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July 16, 2020
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Day Worker Gate Code Change
Effective August 1, the Day Worker gate code will change.

This code can be given to companies and individuals who need to access your home or property for periodic maintenance (e.g., housecleaning, window washing, landscape maintenance), repairs, tree trimming and cutting, deliveries (e.g., mulch, appliances, furniture), etc. The code is programmed to open the gate during the established workday activity times for The Springs, which are Monday - Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM.

Note that you can always share your 3-digit gate directory code with anyone you need to allow in if you’ll be able to answer the call from the gate. If you are not listed in the gate directory and want to be added, please contact the Security Committee. We strongly recommend you not share your personal 4-digit gate code with anyone outside your immediate family as your personal code provides unlimited 24/7 access through the gate.

Please email the Security Committee if you need the new code. For obvious reasons, it will not be published.

The old code will be deactivated September 1.

Jerry Bushey: Security Committee
Blog Topics This Week
Several bloggers have posted interesting and informative comments this week on Off the Cuff:

  • Home gym - free
  • Thanks to The Springs
  • To the person checking the gate
  • Wake-Up Call: A board member of The Healing Springs Volunteer Fire Department adds details of the recent structure fire on Sierra Trace Road and encourages all residents to review our Emergency Fire Response and Evacuation Plan, which is on the Downloads page of our website.

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Joyce Ish: Communications Committee
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