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March 16, 2023
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A Feast Of Pies At Pi Day Party
On March 11, 45 members of The Springs community gathered at the clubhouse to celebrate Pi Day (officially on 3-14), hosted by the Social Committee. Everyone enjoyed a variety of entrée pies, including shepherds’ pies, chicken pot pies, quiches, Italian sausage lasagna pie, and pizza pies.

If that weren’t enough, an impressive array of dessert pies with ice cream à la mode on the side continued the feast. Choices (so many to choose from) included berry peach, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, apple, lemon meringue, pecan, and chocolate puff pastry turnover pies.

Special thanks go to our reservation taker and tracker (Joan Feierstein) and our setup crew (Lynn and Fred Nader, Penni and Ed Hancock, Jamie and Steve Prentice, Ali Bachand, Prudy Mitchell, Liz Roland, and yours truly, Karen Beard) who did a great job arranging the room and decorating it in spring and math décor, as well as the many guests who helped with cleanup. A wonderful community gathering to celebrate “Spring and All Things Math.”

Social Committee: Your PI Party Planners: Karen Beard and Lynn Nader
CPR-AED Class At The Clubhouse April 5
Neighborhood Watch in cooperation with Davidson County will be presenting a CPR-AED class at the clubhouse on Wednesday, April 5, from 6 to 7:30 PM. 

Bring an appetizer to share and your own beverage! 
Please R.S.V.P. [email protected] before 3/29/2023.

See our CPR-AED Class Flyer for details.

Security Committee: Brenda Spin
Fraud Alert
The Davidson County Register of Deeds offers a free service which notifies you if something is recorded under your name. You can sign up for it at Register of Deeds ONLINE SERVICES.

  • Scroll down to a section called Fraud Alert
  • Click on that and accept their disclaimers; you will see the above page. 
  • Fill in the information. 
  • Click Submit Name; you will see a confirmation box.
If you are a couple, you will have to submit two requests one in each name.

Security Committee: Submitted by Brenda Spin
HOA Assessment Billings
Q2 HOA assessment billings are being sent out this week. If you have paid for the full year in Q1, or if you have a $0 balance due to autopay, you should not receive a printed statement. If you have an email on file, you should also have received the statement by email last week. Everyone with an email on file should have gotten an email, regardless of their account balance, so they could review their statement and activity. 
Assessments are due April 1. If you are paying by mail, please be sure to mail early enough to reach our lockbox before April 30 (end of grace period), or you will be charged late fees and interest. Paying online is also subject to a few days delay in going through the banking system, so take this into account. 
If you do not receive your statement, or if you didn't receive an email and believe you have one in Cedar Management’s system, please contact Cedar Management at (877) 252-3327.
Board of Directors: Debbie Bethune, Treasurer
Neighbors, We Have A Problem!
Hopefully, by now everyone has had the opportunity to drive past our neighborhood speed sign. The sign was moved throughout the community over the last several months to gather speed and traffic data to help confirm what we already knew … we have a problem with speeding in the neighborhood. The sign was also put in place to act as a friendly reminder to drivers of their actual speed versus what the posted speed limit is and, hopefully, to be a deterrent for speeders. The data shows there is still a significant problem with vehicles (contractors and residents) traveling well over the posted speed limit of 25 mph. Given the data we collected, the Security Committee and the HOA Board have decided to look at enforcement to address the issue.

What does that mean? Our community is unique in that our roads are considered private roadways and are not maintained by the state. By statute, they are considered Public Vehicular Areas"Public vehicular area" shall be defined as any driveway, roadway, parking lot, or other public or private area open to the public, or a segment of the public, for vehicular traffic or parking.” (§ 20-4.01). In a public vehicular area, your typical speeding over the posted speed limit violations do not apply. What does apply are the charges of Reckless driving (§ 20-140. Reckless driving) and traveling at a speed too fast for conditions (§ 20-141. Speed restrictions).

We strongly encourage everyone to look up these statutes and the consequences of not following them. The consequences are more significant than just being issued a speeding ticket.
HOA Board of Directors and Security Committee: Submitted by Brenda Spin
Lost Your Password?
Some Member Resources users have had an issue with the “Lost your password” function on the login page, especially if they registered with a Gmail address. Replies to the requests to change passwords were not being received at all or going to Spam folders. The main problem was that the SPF record had not been configured for Basically, an SPF record is a list of IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain name. When Google was seeing the password reset emails and no SPF record, it was saying, "I have no idea if this message is allowed to come from this address or not," so it identified the reply as spam.
Blizzard Digital, our webmaster, configured the SPF record. Testing confirmed that now the password reset emails are going straight to inboxes.

There may still be cases where the request goes to junk mail, and adding [email protected] to your contacts should prevent that on an individual basis. Please contact the Communications Committee if you continue to have a problem.

Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
In Review

Clubhouse Open Sundays Starting March 19
The Recreational Facilities Committee is pleased to announce that beginning March 19, our clubhouse will be open to the community, on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 - 5:00 PM. The pool table will be uncovered and ready for action.

With a Fire TV Stick, our television has been upgraded. Check out the information sheet in the top drawer near the TV to see what features are now available.

  • Cards and board games will be out on the coffee table. Gather friends for a poker game, a Scrabble tournament, or just challenge yourself with a peaceful game or two of solitaire.

  • The front door will be unlocked each Sunday at 1:00 PM. There will be a sign-in sheet at the front table. Come meet your neighbors.

  • The only thing we ask is that you leave the clubhouse as you found it. We all own this beautiful space and want it to last.

Recreational Facilities Committee: Liz Roland
St. Patrick's Day Did You Know?
1.   Cabbage and corned beef are traditionally served on St. Patrick’s Day. However, the Irish themselves didn't create it; Irish American immigrants did.
2.   In the 17th century, green became associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but blue was associated with the holiday originally.
3.   Up until the 1970s, pubs used to be closed in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day.
4.   Three-leafed shamrocks were believed to be used by Saint Patrick to explain The Holy Trinity.
5.   In 2020, the St. Patrick’s Day parade was canceled in NYC for the first time in over 250 years because of COVID.
6.   Argentina, England, Norway, Turkey, New Zealand, Canada, Moscow, and India all celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
7.   The first-ever St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1762 took place in the United States in St. Augustine, Florida, not Ireland. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland was held in 1903 in Waterford.
8.   Saint Patrick wasn't actually Irish. He is believed to have been born in Scotland or Wales.

The Genetic Mutation That Causes Red Hair Also Causes?
Resistance to Anesthesia
Decreased Adult Height
Skin Cancer

See the answer below.
New To Our Member Resources Hub
Only registered community members at The Springs have access to the member resources below.

$$$ You Missed It! $$$
The Finance Committee held on open meeting on March 1 to share information on the financial challenges we face as a community and to solicit input from members as to the issues as well as funding opportunities. If you were unable to attend, we have posted our slide presentation and notes on the Member Resources > Financial Information section of our website. 
Finance Committee: Debbie Bethune, Treasurer

Off the Cuff Community Blog: New posts as of 5:00 PM yesterday include:
  • Looking to Rent Long Term?
  • Feedback on Finance Committee Open Meeting
  • Community Springs Finance Committee Meeting March 1,2023
  • Women in the Bible Conference
  • Bluebird Nestboxes for sale
  • Home for sale on Sierra Trace and thanks….
Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
Trivia Answer: Resistance to Anesthesia
If you’re a redhead who has always had an aversion to visiting the dentist, don’t feel bad; it’s in your genes. We don’t mean that metaphorically, but quite literally as researchers studying the mutation that causes red hair have discovered that the same gene mutation also acts upon pain receptors in the brain.
As a result, people with the mutation that causes red hair also have significantly increased resistance to anesthesia and pain blocking medications. The resistance is so prominent and widespread that it actually led to the very research that uncovered the link between hair color mutations and anesthesia: hundreds of surveyed dentists reported that their most anxious patients were, justifiably so, redheads.

Communications Committee: Joyce Ish
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