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Cave Creek Canyon

9 AM - 1 PM


Many Local Experts & Exhibits

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Management  & Rejuvenation of
Cave Creek Canyon  Visitor Center

 Come See All Our Changes
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Enjoy the Garden designed and established by Friends of Cave Creek Canyon at the Visitor Information Center 
in the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon
Some of the Attending Experts:
  • Barb Miller & Al Bammann - Native Plants for SALE 
  • Tom Boulton with a Golden Eagle and American Kestrel 
  • Diana Hadley and the Northern Jaguar Project
  • Nate Gibson & Lepidoptery  
  • The Wizard of Portal will cast his spell!

  • Reptiles with Chiricahua Desert Museum 
  • Smokey The Bear!

  • History of the Canyon
  • FREE BREAKFAST* & FREE LUNCH*Sun 1-2013 R Beno
  • Rick Beno from Arizona Sky Village & 2 solar telescopes - 
    you can see spots, granules, filaments, flares
  • Artist Crystal Foreman Brown
  • Birding Information with Maya Decker & Steve Wolfe and more
  • Kim Vacariu and Heritage Days
  • Shane Burchfield with invertebrates           
  • The Chiricahua-Peloncillo Historical Society
  • US Forest Service                  
                    AND LOTS MORE!        



SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2018 

What's New At The VIC!

The Cave Creek Canyon
Visitor Information Center was
built in 1924.  

In 2017, visitation at the Center almost doubled from 2017, with over 8000 people came to the VIC.  Our many volunteers donated over 3000 hours  during 2017.                                         
Many visitors say that the VIC is the best visitor center they have found.  
Through April visitors have increased 55% this year.  In March and April we had around 2000 visitors each month.
   We opened a store in January inside the VIC, selling FOCCC shirts and hats, our Book, cards and maps.  It has been very successful.  All of the profits go to projects in Cave Creek Canyon  and to help the VIC.  Thank you for your support!       

       New Bird Sighting Section                    New Map and Trail Section                                                                                               
New Retail Section

Fan-tailed Warbler by Lori Conrad
This very extraordinary  bird was found at the Taylor's home in nearby Whitetail Canyon.   Thanks for their hospitality 
to hundreds of bird watchers.

 It has NEVER been identified in the Chiricahua Mountains before.

Taken by Laura Paulson

Worm-eating Warbler                                          Hooded Oriole
Gambel's Quail                                      Broad-billed Hummingbird

Coatimundi or White-nosed Coati

Stories of the Past 

The Chiricahua Bullsheet, an entertaining and highly opinionated newsletter and journal of local history written by Carson Morrow
Courtesy of Dick Zweifel 

In past issues we have mentioned a few of the people who resided in Paradise during its heyday. This time we will give you the names, occupations and as much other data as we remember regarding each person mentioned. 
We finished telling you about the 13 original saloon keepers in our last issue. During most of that time there were two general merchandise stores, one combined hardware store and lumber yard, one dry goods and ready-made clothing establishment, one variety and notion store. 

Joe Slater and Dick Brown bought the first store that started business in Paradise from George A. Walker and ran it for several years. Slater finally bought Brown's interest. Brown left the country and so far as we know hasn't been heard of since. Slater stayed in business until he went broke on account of extending credit to just about every dead beat who came along; although he was of the Jewish race he was a sucker for hard luck stories. When he finally left Paradise he moved to Douglas and started a second hand store on the corner of Tenth street just west of the police station. It was called "Uncle Jim's Place". After a good many years there, he died in the county hospital and is probably buried in the Douglas Cemetery. 

Henry S. Chamberlain and Tom Hawkins came to Paradise right fresh from San Saba, Texas, and erected the largest building this town ever had. They stocked it with groceries, hay, grain and general ranch and mining supplies. They prospered until the mines shut down on account of the panic of 1907 then gradually lost money until 1910, when they sold the building and the remaining stock to George A. Walker, then all moved to San Simon where Mrs. Chamberlain started a restaurant and Tom Hawkins went into the poultry business and farming. Artesian water was developed in that part of the valley at that time, so they, like hundreds of others, filed on government homesteads. Tom developed his and made a good living from it for the balance of his life. Chamberlain patented his homestead but never developed it. He was elected justice of the peace, dabbled in real estate and his wife ran the restaurant and was postmistress until San Simon petered out to considerably less than it is now. Then they sold out their holdings and moved to Phoenix, where they presently reside. The Chamberlains had four children: three boys, Cliff, Teddy and Billy Bryan, and one daughter, Dorothy, nicknamed Bumpsy. 
Mrs. Chamberlain was a sister to Tom Hawkins, and several others of the family accompanied them when they moved to Paradise, two brothers, Frank and Alex, one sister, Daisy, and their father, Judge Hawkins. Later on, Frank married Miss Jessie Cornforth of Rodeo, New Mexico, who, after Frank's death, moved back there and now resides with her brothers George and Percy. 
Alex got a job as Wells Fargo Express messenger running between Nogales and Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. The lure of the easy fast buck got him and he absconded with several thousand dollars and didn't show up in this part of the country again until long after the statute of limitations for prosecution had tolled--and then under another name. 
Old Judge Hawkins only stayed here a short time and went back to San Saba. He had the appearance of a typical "Southern Gentleman" or "Kentucky Colonel" and evidently was about as well off financially as that type generally is. While he was here he heard of an elderly maiden lady who owned a big cattle ranch over on the Sulphur Spring side of the mountain. So he borrowed a horse and went to see her, with avowed matrimonial intent. The lady was away from home when he arrived, so he picked up a clean chip or small slab of wood out of the wood pile and wrote an introduction together with a proposal of marriage on it, placed it in a conspicuous place and returned to Paradise to await results. The lady took it as a good joke and the judge was soon the laughing stock of the country, which no doubt had some bearing on his hasty return to Texas. 

Emission Nebula in Puppis

by Rick Beno


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Friends of Cave  Creek Canyon
Wish List
Garden Coordinator to manage VIC wildflower and native plant  gardens supported by other volunteers. Retiring present coordinator, Barbara Miller, is available for consultation and some work.
Contact Mike Williams [520-558-1045] for further information. 

Education Outreach Coordinator to contact educators in the surrounding communities to schedule class events in Cave Creek Canyon and to develop a set of grade-appropriate activities for those events. Contact Reed Peters [520-558-2334] or Mike Williams [520-558-1045] for further information. 

    * 10 Binoculars to be used in the educational outreach programs, including student groups from local schools.

    * 1-2 Spotting scopes to be used in educational outreach and bird walks.

FOCCC 2018 Officers and Board

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Rick Beno 
Rolf Koford         Kim Vacariu
Stevie Wayman    Secretary
  Cecil Williams

FOCCC Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday morning each month  at the Chiricahua Desert Museum on Highway 80.  If you have interest in attending or putting something on the agenda, please contact President Reed Peters at 520-558-2334.  All members are welcome to attend.




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