High Rock Lake from the deck of the clubhouse, courtesy of Brenda Spin.
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January 19, 2023
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Mark Your Social Calendars
The Springs Social Committee met Saturday at the clubhouse for their annual planning session. This year, we are planning four major events, with room for additions as needed.
Our first event is PI Day on Saturday, March 11, the closest Saturday to the official day, March 14 (3.14). Attendees are asked to bring pies. They can be entrée pies such as meat, vegetable, egg, etc; dessert pies; or $$$ contributions for pizza pies.
Our second event celebrates Fourth of July, held on Saturday, July 1, with a cookout. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and all of the fixin’s will be provided. Attendees are asked to bring their favorite sides and desserts. Bingo will start after the cookout.
Our third event will be a fall event held on Saturday, October 28, and will feature both a Chili Cookoff and a Cheesecake Cookoff. Attendees are welcome to participate in either event or bring a favorite dish to share.
Our final event is a “Cheers” Party, held Saturday, December 2, to start the holiday season. Bring your own favorite drink – High Rock Highballs, anyone? Hors d’oeuvres and music will round out the evening. 
Other events to look forward to include a Progressive Dinner in late February 2024, monthly Happy Hours as the weather warms up, and a Community Outreach Yard Sale in the fall.  More details on who, what, and when to follow, but start saving your treasures now for donations.
As always, we welcome and encourage volunteers to work any event they enjoy, and we always welcome new ideas for gathering together as a community. Please contact Karen Beard or Liz Roland with any questions or input.
Social Committee: Karen Beard, Chair
In Review
Starry Nights
Rural living provides opportunities to view a starry, planet-filled night sky, free of light pollution. What a view our galaxy frequently beholds!

Our Covenants serve as our community’s guiding star to ensure we’re stewards of the unique, natural environment of High Rock Mountain and Lake and how to maintain the beautiful environment with which we’ve been entrusted. Please review the lighting regulations and assist the community to help maintain its natural beauty.

Exterior Lighting Guideline Summary from ARC Rules
  • Prevent light trespassing – lights should be shielded, controlled, and directed to prevent annoyance to neighbors.
  • Personal dusk-to-dawn (lights on from sundown to sunup) lighting is prohibited.
  • House-mounted floodlights are permitted for temporary illumination only – no extended periods of time.
  • Landscape lighting should be close to the ground, low intensity, and limited in number (general illumination of the house is prohibited).
  • Wall-mounted lamps should be limited in number and low intensity.

If you currently use photo sensor lights for dusk-to-dawn, replace them with motion sensors or timers on outdoor lights to improve security, afford convenience, and ensure compliance. Or simply remember to turn off the lights while you’re gone overnight.

The new streetlights provide improved directly downward illumination and reduce light “spray” – a great example of our commitment to nature’s stewardship.

HOA Board of Directors
Firebreak Lot Clearing Reminder
In the last newsletter, the importance of clearing lots of deadwood and pines, so fires starting on the lake side or back of our mountain would not jump our roads and spread was thoroughly discussed. If you didn’t see that article or wish to refresh your memory, please click on this link.

The North Carolina Forestry Service has awarded us a grant covering all costs to remove flammables 30-feet back from the front of lots to create a firebreak to keep a fire from spreading. 
Below is a list of the affected lots. If yours is on the list, please email Bruce Fleming at brucefleming2000@yahoo.com giving permission to clear the front of your lot of deadwood and pines, but no hardwoods, and include your name, contact phone, lot number and its address. This is a one-time opportunity to keep our community and your property safer and more attractive at no cost to you. Thanks also to those who have already agreed to participate.

Firewise Committee: Bruce Fleming
The Social Committee Needs You!
After several years of providing outstanding service to the Social Committee, four of our volunteers are stepping down to pursue other obligations: Prudy Mitchell, the committee chair; Allison Bachand, our number cruncher and new resident welcome coordinator; Sally Barnhart, one of our coordinators for newsletter articles; and Joan Feierstein, our reservations coordinator and event spreadsheet tracker. These volunteers have graciously agreed to continue to lend a helping hand with social events when available.

Nonetheless, these four vacancies leave us shorthanded, and we are looking for volunteers to step in and help us welcome new residents, bring our community together for social get-togethers, and lend a helping hand for parties. Most activities are at the clubhouse.

If you have an interest in joining our committee and/or have questions concerning time commitment and member duties, you may contact Karen Beard, chair, at 703-798-6031.

Social Committee: Karen Beard
Did you know? Despite what you may have been taught in school, there are only 4 Great Lakes, hydrologically speaking, not 5. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are not distinct bodies of water, but one massive body of water connected by the Straits of Mackinac.

Which U.S. President's Middle Initial Wasn't Actually Short For Anything?
James K. Polk
John F. Kennedy
Harry S. Truman
Rutherford B. Hayes 

See the answer below.
New To Our Member Resources Hub
Only registered community members at The Springs have access to the member resources below.

Financial Summary for November 2022

Off the Cuff Community Blog: New posts as of 5:00 PM yesterday include:
  • New Fitness Opportunity in the Neighborhood
  • Davidson County Rescue Squad Solicitation
  • Hunting for used canoes in good condition
Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
Trivia Answer: Harry S. Truman
George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Rutherford B. Hayes—there are many U.S. presidents with prominent middle initials. In the case of Harry S. Truman, however, there’s a bit of an anomaly. Although we could hardly fault you for guessing that the S. stands for something like Samuel, Sebastian, or Sherman, it actually stands for “S” and nothing more.
In a 1962 interview, a reporter asked Truman why his name sometimes appeared in print without a period after his middle initial. He explained that it wasn’t a middle initial at all, but that his middle name was in fact simply “S.” Why the peculiarly terse middle name? His parents couldn’t decide which of his grandfathers to name him after: Anderson Shipp Truman or Solomon Young. As a compromise, they made his middle name “S” as a nod to elements of both of his grandfathers’ names.
Although technically his name should be written Harry S Truman, just like one would write John Fitzgerald Kennedy, stylistically it looks odd, and it’s a nightmare for copy editing if the copy editor is not aware of the interesting history of Truman’s name. As such, it is common practice for both Truman’s name and any name wherein the middle name is a single letter to include a period after it.

Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
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