The Sprout House Annual 20% Off Seed Sale.
Here's to a Sprouting 2020!
All of us at The Sprout House want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support in 2019. We hope to see you again in 2020!
Add Sprouts to Your Diet
Before you firmly decide on your New Year's Resolution which for 45 million Americans includes going on a diet and spending some $33 BILLION on weight loss products, please consider this: be sure to add sprouts to your diet. Whether it is for weight loss or health benefits, adding sprouts to any diet ramps up the nutrition including getting more chlorophyll, fiber, protein, and vitamins. Don't forget how delicious they taste, too. Add a handful of your favorite green, leafy sprout to smoothies, juices, salads, a top sandwiches for a tasty boost of flavor and nutrition. Eating soup on a cold day? Put some bean sprouts in the bowl and get more protein and fiber added to the meal.  Need a snack? Try hummus made with raw sprouted garbanzo beans. Delish! Check out our BLOG for more easy recipe ideas.

Take action and invest in good nutrition now to be kind to your future self. A small change each day will soon add up to great benefits. Start slow and keep a steady pace by eating some sprouts at one meal a day, then two meals, then three meals. Before you know rinsing and draining sprouts become a habit you don't want to stop.
January 2020 Seed Sale!
To help you make that resolution a reality, today starts our annual SEED SALE with 25% off the regular retail price of all our seeds. No coupon codes required. The sale price will be taken at the shopping cart. The categories that this covers includes:  
The sale runs through January 31, 2020.
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Don't Forget the Tools For Sprouting

It's easier to sprout with the correct tools.
Our Healthy Sprouter can grow all the seeds from the tiny little ones through the beans up to the grasses. It's our most versatile sprouter.

We have yellow plastic lids to fit wide mouth mason jars for an inexpensive way to sprout most seeds.

Want to forgo plastic? Consider our GAIA Terra Cotta clay sprouters hand made in England.
Sprout Lady Rita Resolution
I have been very lucky to meet many people while I have been Sprout Lady Rita - through emails and telephone calls and a few warehouse visitors. I resolve to be the best Sprout Lady Rita I can be in 2020. I wish all of you and so many others find how really wonderful sprouting can be. Not just for the health benefits but also because it brings people together. By sharing sprouting with our family and friends we can bring more people together in a community of sprouters. Please consider sharing this email so that others can enjoy sprouting as much as we do. You are sprout-awesome!
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