Summer Sprouting Specials from The Sprout House.
Hello Sprouters !
I hope you are doing well and are sprouting even during these difficult days. For myself, that daily time of rinsing and draining is an opportunity to reflect and meditate; a calming few precious moments in my life.

It is going to be a great summer because we can all sprout to supplement our home gardens, farmers' market purchases, CSA goody bags or boxes and grocery store veggies. Sprouts are great additions to your delicious summer veggies AND they can be eaten by themselves, too. Toss a handful of sprouted beans or greens into most summer dishes to add texture, flavor, and great nutrition.

Click here JUNE SEEDS to see the seeds that are on sale this month for 25% off the regular retail price. The Mixes on sale are:

Tasty Lentil
Still More Breakfast Grains
Shari's Mix
R's Special Salad Mix
Mix The Two
Cloverly Lentily Mix

Don't forget to check out our BLOG with original artwork and poetry by Andrea G. We also have posts that answer questions and easy recipe ideas. Lots of delicious ways to enjoy your mature sprouts.

New to Sprouting or need a refresher course? We have several downloadable guides to help you, and with growing microgreens, too. There is always help.

Summer gives us an abundance of fresh veggies from different sources. Use this time of year to reset your body and give it the nutrition it wants and needs. Lots of leafy green veggies that include sprouts can help your body feel better. Once you get into the habit of eating more greens during this time of year, it will stay with you in the winter months. Don't forget to share your sprouts and extra veggies. It may be old hat to you to eat sprouts everyday, but for some people your act of kindness can open a new world.
Your friend in sprouting
Sprout Lady Rita