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April 15, 2021
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Fire Danger Increases With Warmer Weather
Our wonderful, new sign standing by the road to the boat storage is kept up to date and indicates overall fire danger. In addition to checking the sign, as the weather gets warmer, and we spend more time outdoors, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help keep our community safer from wildfire:
  • There may still be leaves from last fall around the house. These should be moved to a place further from structures, but under no circumstances are we to burn them. This is an ARC regulation and a major risk for starting wildfire: NO OPEN FIRES.
  • Campfires in the woods are romantic but also not permitted. Outdoor fires need to be in a firepit with a spark arrester. Even then, consider the overall fire danger.
  • Cigarettes tossed from cars are not only unsightly but risk starting a wildfire.
  • Remember, when planning your gardens and landscaping, mulch near the house can easily burn and ignite your home. Bark mulch is flammable but pine needle mulch is only a spark away from burning.
Many of us grew up in cities or suburbs where wildfires were only in the news or movies like Bambi, but our community is real and is a fairly unique urban forest interface (i.e., we live in the woods). Our paths, lakes, and scenery are magnificent. Let’s keep them that way.

Firewise Committee: Frederick Spin, Chairman
Boat Launch Regulations

This beautiful, spring weather brings with it more lake activities. We are fortunate here to have our own boat launch area, as well as several open boat docks for our members. These facilities only work effectively for everyone if we observe the regulations for their use. The following are some friendly reminders from those regulations:
  • Only property owners in good standing are authorized to dock boats/watercraft at the community docks.
  • Boats/watercraft of members must display an appropriate association decal.
  • Automobile parking is limited to one owner vehicle and one guest vehicle. Vehicles should be parked only in designated parking areas. There is a parking area at Rocky Cove and Mistral for access to Docks 2 and 3.
  • Trailer parking is prohibited at Dock 1 on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day (inclusive). Weekday use is permitted from 6 AM to 9 PM.
  • Trailers may not be parked on the road, roadside common property areas, or launch ramp areas at any time.
  • Vehicles and trailers improperly parked are subject to being towed.
This past weekend, vehicles in the boat launch area were left in a way that made it difficult for others to make use of the facility. Please observe the above items (as well as all the regulations) when using the launch and dock amenities. Be mindful and courteous to all the other members who enjoy making use of our facilities. 
A complete list of the Community Dock Regulations can be found on the Downloads page of our website. Please review them and also make sure your vehicles and trailers display the appropriate decal.
HOA Board of Directors: Jerry Bushey
Communications Committee: Joyce Ish - Photo of Dock 1 courtesy of Dick Getz
Updates On Streetlights, Roadside Landscaping
We're happy to report good news in our efforts to replace the streetlights in The Springs with our own LED fixtures and poles. The factories in China where the items are being produced report that their work has been completed. Jim Johnson, our invaluable volunteer project manager, says the inspector he knows in China reports that both the lights and the poles are very well made.
However, the good news comes with word of a delay, thanks to high volumes of goods being shipped from China. The freight company that will be shipping the lights and poles to us will not be able to get the needed shipping containers until sometime in May at the earliest. So, Jim says those items will not arrive here for probably two months.
The wiring effort continues for this project, and will likely proceed for another month. Most of the boring under roadways and driveways has been completed. Within a few weeks, 18 posts made from treated 4-by-6s will be set where needed to enable us to mount meters to record our energy usage for the new streetlights. Please recall that the LED fixtures will result in significantly lower energy costs to The Springs.
The laying of the wire for this project has resulted in some damage to roadside areas, a situation that will probably worsen once Windstream installs the fiber-optic cable for its Kinetic high-speed internet service. As a result, the usual landscaping of those areas has been suffering and will continue to do so. Because it can be difficult to grow new grass in the heat of summer, the board has decided to have our landscaper wait until autumn to do the repairs needed to return our shoulder areas to the attractive state that we expect. Please be patient with the unsightly look in the meantime.
HOA Board of Directors: Karl Svatek
History On Our Doorstep

Have you ever wondered what the two rock structures at our front entrance are? Our mailing address may be Denton, NC, but we live in Healing Springs. The site, an interesting part of history, was a place people visited for its healing waters. It was also a place for families and friends to gather, a meeting place for political parties, and even a voting site for a time. Technically, the formations are not a Springs’ facility, but they are available to us and, thus, have been included in our “Spotlight on Our Facilities” features. 
Anne Croom and Dick Getz wrote in their Featured Property of the Month — October 2013 – Rocks, Water & Trees, “Around the time of the revolutionary war, white settlers flocked to the area for the benefits of the 'healing waters.’ Believing the water contained health-giving ingredients, the area attracted many visitors between the 1840s and the early 1900s. Today, the only visible remnants of the early Healing Springs 'resort' are several rock shelters at The Springs’ entrance…. Of note, Jim Little [the father of a Springs resident] built the rock spring houses near the entry gate.”
While doing research on the healing springs, I was fortunate to find the blog page of Jenny (Johnson) Dickens, whose “granny lived just down the road at the little dot called High Rock.” According to Jenny, a resident of Fuquay-Varina, “Popular springs were often accessible by railroad and offered hotel and/or cabin accommodations, spring houses or pavilions for taking on the healing waters, and social and recreational activities. Among the better-known springs were the Grove Park Inn (Asheville), Vade Mecum Springs (Hanging Rock State Park), White Sulphur Springs (Mt. Airy) and Hot Springs (Hot Springs)…. The [Healing Springs] resort once offered cabins to accommodate weary travelers, small rock grotto-like shelters and a soaking pool for treating whatever ailed them in body and a tavern for their food and “spirit” needs…. there are also foundation remains of resort cabins scattered on the slopes of High Rock Mountain above.”

Some hot springs in the U.S. contained lithium, one of 14 naturally-occurring minerals. Soaking in them was believed to provide a safe and relaxing means of enjoying a lithium lift, making you feel calmer and happier. I found no references that stated our springs contained the mineral.
Enjoy Jenny’s full blog post with more photos and history:
October 4, 2015 - Granny's Pantry #28: Finding Healing Springs   
The next time you have a few minutes, stop at the front entrance and explore what’s left of our healing springs. My thanks to Jenny, Anne, and Dick, for their contributions.

Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
One of the rock shelters with the entrance to The Springs in the background.
There is a picnic table in the clearing, as well. You can see both rock structures behind it. The one on the left is pictured in the block to the left.
Jenny also sent me a photocopy of the The Homespun Sampler (found while cleaning out her aunt’s attic) that mentions our "healing springs" more specifically. Claims of the healing benefits of the springs, touted to the right, later came into question as medical knowledge advanced.
Included in the article is a quote from H. T. Varner, editor of The Lexington Dispatch: "If you are sick and drink this water, it makes you well; if you are weak, it makes you strong; if you are tired and run down, it builds you up." The waters were considered to be the chalybeate-type, natural mineral springs containing iron salts.
(Click on the photo to enlarge it and read the full article.)
Did you know? The formal name for the # symbol, commonly called the hashtag, thanks to its widespread use in social media, is “octothorpe.”

Which U.S. President Popularized The Use Of Rocking Chairs?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
James Madison
John F. Kennedy
Ulysses S. Grant 

See the answer below.
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Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
Trivia Answer:
John F. Kennedy
Rocking chairs have a rather firmly entrenched cultural image as the preferred chair of the elderly and the leisurely. It’s particularly interesting then that they were significantly popularized in the 1960s by the rather youthful and energetic U.S. president, John F. Kennedy. In 1955, his personal physician, Janet Travell, recommended swimming and the use of a rocking chair as therapy to ease his pain from an injury he sustained during World War II. The recommendation was apparently effective and Kennedy was totally sold on the use of a rocking chair as a way to engage his muscles while sitting and keeping the pain at bay.
When he became president, he took his favorite rocking chair right along with him to the White House and on Air Force One when he traveled. He also bought additional rocking chairs for Camp David and all the Kennedy estates and frequently gave them as gifts to friends, family, and even heads of state. Kennedy’s White House rocker is now on permanent display at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.
If you’re a fan of rocking chairs and want to own a little piece of history, the company that made his favorite chair is still in operation today. The Troutman Chair Company (formerly known as the P&P Chair Company), based out of North Carolina, still makes the same exact rocking chairs by hand that Kennedy loved back in the 1960s.

Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
Reference: How-To Geek
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