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September 22, 2022
New This Edition
Boat Storage Lock Combo Changing October 4
The boat storage lot lock combination will change on October 4. If you currently have items stored there, you should receive an email with the new code from the Infrastructure and Roads Committee by October 3.
As a reminder, please ensure your stored items are parked “squarely” in your assigned parking space and not encroaching on the spaces on either side. Your fellow property owners appreciate your cooperation and consideration.
If you recently sold your watercraft or RV, or no longer need your parking space and wish to relinquish it, please advise the Infrastructure and Roads Committee, so the space can be made available for another property owner.

Thank you!
Infrastructure and Roads Committee: Steve Barnhart
Security Committee: Jerry Bushey:
Seeking Candidates
The need for new members of the HOA Board of Directors is great, and the opportunity to place your name into consideration is rapidly approaching. If you have wanted a chance to serve on the board, or if you think you have better ideas to offer, then please step forward now.

Three current members of the board will not be running for re-election this year, so at least three new members will be needed. The election will occur at our annual meeting on November 5. (See details in the mailing from Cedar Management later this month.) The candidate profile form is available now in the Downloads section of The Springs website. Completing that form will enable the rest of the membership to learn about you, and it will serve as a campaign bio and platform of sorts.

The Springs runs on the efforts of its many volunteers, and the board is grateful for the dedication of all involved. Please give strong consideration to throwing your hat into the ring to help our community remain strong.

HOA Board of Directors: Karl Svatek
Today's trivia question pays homage to the long-running series M*A*S*H which celebrated the 50th anniversary of its premiere on September 17. The series subtly mocked government bureaucracy and the senselessness of war, balancing the heaviness of tragedies that came through the surgical camp with the comic relief of the characters' efforts to survive the war with humor and compassion.

Which M*A*S*H character was a champion amateur boxer?

B.J. Hunnicut
Colonel Potter
Father Mulcahy
Corporal Klinger

See the answer below.
Fall Cheer And Chili
Soon the temperatures will be dropping along with the acorns. That is a sure signal from Mother Nature that it’s time to gather and celebrate the autumn season with friends and food!

We're cooking up some chili and asking for attendees to join in on a potluck by bringing a yummy dish to share (e.g., favorite casserole, seasonal charcuterie, hors d'oeuvre, salad, cookies, salty snack, baked bread). 
Bottled water and soft drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring an alternative beverage of your choice. 
When: Saturday, October 15, 5:30 - 8 PM
Where: The Springs clubhouse

Springs Social Committee: Joan Feierstein
Parking Request
If you park at the four Tranquility Lakes spaces off Healing Springs Drive, and if your vehicle is a large pickup or a seven-passenger SUV, please park as far to the right as possible. The parking spots get deeper as you move to the right. The first two spots on the left are inadequate for larger vehicles, which often are in the way of passing traffic when they are parked there. Thanks.

HOA Board of Directors: Karl Svatek
Boulder Ridge Repair
Work has begun on repairing the downhill side of Boulder Ridge as of Monday, September 19. Our two contractors involved were only given the go-ahead on this project on Thursday, September 8. They have responded surprisingly quickly which has made our communications on this a little late.

Traffic access through Boulder Ridge will continue to be possible during this work since we are only affecting half of the width of the road. We will be communicating with the families on Boulder Ridge throughout the project.

Infrastructure and Roads Committee: Steve Barnhart
New To Our Member Resources Hub
Only registered community members at The Springs have access to the member resources below.

New to Member Resources:

HOA Meeting Summaries
2022 August 18 HOA Board Meeting Summary

"Off the Cuff" Community Blog
As of 5:00 PM yesterday:
  • Student mentoring program needs volunteers
  • Carpenter Recommendation Needed
Communications Committee: Judy Heffner
Trivia Answer
Father John Mulcahy

He was an amateur boxer and boxing fan. An old priest and mentor in Jesuit school taught his students that boxing built character. Mulcahy coached boys in the sport at his local Catholic Youth Organization chapter before being assigned to the 4077th.

Script from M*A*S*H
Release Date: March 15, 1982

Father Francis Mulcahy: [speaking to Gentleman Joe]

When I was 12, my father dragged me to see my first fight. It was you versus Tony Giovanetti. By the ninth round, you were punching him at will. The crowd was yelling, "Put him away. Put him away." My father was one of the loudest. All of a sudden, you stopped punching. You stepped back, and you told the ref to stop the fight because the man had been hurt enough. And I realized for the first time, that it was possible to defend myself and still maintain my principles. If Plato had been a boxer, I suspect he would have fought like you. That was when I made up my mind to keep one foot in the ideal plane and the other foot in the real world. I thought you might like to know that, and I just wanted to thank you.


Communications Committee: Judy Heffner
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