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April 1, 2021
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Your Digital "Keys"
To keep information secure, some data encryption methods use a combination of public and private keys. To keep The Springs secure, safe, and private, all property owners also have public and private keys – 3-digit directory codes and 4-digit personal gate codes, respectively.
Personal gate codes are rarely changed, so once you give it out, that person will always have 24/7 access to the community. There are better ways to provide access for your guests (visitors, service personnel, etc.):
  • The best way is to give them your 3-digit directory number. When your guest enters the number at the keypad, the system calls your phone. When you verify it’s your guest, press "9" on your phone to open the gate. If the directory is set up to call your cell phone, you don’t even have to be home to open the gate.
  • Your guest can look up your name in the directory on the keypad box, and press the “CALL” button to have the system call your phone. Again, after you verify the caller is your guest, press "9" to open the gate.

The directory only shows your last name and first initial along with your 3-digit code, and only IF you requested that your name be visible. However, the directory works with every property owner’s 3-digit code even if your name isn’t shown, as long as there’s a valid phone number linked to it.
If you use the day worker code to allow guests in, remember it is restricted to the days and hours allowed by the HOA for normal working times: Monday - Saturday, 7 AM - 7 PM. If you need to let someone in outside of these times, for emergency plumbing work, for example, give them your directory code or tell them to find your name in the directory and press the “CALL” button.
Don’t remember your 3-digit code? Don’t know if your name shows in the gate directory? Want to add or remove your name from the directory or change the phone number linked to your directory code? Contact Security.
The recent vandalism outside the gate was unfortunate. We also want to keep it (or something worse) from happening inside the community. You have a key role in that by using your public and private keys appropriately. We sincerely Thank You for taking the security of the community seriously.
Security Committee
Neighborhood Appearance Policies

From time to time the board and the Architectural Review Committee become aware of violations of the Neighborhood Appearance Policies (Type=ARC). As a refresher, here are a few of them.

  • No open fires are allowed in The Springs including burn barrels and open fire pits. Fire pits with a spark arresting screen are allowed. All wood-burning house chimneys must have a roof cap with a spark arrestor screen.

  • No animals or poultry of any kind may be kept or maintained on any of said lots, except a reasonable number of dogs and cats and other indoor household pets. Dogs or other pets must reside primarily in the home, not outside free or in any separate enclosure. Each owner must see to it that all of the owner’s dogs are kept on the owner’s property unless leashed. No dogs shall be permitted to roam the community property unleashed.      

  • No fence (including invisible fences), wall, pool, outbuilding, propane tank, or any other accessory to the dwelling, or any other structure upon any lot shall be installed, erected, placed, maintained, or altered unless approved in writing by the ARC. All features must conform to all applicable requirements established in the current Architectural Review Requirements. 

Architectural Review Committee: Dan Fields
Kinetic Status

Several questions have been asked recently concerning the status of the Windstream installation. Reid Chavis sent an email providing an update on the progress; however, the distribution did not reach everyone. The following are excerpts from that communication:

“The fiber-design team is designing how to lay the fiber. It is a huge undertaking, and we want to make sure that we do this the correct way.”

“Our back-office team is creating a special portal website for residents of The Springs. In the event a trouble ticket needs to be placed, this is where you will place it. This will make any troubles have a heightened level of urgency. (This is in your contractual service level agreement.)”

“I am finalizing the details on the contracts with legal and with marketing. To speak candidly, The Springs is an extremely rare situation, and we have to build the back office, pricing, and other components from the ground up.”

“I know what you’re thinking. Will we get service in May? I am still optimistic that this will happen. Once the fiber is designed and contracts are sent and signed, the construction will not take that long. We will turn customers on once we passed their home. We have multiple construction crews throughout to help lay the fiber more quickly and will connect at a central point.”

“I am as excited as all of you are. We are nearly there. If you have questions, I ask that you text or call me at 336.239.1276.”

The internal administrative items they are addressing are taking longer than originally planned. Reid is optimistic the contracts will be out to us soon. The installation will commence as soon as they have the number needed returned to them.

CHIT Task Force: Jerry Bushey and Karl Svatek
Document Update
The documents listed below have been updated and added to The Springs Download page. Once on the page, scroll down to the "Clubhouse" section under the Type column.

Clubhouse Rules and Standards
Application for One-Day Clubhouse Reservation
Application for Three-Day Wedding Clubhouse Reservation

Communications Committee: Judy Heffner
Today is called April Fools' Day in America. What do the French call a person who is fooled on this day? (English translation will do.)

April Donkey
April Fish
April Dunce
April Sparrow

See the answer below.
Neighbor To Neighbor

Off the Cuff postings this week include:
  • Warning: rabid raccoon sighting
  • Anyone else hear a loud alarm?
  • Thunderbird for sale

How do I check the number of comments to a post? When you read a post, you can see if there have been any replies to it by looking in the bottom right where it says Comments. The number you see is the number of replies the original post has had.

Communications Committee: Judy Heffner
Photo Credit to Bruce Fleming "Got a good shot of this elusive guy wandering around in our trees."
Committee Corner
If you are interested in joining a committee, refer to the Committees page of our website, which will explain what its initials stand for, what it does, and how to contact it.

Scheduled Meetings
Contact the committee chair before attending.
ARC: Monday, April 12 - 5 PM - via Zoom during COVID restrictions
Security: Tuesday, April 20 - 10 AM - clubhouse
HOA Board of Directors: Thursday, April 22 - 10 AM - clubhouse.
  • Contact: Karl Svatek at 336-521-7611
Firewise Committee: Thursday, April 22 - 4:30-6:30 PM – clubhouse
Social Committee: Tuesday, April 13 - 1:00 PM - clubhouse

Committees That Need Your Help
ARC: Dan Field -
Finance: Alan Hoppensteadt -
  • Skills: bookkeeping, accounting, spreadsheets
Firewise: Fred Spin - 510-852-2180 or
IRC: Steve Barnhart - committee's contact form
Nominating: Curtis Ish -
Security: Jerry Bushey -
Social Committee: Prudy Mitchell at 719-221-9737 or
SBG: Shauna Elvin at 267-992-0123 or
Web Committee and HOA Communications: Joyce Ish - committee's contact form
  • Skills: foundation in English grammar, some computer experience

Communications Committee: Judy Heffner
Trivia Answer: April Fish

April Fools' Day in France = Poisson d’Avril
The typical French April Fools' prank consists of discreetly attaching a paper fish to the back of your unknowing victim, but all kinds of pranks are possible. When the prank is revealed, they shout: “poisson d’avril”!

If curious, get more details here.

Reference: The Good Life France
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