of fluids into rock matrices and studying the use of ultrasound to map the micro and nano porosities of porous rocks, a project awarded by National Science Foundation.

Catarina loves to play foosball and to watch NYC-based shows live such as Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, The View and Jimmy Fallon, among others.

NJIT Graduate Studies Connection
24th Annual Salute to Engineering Excellence
Congratulations to the following students and alumni who were honored on April 26 at the 24th Annual Salute to Engineering 
NCE Departmental Outstanding Senior, Joseph Almeida
NCE Outstanding Student Organization, American Society of Civil Engineers
Outstanding Alumni,
Aine M. O'Dwyer, P.E., '08H, '08
Principal and CEO 
Enovate Engineering 
Two Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Students Win Awards
(Left) Shan Xue, a 3rd year EnvE PhD student, wins award. (Right) Jianan Gao, a 2nd year EnvE PhD student, wins two awards.
Shan Xue, a third-year environmental engineering Ph.D. student, received the 2021 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry (ENVR) Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Supervised by Professors Wen Zhang and Taha Marhaba of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Shan has dedicated unparalleled efforts toward the investigation of properties of nanobubbles and their application in agriculture and site remediation, which are highly intriguing and under-explored areas.

Jianan Gao, a second-year environmental engineering Ph.D. student recently received two awards! Jianan received the 2021 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry (ENVR) Division of the ACS. Supervised by Professors Wen Zhang and Taha Marhaba, Jianan’s research aims to promote the incorporation of greener reactions or separation processes into novel electrified membrane technologies. In the pursuit of developing low-cost, stable, non-precious metal catalysts for effective electrochemical water purification, he incorporates the concepts of sustainability and green chemistry.

In addition, Jianan most recently received the 2022 Heh-Won Chang, Ph.D. Fellowship in Green Chemistry award from the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. This award provides international recognition for outstanding student contributions to advancing the goals of green chemistry. Jianan’s research mainly focuses on rational surface/interface design and synthesis of functional materials for electrocatalytic wastewater treatment applications; and electrified reactive membrane systems for water purification, resources recovery, disinfection performance, membrane fouling and surface reactivity behavior.

NJIT Graduate Studies Connection
Solar Panel Tree
Capstone Project
Erin Foody and Ofek Nahar, civil engineering seniors, and Manav Guzraty and Justin Harrington, mechanical engineering students collaborated to address the current energy crisis and seek affordable solutions under the supervision of Professor Simon Shim and Professor Harry Kountouras. At the early brainstorming meetings, the team set the target topic to be achievable within the spring semester. When the team chose solar energy as a topic, the ideation process got expedited and ended with a tree structure to hang the solar panels that was capable of rotating toward the sun thoughout the season. Indeed, this divided the scope of work well into the static tree structure by civil engineering and the kinetic system by mechanical engineering.

The overall engineering workflow led with geometry definition using Rhino/ Grasshopper design and a parametric plug-in tool, designed by finite element software SAP2000 for the tree structure and engineered by Solidworks for the gear system.

During the semester, students and professors met every other week and exchanged ideas, researched existing solar panel systems collaboratively and coordinated their scope of work for a final report and presentation successfully. As most solar panel tree works are new to students, they had to delve through self-education for various items and build their creative engineering ability, while adding a new lens of engineering. There is no doubt that a capstone project with peers from other fields is a second-to-none experience and also helps boost engineering curiosity and the ability to seek a solution collaboratively.

ASCE 2022 Distinguished Chapter Award
Congratulations to the New Jersey Institute of Technology American Society of Engineering (ASCE) student chapter, which received the 2022 ASCE Distinguished Chapter Award for Region 1 by the ASCE Committee on Student Members. This award is given annually to the outstanding student organization in the region.

Alumni Highlights

This week, Aine O'Dwyer, PE, principal and CEO of Enovate, spoke with the Engineering Management Institute on the Civil Engineering CEO Podcast. They discussed how and why it is so important to navigate change in the civil engineering industry and ..

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Notable Women in Construction, Design and Architecture - ...

Lisa Moving has held an array of titles at Turner, including field engineer, cost control manager, business development engineer and project manager. As vice president, she led the development of Turner's inaugural diversity, equity and inclusion...

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Faculty Highlights
Harnessing the Power of Tiny Bubbles
Like seltzer-swilling humans, plants are also partial to bubbly libations. Environmental engineer Wen Zhang hopes to exploit this predilection to design efficient irrigation systems. “One of our goals is to reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizer needed to grow crop plants by applying it more precisely. We think nanobubbles may help us,” says Zhang, director of NJIT’s Sustainable Environmental Nanotechnology and Nanointerfaces Laboratory. “With their negative charge, they attract positively charged mineral nutrients in the soil such as calcium and potassium, mobilizing them and promoting their uptake. They also stimulate plant genes that control the production of growth hormones.”
To meet growing food demand, global fertilizer use continues to expand. However, these methods have long proved inefficient: The absorption ratio of nitrogen fertilizer in a harvested crop can be as low as 40-50%, with the residual lost through surface runoff that pollutes streams and lakes. Despite this, plants become “addicted” to chemical fertilizers and can’t grow without seasonal applications, says Zhang, whose research is supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
In a recent laboratory test, he and another engineer, Taha Marhaba, soaked soil-planted fava seeds with successive batches of water containing ultrafine bubbles, between 200 and 500 nanometers in diameter, made with gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The results were encouraging: Germination rates increased between 6% and 25% compared to controls. In another experiment, they increased the size of leaves and stems on different vegetable plants by 10-50% by watering them with nitrogen nanobubbles.

Rayan H. Assaad ASCE's 2021 Outstanding Reviewer
Dr. Rayan H. Assaad gives back to the civil engineering community and pays tribute to the field by performing services to the profession. Dr. Assaad has received two ASCE Outstanding Reviewer Awards (2021) by the ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems and the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering. These awards are extremely competitive and highly prestigious as very few national and international scholars and/or practitioners receive them each year. These awards recognize impressive quality, thoroughness and helpfulness, as well as the outstanding work and judgment of independent subject-matter experts and peer-reviewers. They also recognize the dedicated contribution and time to help in advancing scientific knowledge by sharing expertise with the scientific community to help researchers publish scholarly works of the highest caliber, ensure the integrity of the published research and enhance the quality of scholarly articles.
Staff Highlights
David Hawes Joins as Lab Director
David Hawes is an engineer-in-training and the new Director of Labs for Education for civil and environmental engineering. He holds a bachelor of science in construction engineering technology and a master of science in civil engineering from NJIT. Prior to joining NJIT, he worked as a principal engineer for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. During his time with NJDOT he was the resident engineer for the iconic Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation and worked in the Materials Bureau, where he developed first-hand knowledge of the testing procedures used in heavy highway construction. David has also been an adjunct professor at NJIT for the last 15 Years.   
John A. Reif Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Excellence Award Ceremony
2022 Recipient Profiles
Distinguished Alumni
Wei Wang

Dr. Wei Wang is the president and founder of UrbanTech. He is a licensed professional engineer in five states with over 30 years of experience in building and bridge construction engineering. He graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai in 1984 and completed his doctoral studies at NJIT.

In 1999, Dr. Wang founded UrbanTech and began his dream to establish an innovative engineering company in a simple basement in Edison, New Jersey. His breakthrough projects include Marine Parkway and Third Avenue Bridges which were selected as Prize Bridges by the AISC. In 2011, alongside Kiewit Construction Company, UrbanTech played a major role in Amtrak’s replacement of two bridges in Middletown, Pennsylvania. As principal-in-charge, Dr. Wang was responsible for the design and construction procedures to remove and replace two railroad bridges on the same route over one weekend. UrbanTech has since established itself as a leading force in Accelerated Bridge Construction.

Distinguished Young Alumni
Silvia Santos

Silvia Santos earned a bachelor of science degree from NJIT in 2014 and a master’s degree in structural engineering from Columbia University in 2016. After graduating in 2014, she worked as a structural engineer for 7 years specializing in high-rise building design. Currently, she works as a project manager for Hunter Roberts Construction Group. During her time at NJIT, Silvia was involved with several organizations, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and even rowed for the concrete canoe team two years in a row. Her strong passion for involvement led to her joining the ASCE North Jersey Branch immediately after graduation. Since then, Silvia has served in various positions on the Younger Member Group and is now Secretary for the North Jersey Branch. Silvia also serves as the competition day coordinator for the New Jersey Future City Competition.

Doctoral Excellence
Catarina Baptista Pereira

Catarina Baptista Pereira is a Ph.D. candidate who began her studies at NJIT in 2018. Since then, she has been a teaching assistant for the Soil Mechanics Laboratory. Catarina earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal, in 2012 and a master's degree in petroleum engineering from the same university in 2018. To complement her studies, she audited all courses in the master in civil engineering program at IST. Her main interest is in geomechanics engineering (rock mechanics and fracturing and fluid penetration inside the rock matrices). As a Ph.D. student, she presented her work at four conferences across the U.S. and published her work in two conference proceedings. Under the supervision of Dr. Jay N. Meegoda, she was awarded two National Science Foundation grants. Catarina has served on multiple subcommittees as a liaison between the students and the leadership of NJIT as the 2021 - 2022 academic representative of the CEE Department and as the 2020-2021 vice-president of academic affairs of the Graduate Student Association.

Master's Excellence
Patrick Nguyen Nam Geneit

Patrick Geneit completed a bachelor of science in industrial engineering and management at Technical University Berlin and joined NJIT in 2020 as a full-time master’s student studying transportation engineering on a German-American Fulbright scholarship. Before coming to NJIT, Patrick has worked as a teaching assistant in the Transportation Department at his home university and taught German to industrial engineering students in Europe. In his free time, Patrick engages in songwriting and music production. His passion for languages and for connecting to the world led him to become conversational in 10 languages so far. His vision is to facilitate public transportation projects in countries all around the world to improve traffic conditions and mobility equity. Besides his study grant from the German-American Fulbright Commission, he has been awarded a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung), one of the most prestigious scholarships in Germany.

Master's Excellence
Anne Sinclaire Wamba Kenfack

Anne Sinclaire Wamba Kenfack completed her degree in civil engineering from the National Advanced School of Public Works in Cameroon in 2020. In 2021, she joined NJIT as a full-time master’s student in construction engineering and management, where she took five classes each semester with great grades at the end.

During this academic year, Anne Sinclaire participated in the activities of the CEE department and the Society of Women Engineers, and enjoyed volunteering for the Graduate Student Association. In the future, she plans to work full-time as an engineer in a company where she can grow professionally.
Senior Excellence
Christian Eriksson

As an undergraduate student, Christian Eriksson was heavily involved in helping other students achieve their goals. From his three years as a math tutor to helping classmates understand concepts, Christian always strives to deepen his and others' knowledge.

Graduating with a major in civil engineering and a minor in applied mathematics, Christian was also a part of NJIT's BS-MS initiative. This initiative pushed him to apply and pursue a master's in structural engineering at The Royal Technical Institute in Stockholm, Sweden after graduation.
Senior Excellence
Erin Foody

Erin Foody is passionate about the earth and spends most of her free time leading the NJIT Green Club as president. When she is not busy planning Earth Day or planting events, you can find her on the track as NJIT's sole pole vaulter. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority and lived in the Greek village with her “sisters” for the past three years. Erin is also an Albert Dorman Honors Scholar and devotes many hours each semester to volunteering.
Erin does not let her full schedule define her. Before she graduated from high school, she obtained an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology from the County College of Morris. Continuing the momentum, she plans to pursue another bachelor’s degree in surveying engineering technology at NJIT. One day, she hopes to become both a licensed professional engineer and a land surveyor. Erin has interned at Gladstone Design, Inc. and upon graduating, she will begin working for NV5, a consulting firm that prioritizes sustainability.

Junior Excellence
Heba Yousef

Heba Yousef is a third-year civil engineering student with an interest in project management and structural engineering. Heba is the current vice president of ASCE in which she communicates with civil engineers and professionals to organize events for the CE student body. Heba is also the current public relations director for the Society of Women Engineers. This summer, she will be interning at Sordoni Construction where she'll be working with construction managers and gaining experience as an estimating intern. Heba Yousef is excited to explore career opportunities in the field!
Sophomore Excellence
Elizabeth Mundkowsky

Elizabeth Mundkowsky is a co-captain for the Concrete Canoe team and took the bull by the horns in reviving the team as a first-year student. She is grateful to have witnessed the team unite to rise to the challenge. She is also an Albert Dorman Honors scholar and member of the wind and jazz ensembles. She has volunteered as a STEM mentor for elementary school students and looks forward to getting more involved in the community.

First Year Excellence
Larissa Cavalcante

Larissa Cavalcante is a current freshman, member of the Albert Dorman Honors College and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Society of Women Engineers. She is also interested in being a research intern, integrating physics and chemistry, under the instruction of Professor Khalizov.

Larissa is a first-generation college student pursuing a bachelor’s in civil engineering as well as a minor in applied mathematics and materials and hopes to one day pursue a master’s degree to further her education.

Excellence in Leadership
Jas Ahuja

Jas Ahuja graduated this May with a bachelor of science in civil and environmental engineering and a minor in business. During his time at NJIT, Jas served as an undergraduate geotechnical research assistant, peer mentor for NJIT's Learning Community Program, as well as serving as historian and president of NJIT's ASCE chapter. Jas helped grow student membership, hosted professional and social events with various industry professionals and companies, and held volunteer events within the community. He has volunteered at NJIT open houses, K-12 engagement programs and helped bridge the gap between the study body and the CEE department.

Jas is pursuing a master of science in civil engineering at NJIT with a focus on construction management while working full-time at JRCRUZ Corp. as an Assitant Project Manager. He looks forward to continuing his involvement with ASCE and being an active NJIT alumnus. 

Excellence in Leadership
Joseph Almeida

During Joseph’s undergraduate studies, he participated in several student chapter competitions, teams and research. Some of his notable achievements are receiving a phase II seed grant in the Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) program under the guidance of Dr. Jay Meegoda, placing third in the regional water filter competition, and first in the national water tower competition hosted by the American Water Works Association. Joseph has also participated in the timber bridge team where he designed a scale truss bridge.

Joseph will be graduating magna cum laude this semester in civil engineering and will be pursuing a master’s degree at NJIT full-time, focusing on structural engineering. Furthermore, he is excited to continue research under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Bandelt. Joseph will be interning over the summer in the renewals group at Thornton Tomasetti.

Excellence in Leadership
Kayden Bevando

Kayden Bevando is a senior civil engineering student at NJIT. He served as the captain of NJIT’s American Institute of Steel Construction Steel Bridge team for the 2021-2022 school year. The Steel Bridge team placed first in both stiffness and construction time for the metropolitan region.

He is also an eagle scout and has been a member of ASCE since 2019. Kayden is excited to start a career involving structural engineering or urban planning.

Recent Publications

Yang Li, Yuan Liu, Shengdong Liu, Lilan Zhang, Heng Shao, Xinjie Wang and Wen Zhang

American Chemical Society

Recent Grant Awards
Treatability study for the treatment of NAPL-impacted soils using in-situ stabilization

PI: Michel Boufadel

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc
Quantifying Long-Term Bridge Performance through Full-Scale Accelerated Testing

PI: Matthew P. Adams and Matthew Bandelt

US Department of Transportation
I-Corps: High-frequency ultrasound technology for the detection of micro and nano porosity, shale softening and anisotropy of materials

PI: Jay Meegoda

National Science Foundation
Ultrasound Technology for the Mineralization of PFAS

PI: Jay N. Meegoda

US Department of Air Force
PFI-TT: Electrochemically Reactive Membrane Filtration for Enhanced Recalcitrant Pollutant Removal

PI: Wen Zhang

National Science Foundation
Intelligent Transportation Systems Resource Center (ITSRC) 2021-2024

PI: Lazar Spasovic, Dejan Besenski, I Jy Steven Chien, Branislav Dimitrijevic and Taha F. Marhaba

NJ Dept. of Transportation
Our Advisory Board

The CEE Industrial Advisory Board represents a diverse cross section of civil and environmental engineering professionals including design consultants, construction managers, contractors, and attorneys.
Maurice Rached, P.E. (Chair)
Maser Consulting

Ted Cassera, P.E., '72
Bowman Consulting

Anthony Castillo, P.E., '95 '02
SESI Consulting Engineers  

Tony DeJohn, P.E., P.P.
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

Muhammad Elgammal, P.E., P.M.P, '12, '15

Jerome F. Gallagher, Jr., Esq. '80
Norris McLaughlin PA

James Giurintano, P.E., P.P.,CME, '94
Bowman Consulting

David Good, P.E., '78, '92
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers

Andre Grebenstein, LEED AP '95
The Martin Group

Gareth Middleton, P.E., '93 '04
Tishman Construction, an AECOM Company

Aine O'Dwyer, PE. '07,'08
Enovate Engineering

Chrissa D. Roessner, P.E., '02
State of New Jersey, Transportation

Joseph Stanley, P.E., P.P., '78, '85
Mott MacDonald

Ken Sisk, P.E., '95
Pizzarotti IBC
Wei Wang, P.E., '95 
Urban Tech

Scholarship Donations
Our Industrial Advisory Board has created an annual scholarship fund to assist CEE undergraduates preparing for professional licensure by reimbursing testing fees to students who pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Thank you for your generous support!
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