Volume 02 | April 2019
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Photo courtesy of April's UKOTM winner, Deano Goodbrew... read on to see who won for May and June!
Table of Contents:
(There's a whole lot going on in this newsletter, so here's a break down...)
  1. Happy Birthday & Party Time!
  2. "A Day at the Museum" starring Utilikilts!
  3. UK Community: Summer Lovin'
  4. WAYWO? with Skip Fantry
  5. What's on the Racks? New(ish) Stock and Other Fun Surprises!
  6. UKOTM Spring Winners
  7. Behind the Scenes: Employee Interview with Monique!
  8. Wedding Extravaganza!
  9. Epilogue
It is the day after April Fools, which can only mean one thing...
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, U T I L I K I L T S !
Yes, indeedy, today marks that fateful day, 19 years ago when our fearless leader, Krash née Steven Villegas, signed the papers to officially establish The Utilikilts Company. (And he thought it was gonna be a short term gig...Joke's on him!)

Check out Baby Krash, diligently designing and vivaciously vending at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle, circa 2000. What chutzpah! What energy! What hair! Oh, to be 32 again...
And we're still churnin' and burnin', almost 2 mother lickin' decades later! The Little Company That Could is old enough to drive, old enough to vote, and almost old enough to buy its own beer.

This also means that next year we HAVE to throw one hell of a party, right!? Stay close by, because if you thought our 7-Year-Itch Event was legendary, can you imagine what a 20 year celebration will look like?

We are already on the lookout for entertainment and performers! Musicians, dancers, stand up comics, magicians, improv troups, burlesque dancers, freaky-deaky side show acts and the like are all encouraged to apply! (mimes are eligible but must submit video footage of your act, a 1,000 word personal essay, and a $100 non-refundable application fee in order to be considered). Everyone else should shoot us an email: contact@utilikilts.com subject: Double Decade Debauchery and Save the Date for the first weekend next April, 2020.
Epic photos of Epic 7-Year-Itch Fiesta, courtesy of the Most Epic John Cornicello
Utilikilts in the Spotlight

Believe it or not, Utilikilts are not the only functional piece of clothing to have been fabricated here in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest has produced enough innovation within the realm of fashion design to sustain an entire museum exhibit...

Seattle's Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) is excited to showcase their most prominent collection to date entitled " Seattle Style: Fashion/Function ," And guess what? Utilikilts is featured in it!! Raincoats too, probably. Flannel shirts, maybe, but definitely, definitely Utilikilts.

The exhibit opens this May 4th and runs through October. For you locals who have never been to this gem of a museum, or anyone playing tourist in Seattle this summer, we highly encourage a visit. Tell them we sent you.

Boston's MFA and other Notable Mentions

For those of you who plan to be on the opposite coast in the next few months, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts has included Utilikilts in their current " Gender Bending Fashion" exhibit which seeks to celebrate and expose the evolution (dissolution?) of binary boundaries within the clothing industry. This show is on now through August and features brilliant contributions from designers around the world.

Last but not least, Utilikilts got a wee nod in the online publication, MEL Magazine, whose editors, while well intentioned and supportive, possibly have been making their homes under rocks these past 19 years. The article examines a 'growing trend' that sees more and more men choosing the practicality of the un-bifurcated path in their day to day lives. Glad they finally caught on...

It's always a bit of gas for those us who live and breathe the mantra of Un-bifurcated Freedom to hear how Utilikilts are perceived and portrayed by the pants wearing (yet to be converted) denizens. Do the above representations of functional and fashionable man skirts inspire or irk you at all? Do you feel they capture what it means to be kilted? If you had to include Utilikilts as a supporting contributor in a museum exhibit or magazine feature of your own device, what would your thesis statement be? Let us know what you think: news@utilikilts.com.
Utilikilts Community

This summer, just for fun, we'd like to play a game called "Guest Host" where you, yes You, Come On Down to Seattle for a weekend and make a cameo appearance as "Sales Person #1" on the floor at the Utilikilts Flagship Store!

Pioneer Square is jammin' with foot traffic during the summer months. There are walking tours, pub crawls, cruise ships, duck boats, and independent travelers flooding the sidewalks of the oldest neighborhood in Seattle. Last summer our dear city put a crimp in everyone's groove digging up the streets and sidewalks along 1st Ave--deadly for the local small businesses--but this year is looking clear and the neighborhood is excited to make up for it.

Many visitors who step through our door come in intentionally, they made a beeline here straight from the airport, slip off their pants and go on to enjoy their freedom. Then there are the folks wandering in who have never heard of us (gasp!) But they sure do think we're a hoot to tell the folks about back home!

Either way, our store attracts tons of attention due to its killer location, and let's be perfectly blunt, it's just fucking cool. We've always got cold beer in the fridge, afternoon sunlight beaming through the front windows, sexy white leather couches that look like they're off the set of an early 90s porno, and bad ass employees who can walk you through the history of the neighborhood or discuss the Ancient Paracas Skulls of Peru .

We are wild to engage with our visitors, and not just the ones who come to buy something. Everyone who walks in our door has a story to tell, a way to connect. This is what we're here for.

For those visitors teetering on the edge of epantsipation this is an opportunity for you, our Utiliclan, to truly Evangelize. You are the walking, talking Agents of Freedom and the best voices we have for Converting the Masses. Anyone can buy Utilikilts from us online, but the experience of dropping trou in the middle of our store and walking out with the breeze between their knees is a legendary experience our customers never forget. You remember this feeling.

Maybe you've worked an event with us and already know how we roll. Maybe you are that die hard Utilikiltarian who convinces all your friends and family to go un-bifucated. Maybe you've got loads of charisma and want to stand on a soap box for a day or two. Maybe you are just looking for a reason to come to Seattle and visit the store because you have always wanted to check us out ( #Kilt Nation we're looking at you)!

We know you're out there, now you really have a reason to visit! We pay in Utilikilts and beer. To start planning for the summer with us now, email contact@utilikilts.com, subject: Guest Host
What are You Working On?

In our last newsletter, we launched a new column to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity that fuels your lives and makes the daily grind worth it. Jay started us off with a tour of his work in progress, the 'Tiny House Truck' or 'Moving Home' or "UHaulUrHouse or whatever the hell he's calling it these days...

Today we'd like to introduce the talented tinkerer, Skip Fantry, who has been a true, blue Utilikiltarian since way back in the early days when Krash was still hustling from his booth at the Fremont Sunday Market. (remember that photo from earlier?)

Skip is the kind of musician whose expertise would make your high school Music Theory teacher weep with pride. When his regular ole' store bought instrument couldn't accommodate his vocal range, Skip said, 'Fuck that, I'll make one that can!'

So he rebuilt a standard Bass neck with two extra frets giving credence to the phrase: "if it ain't broke, you can still make it better".

His first design, "The Quake" was 6 inches longer than regulation, which meant that in order to play it, he needed a set of customized strings. Which he also created. And then....well, I won't spoil the end. Just go ahead and watch the mini documentary below for yourself. Then call your parents to apologize for wasting their money on music lessons that you never put to use.
Skip is one of the fortunate few who have been able to secure a living off of their passion and talent. The rest of us do our best to make time to get 'er done on the side.

We at Utilikilts want to see what you've got cooking there on your back burner. Do you busk, bake, or build? Do you restore old boats? Do you breed granny goats? Do you work on model trains in the dark or in the rain? Are you a sound mixer? Are you a car fixer? Tell us: W hat A re Yo u W orking O n ?

Send your photos, essays, videos or whatever it is you wanna share to:
What's on the Racks?

We've collected a healthy inventory of gently worn or otherwise 'imperfect' Utilikilts. Some of them are factory one offs, display models, used trade backs, or out-of-production colors. Some of them even are that yucky old classic model without the Switchback design for those of you who still like it. Some of them are crisp and fresh, some are heavily broken in. All of them are cool and perfectly wearable. (it's a bad photo, it doesn't really capture what we have. I know.)

There's just one tiny catch. You can't order these online. Because some have minor flaws or variations, you gotta come and see them in person, or call in to the store (206-282-4226) so we can explain exactly what you're getting, just so's there's no surprises. All sales final on these puppies.

(We'll still take your trade backs too, for anyone who missed the announcement last time. If you've outgrown your Utilikilt or want to upgrade, we'll exchange your old one for credit towards a new one. Email us for more info: contact@utilikilts.com subject Tradeback, What's Up? )
T - S H I R T S!
( finally, fer fuck's sake, Right!? )
You've been asking and asking and asking and asking and now, oh boy, oh boy! Your patience shall be rewarded. In celebration of all you Mother of Dragon Lovers pregaming for the big GOT finale, we've got a mondo shipment of T-shirts comin' in next week! They're made of preshrunk cotton/poly blend which means they have that already broken in, super softness to them. And there will be three designs to choose from in this first run.

We'll send out a mini email with real photos of the to announce when they arrive, so you can have first dibs.

All we need to know from you is, are you Sullied or Unsullied?
Utilikiltarian of the Month!

Mr. April
 Deano Goodbrew is a prominent character in Melbourne, Australia's party scene. He also runs The Good Brew Company , which he built from the ground up, fermenting the world's most ethical Kombucha (ie: no SCOBY harmed in the process). Deano has been kilted with us for over 10 years and from the looks of his photos it's possible he's been wearing the same Workmans that whole time. Definitely time for some fresh pleats, mate. Congrats, you've earned it!
Mr. May

Dan, the man, MacMullin hails from the bustling metropolis of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. When he's not pulling quarters out from behind his grandkids' ears, he is working on the construction of an off-grid village...(do I sense a future 'What are you Working On' submission from you, Dan?)

Dan is one of our more effusive Utilikiltarians, converting a dozen or more friends and family to the pants-free side. They're a rowdy rabble of builders, magicians, musicians, and broad sword wielding Guinness drinkers. We better see them all at our 20 year party!

Mr. June
Travis Schroeder is one of our Utilikiltarians who had the cajones (and good sense) to rock a kilt at the tender age of 14 while growing up in Arizona. This well-traveled outdoorsman is all grown up now, working as a Nuclear Mechanic for the Navy and getting comfortable in life as a married man.
To see our winners' complete interviews and the dynamite photos that won them each a free kilt, check 'em out here! And if you submitted but didn't win, have no fear! We keep all your entries archived (like Travis here, who sent his back in 2015), so a future win may still be yours.

To enter the UKOTM contest for yourself, fill out the form!
Employee Interview: Meet Monique aka Momo!

Who are you and where do you come from?  My name is Monique, also go by Momo, and I'm straight out of LYNNWOOD! Washingtonian to the core (except for those 4 lost years in Kentucky) and will always call the Great North West home, from Olympia to Mukilteo, I love this Evergreen state.

When you were little what did you want to be?  I thought making Cartoons and Comics was my solid dream, but then it continued to change and evolve: Fashion design, interior design, handcrafting, illustration, stage costumes, all the way to Burlesque star. Summed up, I really enjoy art and creating my own work, but mostly kept it separated from my main bread-winning job, and that's how I like it.

What is your personal style like?  Fun and Nerdy. Clothing is one of my passions, and even though I am not getting mega Dolled up, I really like to have a look every day. Having a kilt in my wardrobe is great cause I get to show off my fun socks and geeky t-shirts all the time.

What have you learned?  I have learned a lot about how a larger retail/manufacturing company, and more than anything, how to work as a team with every one here at Utilikilts. Learning more about the kilts themselves and what all goes into it, really makes me see how it is a quality product for all.

What is your favorite meal to cook?  I love to cook, and got a lot of skills from my father (who has a cooking class at the Italian restaurant across the street from Utilikilts), but my favorite is noodles. All kinds of Noodles: ramen, spaghetti, rice "glass" noodles, and many more. 
How did you come to be working for UK?  Funny story: My boyfriend wanted a kilt, and I love a man in a kilt. Already knowing of Utilikilts for years, I brought him in to get one for his birthday. The window had a Help Wanted sign up, so I sent in my application/resume, and after weeks of talking with the staff, they finally hired me! That was almost 3 years ago.

What were your first impressions?  I knew of Utilikilts for years, having a solid love of all things that make Seattle awesome and different. Kilts on guys, be it plaid or not, looks really good, and I approve.

What do you do here?  I am the Sales Floor Associate, and with my many years of retail, I am here to sell a great quality item to customers. My greatest joy with this job is seeing and being told how happy people are with their purchase and how pleasant their experience was at Utilikilts, even if they didn't buy anything and just touring. 

What is your secret talent?  Well, at night, at special shows in bars, I am a Burlesque Dancer. Been doing it for 9 years, learned a lot, having so much fun and putting my art out there, from start concept and building costumes to the final performance. You can find me as "the Sometimes Dirty, Always Nerdy, Momo La Vein" 
Dearly Beloved

Spring is springing and all you twitter-pated kids are getting hitched! It is a thrill to be invited to your most specialest of days, and obviously we like to show off how gorgeous you all look when you stick Utilikilts in with your personal style.

Actual Genuine Stats: Weddings of Utilikiltarians are 97% more likely to have an open bar, 120% better music, 75% more bum pinching Grannies, and 100% guaranteed wedding night consummation (our tuxedo boosts libido, doncha know)

We've had numerous happy couples send us photos from their dazzling ceremonies, so without further ado, we are pleased to present to you:
~ Jon and Christine ~
In honor of their mutual geekiness and love of cinema, Jon and Christine were married in an actual movie theater, The Historic Lafayette in Suffern, NY. Jon rocked the tuxedo model and his groomsmen wore complimentary Mockers.
~ Josh & Mary Kate ~
It has been a few years since Josh and Mary Kate tied the knot at their 'semi-traditional' Jewish/Irish wedding outside Boston. But now we've gotta raise a glass to them again, as they are mere moments away from introducing a new mini Utilikiltarian to the world! (and you thought the libido line was a joke). L'chaim and Slainte!
~ Paul and Kicki ~
Paul was wearing his Workman when he met Kicki at the Four Corners Folk Festival in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. You could say was love at first sight, since two years later, they hauled their dearly beloved to the same spot to officially seal the deal and boogie the night away!
~ Dorian and Cherish ~
We worked long and hard to collaborate on the perfect look for Dorian and his gaggle of gorgeous groomsmen. Their quintet of Workman's turned the drama up to 11, perfectly complimenting Cherish and her emerald clad attendants.
~ Randi and Mike ~
Randi and her groom matched their two-tone Utilikilts at their whimsical summer wedding in the Tizer Botanical Gardens in Montana. Randi embellished hers with stunning personalized embroidery to celebrate her Scandinavian heritage and proved that it is perfectly acceptable to pair sandals with Utilikilts.
~ Jeremy & Valerie ~
We are digging the recurring 'Brides in Utilikilts' theme. This particular wedding overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands captured Jeremy and Valerie's heritage, style, and perhaps the most fitting boots a lady could ever pair with her wedding day ensemble.
And that'll be all from me today, my dearies. The cherries are blooming in Seattle, and I gotta get out there and enjoy the spring like a wild thing before it's time to start organizing our Summertime Guest Hosts and 20 year Circus Acts. Thank you all for your photo submissions and emails. As always, I am available to field your questions, comments, suggestions, and general rabble rousery at news@utilikilts.com

Until July!