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JUNE 2021 | Vol. XXXXII No. 6
Dear Beloved Community of Saint Andrew,
With great excitement we have been anticipating joining with you in ministry on July 1. In the meantime we have been finishing up Eric’s call in Birmingham, searching…and searching for a home in Franklin, preparing our current flat for the market, packing and tending to the minutia needed to move. 
Even still, we have also been holding you in our prayers. The lyrics below from the song “Add to the Beauty” by Sara Groves have formed the repeated refrain of our prayer. 
I want to add to the beauty
To tell a better story
I want to shine with the light
That's burning up inside
[It’s a beautiful song. You can listen to it and see the lyrics here
It will be our privilege on July 1 to join the song that is Saint Andrew and add to the beauty of who you have been and who God is calling you to be. We will bring with us “possibilities only we can hold” and add them to the possibilities that you already embody as you tell a better story to the world. Certainly the world needs a better story than the one it hears repeated every day through social media. The world needs to hear the story Saint Andrew has to tell, the song Saint Andrew sings. We cannot wait to join you in the song. 
Until then, peace and every good be with you beloved of God. 
Pastor Pauline and Pastor Eric
by Jen Fisher
St. Andrew continues to be in a time of transition and change, as we prepare for Pastor Pauline Farrington and Pastor Eric Murray to begin their call as co-pastors with us on July 1, as our leadership in Council changes, and as we move toward more in-person meetings and events.
Preparations for our new pastors are underway.
As Pastor Pauline and Pastor Eric get ready to depart Birmingham and head to Middle Tennessee, St. Andrew is preparing for their arrival. A Bridge Team has been assembled to assist the pastors in all things relating to their relocation to the Franklin area, including both church and non-church related matters. They will make introductions in the congregation and the community, give guidance on the different committees and groups within the church, and generally serve as a "Welcome Wagon" for them. The members of the St. Andrew Bridge Team are: Patte Belin, Beth Fikejs, Jane Franks, Nick and Amy Hafner, Frank and Cindy Hale, and Nancy Simpkins
Farewell and Godspeed to our fantastic interim pastors.
We have been blessed with two amazing interim pastors during our call process and transition. Pastor Gordy and Pastor Kuhlman have not only provided St. Andrew with support and guidance during the transition over the last year plus ...Read more.
How to Stay Healthy for a Lifetime!
by Cornelia Pearson, RN, MN

A year ago I wrote, “I have never had a problem finding a health topic to write about until now.” Today I find myself uttering those same words. I would love to say that everything is back to normal, that there is no more coronavirus captivating the everyday health discussions on public media and we can go about our activities like we did before the virus entered our world. Unfortunately, our world surrounding COVID-19 remains very confusing, i.e., is it ok to go out to eat, to travel or invite friends over; should I wear a mask when I am inside a building with other individuals; will I have to wear a mask forever to feel safe? These are only a few of the questions that we might encounter as we strive to get back to our pre-COVID-19 lifestyle. One thing that we do know is that wishing for COVID-19 to just go away is not going to help us maintain our health. Knowing that full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is still months away, I decided to revisit my thoughts from a year ago on how to care for one’s health in good times and bad. As I write, I do not pretend to daily interpret the mass of information and misinformation regarding COVID-19 that awaits us each morning. I do plan to continue to do what I can to stay safe from the virus, not whine about what I want my world to look like today, and to focus on How to Stay Healthy for a Lifetime!  ....Read more.
Meredith Frantz recently visited Meg Graves at Morningpointe to bring communion to her. She presented Meg with a bouquet of pink peonies, which Meg thoroughly enjoyed. It is good to see Meg looking so well and we continue to send prayers of well wishes to her as she recovers.
Cutest Couple!
GUESS WHO was recently named the "Cutest Couple" at Brookdale? It is our own cute Jim and Pat Pitt! We thank their granddaughter, Patricia Lietz, for sharing this information and picture with us!

PLEASE SEND YOUR NEWS OR PHOTOS so we can share fun items of interest with our church family! Email them to the office. Thanks!
Enjoying the Natural Bridge
One of the world's greatest natural treasures!
Ron and Marsha Scheusner enjoyed seeing the Natural Bridge, which is near Lexington, VA. George Washington surveyed the area and carved his initials into the rock. The natural bridge was carved out by the river over millions of years. The Scheusners stopped enroute to a rendezvous in Williamsburg with family recently.
Gracious God, we give thanks for the achievements of those who are graduating. As they begin new phases of their lives, may they also know your love and peace in all the experiences they encounter. Amen.
Master's Degree
Sarah Kathleen Hains was recently awarded a Master of Marriage and Family Counseling & Therapy Degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville.

Sarah will continue with her Marriage & Family Counseling Internship through the end of July, at which time she will have "officially" completed the requirements of the program at Trevecca. Sarah is a 2018 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. Degree in Psychology, and a 2011 graduate of Father Ryan High School.

She is the daughter of Jonathan and (the late) Martha Hains. Those who have known the Hains family over the years at St. Andrew remember that Sarah was adopted by Jonathan and Martha from Russia in 1999 (how time flies!) and was in fact met at the Nashville International Airport by a welcoming group, which included a number of St. Andrew families!

Many of you have witnessed Sarah's growth and accomplishments over the years, and have been instrumental in assisting Sarah in so many ways and showing her your love through Christ.

Martha and the angels are smiling proudly with cries of "Hallelujah!"

Sarah was involved with the St. Andrew Youth Group, as well as an acolyte for many years.
After Sarah completes her internship this summer, she will enter the job market, hopefully in a role as a mental health professional. Congratulations, Sarah!
Bachelor's Degree
Lindsey Brown, daughter of Renee Brown and (the late) Alex Brown, graduates magna cum laude with her Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University, Syracuse NY. She has accepted a position as project manager/architect at Moody Nolan in Boston.  
Congratulations, Lindsey!
Mason Schey, son of Kevin and Sandi Schey, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. In the fall, Mason will be pursuing his career in the marketing field while getting his Master of Business Administration from MTSU. Congratulations, Mason!
Cami Vollmer, daughter of Chuck and Sandy Vollmer, graduated virtually on May 15, 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio. Congratulations, Cami!
Emily Lauren Wainner, daughter of Mark and Beth Wainner, graduated from The University of Tennessee Knoxville on May 8, 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the college of Education, Health and Human Sciences where she majored in Kinesiology. She will be continuing her education this fall at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis in the Physical Therapy Doctorate Program. Congratulations, Emily!
Wes with his sisters, Cady and Elise
High School Graduation
Wes Geuther, son of Troy and Christine Geuther, graduated with honors from Christ Presbyterian Academy. Wes is a hard-working and gifted academic student, graduating with a 4.5 GPA, cum laude recognition, National Honor Society, 14 AP courses (most in school history), Class of 2021 Math award and achieving a perfect 36 on the ACT on his first attempt. Wes has a passion for all things sports and played lacrosse for 4 years in high school. He will attend the University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship in the fall where he will be seeking to find the best way to apply his mathematical talents to improve our world. Most importantly he realizes he is a compassionate brother, a loving son and a child of God to whom much has been given. We can’t wait to see what he gives the world in return.
Mason McGee, son of Adam and Lori McGee, graduated with the Class of 2021 at Summit High School in Spring Hill on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Mason has attended St. Andrew Lutheran Church since his birth in August 2002. This fall, he plans to attend the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, where he will be studying Electrical and Plumbing Construction Technology. Congratulations, Mason!

In Memoriam
Dennis Robert Johnson, age 62, of Franklin, Tennessee passed away unexpectedly on May 23, 2021 at his home. He was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan to the late Benjamin and Lucille Johnson. Dennis received his bachelor’s degree in business from Western Michigan University. He worked for Chris-More Nashville, Inc. for over 10 years. Dennis was a member of St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Franklin.  

He is survived by his loving wife of 39 years, Wanda Elsner Johnson; son, Bryant “B.J.” (Katie Clemens) Johnson of Murfreesboro, Tennessee; daughters, Alexandra Johnson of Nashville, Tennessee and Elizabeth (Brian) Caramucci of North Bergen, New Jersey; and many other loving family members.  

A memorial gathering was held Saturday, May 29, 2021 at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home.
Memorials may be made to the Friends of Williamson County Animal Center.  

St. Paul's Breakfast Ministry
Saturday, June 5
10-11:00 AM drop off at St. Andrew

Please use the link below to let Laura McElroy, coordinator, know what breakfast items you can donate to go to the mission.
Calling for runners, walkers, joggers, and spirit runners!
It’s time to register for our favorite Labor Day Race, the 22nd Annual Mercy Franklin Classic, September 6, 2021 in Historic Downtown Franklin!

We will participate in person this year! Our team is called Runners By The Spirit. The name worked virtually last year and fits our team well to use it again!

Anyone can participate: runners, joggers, walkers, and spirit runners!

It’s fun to get exercise while helping our beloved Mercy Healthcare Clinic. Please join our team in the upcoming Mercy Franklin by registering here.

For questions or if you need a running or walking partner, contact Linda Strickland.

Your participation supports the mission of Mercy Community Healthcare, a Franklin-based community health center committed to providing essential medical care and mental health services to our community!
A Heart Led to Give
By Lars Helland,
Mission Chairman at Eternal Shepherd, Seneca, SC
The churches and schools in Haiti continue to exceed our expectations for growth. Trinity HOPE recently reached a milestone of feeding over 42,000 children throughout Haiti, and it is a blessing to be a part of that. Through Eternal Shepherd in Seneca, SC, we sponsor two schools in Central Haiti – Rocky Road and Pas Bonbon. In those schools, we feed over 300 children daily physically while nurturing their spiritual growth. That is equivalent to 55,800 meals a year!

Where does your help come from? Like many of you reading this, the first thing that comes to mind is Psalm 121:2, “My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” Our Heavenly Father presents us with many opportunities to bless others and to share His work. I often share my experiences with those in my circle of influence. Recently, I was having lunch with a customer. Like most of my discussions, it turned to missions and flowed right into the schools in Haiti and Trinity HOPE. As we finished our lunch, he (Robert) said he was interested in helping and wanted the contact information for Trinity HOPE.

I shared my contact, Keith Logan, with Robert, and quickly a contribution was made. At a cost of only twenty-five cents per meal, any donation has a significant impact in helping feed children. I didn’t ask Robert for any financial support; I merely shared my experience. His heart led him to give! Ten Roberts each donating $1,500 would cover 300 students for the school year. To God be the glory!

Thank you, Trinity HOPE. You are blessed to be a blessing!
Bring your swim suit and a snack!
All ladies of St. Andrew are welcome!
Many thanks to Ruth Haskins, our delightful and informative speaker at WELCA in May!

The women of the church will meet one last time in June at the home of Meredith Frantz for a pool party and then take a break for the summer. Watch future communications for our fall schedule of gathering together again. Contact Meredith for more information.
Calling All Quilters!
Don’t forget to pick up your quilt kits (instructions included) in the administration entry. Call or email the office ahead of time to make sure someone can let you in. Don’t forget to wear your mask. Lutheran World Relief is in need of these quilts. If you can tie a knot you can make a WELCA Quilt!
June 1           Jimmy & Leesa Felker
June 2           Greg & Carla Thurman
June 3           Jeff & Tina Hill
June 3           Mark & Julie Boggess
June 10         Garry & Donna Gillette
June 10         Adam & Lori McGee
June 11         Chris & Marsha Hueneke
June 12         Fred & Ruth Schreiner
June 12         Jimmy & Susan Shannon
June 12         Richard & Kay Schonfeld
June 12         Andy & Karen Kwarciak
June 13         Frank Thomas & Patte
June 17         Mack & Wanda McIntyre
June 17         Drew & Hannah Aaroen
June 18         Larry & Julie Anderson
June 20         Jeff & Patty Norem
June 20         Kevin & Sandi Schey
June 20         Aaron & Jenn Walton
June 20         Donny & Kim Nowell
June 21         Zack & Claire Lemoine
June 22         Randy & Cathy Miller
June 24         Anthony & Krista
June 29         Chuck & Sandy Vollmer
June 29         James & Bernadette


For a list of June birthdays,
Jolene Richardson, The Messenger Editor