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February 13, 2020
New This Edition
St. Patrick's Day Party
T he Social Committee has scheduled a new event for the calendar year. We welcome all Springs HOA members to a combined ∏=3.14 Day and St.
Patrick's Day Party - Saturday, March 14, 2020, 6 PM at the clubhouse.
Please bring a pie to share (pizza pie, meat pie, chicken pot pie, dessert pie, etc.). Bring any pie, as it is π=3.14 Day. If you prefer, bring a pie that would be fitting for the Irish (shepherd’s pie, shamrock pie, etc.). A non-alcoholic punch and other soft drinks will be provided. You are welcome to BYOB or green beer. 

Don’t forget to wear green for the Irish in you and your π=3.14 shirts. Any questions, please call or text Ali Bachand at 540-273-1414; email at

Ali Bachand: Social Committee
Boat Storage Lock Gate - New Lock/Old Combo
We’re replacing the lock on the boat storage lot gate soon, but the new lock will use the current 4-digit combination.
As a reminder, please ensure your stored items are parked “squarely” in your assigned parking space and not encroaching on the spaces on either side. Your fellow property owners appreciate your cooperation and consideration.
If you recently sold your watercraft or RV, or no longer need your parking space and wish to relinquish it, please advise the Infrastructure and Roads Committee , so the space can be made available for another property owner. Thank you!
Steve Barnhart: I nfrastructure and Roads Committee 
Jerry Bushey: Security Committee
Mahjong, Anyone?

The Social Committee would like to know if there is an interest in a monthly Mahjong game day.  If enough people respond that they would like to learn the game, it will be an activity held at the clubhouse once or twice a month. Also, people who already enjoy playing can play at the clubhouse at that time.

Anyone interested, please contact Laurie Bushey at . You can also call or text Laurie at 904-403-1580.

Laurie Bushey: Social Committee
Check Out The New Postings

Off the Cuff has had several additions since our last newsletter.

Mailbox damaged
Roadway reopens ahead of schedule
Local newspaper suspends delivery
Pontoon boat for sale
Log home and its furnishings for sale

Joyce Ish: Communications Committee
In Review
Cell Phone 911 Calls:
Verify It's Davidson County 911

An unfortunate and potentially dangerous circumstance experienced recently by one of our residents serves as an important lesson for anyone calling 911 for emergency assistance. The lesson applies to anyone making such a call from a cell phone.

When an emergency call is placed by cell phone, the call might not go to the correct 911 center. Cell phone calls are completed through the closest available cell phone tower and given that our location in The Springs is not too far from four other counties, that call could go to any one of a number of different 911 centers. So, if you need help and call 911 from a cell phone, verify right away that you are speaking to the Davidson County 911 center. If not, tell the operator you are calling from a cell phone in Davidson County and that you need Davidson County 911. That can save valuable time when time is of the essence.

Thanks to resident and volunteer firefighter, Walt Kruger, for checking into this situation with Davidson County Emergency Services and to Davidson County Deputy Fire Marshal Jacob Thompson for investigating the matter and determining the correct strategy.

Karl Svatek: HOA Board of Directors
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