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August 27, 2020
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Time's Running Out!
Day Worker Gate Code Change Final 9/1/20
On August 1, the Day Worker gate code was change.

This code can be given to companies and individuals who need to access your home or property for periodic maintenance (e.g., housecleaning, window washing, landscape maintenance), repairs, tree trimming and cutting, deliveries (e.g., mulch, appliances, furniture), etc. The code is programmed to open the gate during the established workday activity times for The Springs, which are Monday - Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM.

Note that you can always share your 3-digit gate directory code with anyone you need to allow in if you’ll be able to answer the call from the gate. If you are not listed in the gate directory and want to be added, please contact the Security Committee. We strongly recommend you not share your personal 4-digit gate code with anyone outside your immediate family as your personal code provides unlimited 24/7 access through the gate.

Please email the Security Committee if you need the new code. For obvious reasons, it will not be published.

The old code will be deactivated September 1.

Jerry Bushey: Security Committee
No Soliciting
Recently, our mailbox newspaper holders have been used for hand-delivered business services. In 2012 a tree service company finished up their contract with a homeowner in The Springs and then went door-to-door soliciting jobs by offering “great prices while they were in the neighborhood.” The 2012 board received many complaints about the quality of service that the company provided and the unwanted solicitation.

Because of the complaints, the 2012 board then asked the Communications Committee to establish a community blog page. The blog allows members to comment on the good (and not so good) businesses that they personally dealt with. Users can also use the blog to advertise items they wish to sell or services they wish to provide.  As long as it is done in good taste, the posting does not need board review and approval. The 2013 board followed up by posting a "No Soliciting” sign at the front entrance and reaffirmed the policy of absolutely no solicitation by anyone in the community, except on our blog page. Blog posts are always noted in our newsletter to ensure that community members are aware of them.

If you are currently using vendors or plan to do so in the future, please remind them that they are not to promote their services with handouts or cards unless asked for by neighbors, and property owner’s offerings should only be via our blog page.

Curtis Ish: HOA Board of Directors
Just A Reminder About Pool Hours
The pool closes at legal sunset; that’s just a few minutes before 8 PM, right now. By the Labor Day holiday, the sun will set at 7:38 PM. We need the time from sunset to dark to comply with the COVID-19 cleaning requirements.

Al Hoppenstead: Recreational Facilities Committee
Tailgated At The Gate? You Have Options
If someone tries to follow me through the gate, and I…

Recognize the person? No problem – let ‘em

See a Springs decal? Ditto!

None of the above? Then…

1.   If you’ve already opened the gate, it’s best to drive through and continue on your way. We advise against blocking the gate as this can cause an accident if the following driver doesn’t expect it (or isn’t paying attention). If you sense anything unusual or suspicious, make a mental note (or have your passenger snap a photo) and let Security know asap.

2.   If you haven’t opened the gate yet, and ONLY if you feel comfortable doing so, make a U-turn behind the gatehouse and allow the other person to attempt entry. If they succeed, the best option is to allow the gate to close, then you enter as usual. If you tailgate them, they’ll wonder if you are authorized entry.

3.   If tailgaters can’t open the gate, they may ask for help. It’s your call, and what you do depends on your comfort level in dealing with them.
  •  If it appears to be a service (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) or delivery person, it’s reasonable to open the gate for them.

  • If it’s someone who wants to “look around” (we see a lot of these), we recommend telling them they must be accompanied by a realtor.

  • If you encounter any other type of visitor, it’s best to avoid a confrontation and let them tailgate in. Your safety is more important. If you can, please contact Security with any details of the vehicle and occupants. If they cause a problem in the community, we can then review camera video or attempt other measures to address the situation.
Some folks don’t display a Springs decal by choice. Some “didn’t get the memo.” Eventually, we hope every property owner will participate, as it benefits everyone when decals are used.
We (Security and the community at large) appreciate your help in keeping The Springs safe and secure.

Jerry Bushey: Security Committee
New To Our Website And The Blog
The July 23, 2020, HOA Board Meeting Summary has been uploaded to our website.

It has been several weeks since our last newsletter, but our blog members haven't stopped posting on Off the Cuff:

  • Take a look at the new twins.
  • A tribute to fire fighters devotion and sacrifices
  • A way to help in the fight against COVID-19
  • Questions about Consumer Cellular
  • Automobile service recommendation wanted
  • Private Directory for Homeowners in The Springs

Joyce Ish: Communications Committee
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