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MAY 2021 | Vol. XXXXII No. 5
by Jen Fisher
April has been a whirlwind month at St. Andrew, starting with a beautiful Easter celebration and a return to in-person worship and ending with the call of our new pastors. We also managed to pack several things in between - all our normal meetings and classes, a baptism, outreach projects, and meet-and-greet meetings with our new pastors!
Return to In-Person Worship
It has been so great to see so many of your faces (or at least your eyes) over the last few weeks. And it has been an amazing experience to worship together once again.
Our family has really enjoyed the outdoor worship service in the Meditation Garden. Hearing the birds sing along with Darryl and Brian and watching the butterflies flit by to hear a few words of the sermon has been a delight. And I may have to sign my boys up for the new member development committee if they keep finding caterpillar or worm friends to bring to the service. We have joked with Pastor Kuhlman that all of God’s creatures join our congregation for the outdoor worship service.
It is our hope to continue these services and to begin to do even more in person. Our council has appointed a team to make decisions on a week-by-week basis about the safety of meeting in person. This team includes the COVID Advisory team, key staff, and council members. With many of our members getting vaccinated and as the COVID-19 numbers in our community drop, this team is also actively working on guidelines and procedures for additional in-person events and meetings. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks.
Have YOU Become Part of the Herd?
by Cornelia Pearson, RN, MN

When we think of a herd we think of a large group of animals (such as sheep or elephants) especially hooved mammals, that live, feed, or migrate together in a social group. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a herd as 1a: a typically large group of animals of one kind kept together under human control as in a herd of cattle, b: a congregation of gregarious wild animals as in a herd of antelope, 2a: a group of people usually having a common bond as in a herd of tourists.
It does seem rather demeaning to refer to a group of humans as a herd. As members of the Church we belong to a herd of people with a multifaceted common bond. One of these bonds is in caring for others, and in doing so we also must care for ourselves. Foremost on our minds in caring for others and ourselves over the past 14 months has been protection from contracting Covid-19. A major gift for assisting all humans in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccine, is now ours to take and join the herd if we will just do it. In so doing we show our care and concern not just for local recovery but for global recovery from COVID-19. However, to become part of the herd we must have received the required number of shots for that particular vaccine. According to a report by. ....Read more.
The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
Andrew Becker Basel, son of Oran and Sarah Basel, was baptized on Saturday, April 10, 2021 in a private service, with Pastor H. Julian Gordy officiating. Sponsors David and Sarah Mansouri, big brother Wren, Michael Mansouri, and grandparents Bijan and Katherine Mansouri all celebrated with Andrew, newest child of God.
Thanks, Beth Wainner!
If you have been baptized or have had family members baptized at St. Andrew in the past 15+ years, the baptismal napkin you received was embroidered by Beth Wainner. Beth works quietly behind the scenes embroidering these special napkins, as well as embroidering diapers for the Baby Brigade ministry and the beautiful pillow cases we give to our confirmands. We thank Beth for sharing her gifts and these special keepsakes with so many in our congregation over the years.

St. Andrew congregation celebrates our graduates of every age as they look forward to future endeavors.

Please email your graduation information for inclusion in the next Messenger to the office.
Our College Graduates
Congratulations to Dr. Nicole L. Richardson, OTD, daughter of Mike and Jolene Richardson, who graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN on Thursday, April 22, 2021 with a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from the College of Health Sciences and Nursing.
Emma L. Wicks, daughter of Gary and Sherre Wicks, will graduate Saturday, May 8, 2021 with a Master of Science in Dietetics, from the Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, College of Human & Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.
Congratulations, Emma!
Our High School Graduates
Emily Grace Baker, daughter of Bill Baker and Rita Baker, will graduate from Independence High School with a 4.55 GPA. During high school, she was involved in a variety of activities including marching band, track, and several Honor Societies (Spanish, English, Science, Tri-M, and the National Honor Society). Emily has been playing violin since she was 5 years old, and began the viola several years ago. She is part of a private music studio, Music City Strings. The studio has performed in Europe, China, Canada, and throughout the United States. The performing group is high energy fiddle-based, but the violin studio itself teaches classical Suzuki style music. Emily plans to attend East Tennessee State University on music and academic scholarships, and will double major in Biology and Music. She loves working with children, particularly her little sister, whom she adores. She dreams of going to medical school so she can become a doctor, possibly a pediatrician, although she is not ruling out ROTC to help pay for medical school down the line. Congratulations, Emily!
Zoe Catherine Butler, daughter of Jeff and Pam Butler, will graduate on May 21, 2021, from Page High School. Zoe plans to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, studying data analysis and graphic design.
Congratulations, Zoe!
Lukas and Zachary Byrum, sons of Jeff and Ingrid Byrum, are graduating from Independence High. Lukas and Zachary competed in cross country and track all four years. They are going together to Middle Tennessee State University in the fall. Current plans are for them to continue their running career with the mid distance track team. Lukas intends to major in illustration with a minor in business. Zachary is undecided. Congratulations, Lukas and Zachary!
Carl Forsberg, son of Ted and Stephanie Forsberg, will graduate from Ravenwood High School in Brentwood. Carl's focus is architecture. His accomplishments in high school include earning the highest scouting award, an Eagle Scout, World History Student of the Year 9th grade, and Theater Production Student of the Year in 12th grade. Carl plans to attend Mississippi State University, Majoring in Architecture. Congratulations, Carl!
Sara Yamada, daughter of Takuji and Ai Yamada, will graduate from Page High School on May 21, 2021 with a 4.7 GPA and 34 ACT score as a scholar. She will attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the fall as a pre-med student. Sara has been a part of the Nashville Children’s Choir as well as the church choirs for many years and hopes to continue to have music in her life throughout college as well. Congratulations, Sara!
Everyone including Tom Cat enjoyed Sunday School.  
Successful Garden Drive Benefitting Inspiritus
by Jeana Butler, Faith Formation Council Chair
We recently announced a new youth and children's stewardship program to benefit Inspiritus. Our first project was collecting garden tools and seeds for the Healthy Gardens Program. As usual, the people of St. Andrew faithfully answered the call to serve our neighbors. We were thrilled with the amount of garden supplies that were collected on Easter weekend. It wasn't just the children and youth who generously gave, but many adult members participated as well, making it even more successful than anticipated.  

We received the following message from Inspiritus: " Thanks to St. Andrew Lutheran Church for the large donation of garden supplies and to our volunteers for getting us ready to plant more than 200+ gardens for families in low-income communities."

Be on the lookout for other exciting opportunities to serve our neighbors as we continue to support the work of Inspiritus. Again, thank you for helping these families grow their own fresh and healthy food.
Pictured above: Volunteers assist a local family preparing the soil for a raised garden bed 

Pictured to the left: Liza Hawkins, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries delivers a carload of garden supplies to the Inspiritus office in Nashville. 
by The Rev. Dr. John L. (Jan) Setzler, Senior Development Officer, Deployed
Pastor Gordy and God's faithful of Saint Andrew,

My thank you notes are later than I planned, but too important to let be delayed any longer. I'm among the many deeply grateful for your very generous gift of $375 earlier this month. I hope all the publicity coming from NovusWay's four ministry sites gives you no doubt that we are stepping out in faith and trust in God to plan camp again this summer. We don't have the operating funds that normally come with a full year of programs and summer camp behind us, but the support of so many like you and our Light the Fire for Summer Camp 2021 special appeal's response so strong, we believe God intends this ministry to flourish again. Spring programs are underway at all four sites now and plans for summer camp everywhere are well underway. We're hiring summer camp counselors, signing contracts for off-site adventure offerings and purchasing all the supplies needed for camp. Your gift is truly helping make summer camp possible for kids again this year! What a joy and blessing you are.

Exciting things are happening everywhere. Construction on the Atonement Chapel at Luther Springs was completed earlier this year, but some new fire regulations for Putnam County prevented Luther Springs from getting the Certificate of Occupancy needed to allow us to begin enjoying this beautiful facility. With help of a FL donor we're preparing to install a fire suppression system to meet these requirements. Lovers of Lutherock will be happy to know that a FL donor family has funded the construction of a new wrap-around porch with beautiful doors on Founders Lodge. Work should be completed soon. The entrance will also look different when you come again. The Equestrian program at Lutheranch grows larger week by week. You may have seen Gretchen Ahren's plea for more horses! Can you believe that horses are really back at Lutheranch? The home office at Lutheridge has moved from Spruce Drive (so that property can be sold) and relocated up the hill to Mission and Efird to provide more efficient and cost-effective leadership functions. God is good, folks, and because of your support, God has begun the process of growing us in mission and ministry again. Stay well and let us know how we can serve you and those you love. 

In Easter's Power - Pastor Jan
Reflection on the Past 10 Years
by Lyn Williams
It has been several years since I have been to Haiti with John Hall, and my relationship with Trinity HOPE began way before that trip. Yes, I call it a relationship because for me it is much more than just my support to a great mission organization. It is also a love, passion, and a devotion. My relationship began in April of 2011 when I attended a Rotary meeting where John Hall, the founder of Trinity HOPE, was the presenter. John shared the work that Trinity HOPE was doing in Haiti to feed the hungry physically and spiritually. I was so very moved and wanted to help. I worked with John and our Rotary Club for years to raise money to help feed the children by sponsoring a school. During the past 10 years, I was blessed with getting to know Denise and Keith and several feeding program directors who are all amazing people! I also had the life changing opportunity to travel to Haiti and meet these wonderful children and see exactly where and how the funds are spent. The children were filled with joy and actively participating in class. The feeding programs were well run and the schools and feeding program directors were held accountable for every dollar spent. 
My relationship with Trinity HOPE has forever changed me for the better. I would love nothing more than to grow the Trinity HOPE family so they may continue to feed more children. I hope if you are reading this you might want to join the family with your support. That support will change into a beautiful relationship that will be fulfilling and lasting. I look forward to the next 10 years and see the impact one meal of rice and beans at a time has on these precious children.
by Laura McElroy, coordinator
The Easter breakfast donations were the biggest outpouring yet for the mission! Our members donated homemade Easter cards and signs, breakfast casseroles, homemade muffins, breakfast breads, sausage, fruit, and 3 Easter lilies. More donations than I could count. We are truly blessed to have a congregation with such generous hearts!

Thanks to Amy and Jordan Hafner for the photography! Pictured below are just a few of the donations that arrived for Easter breakfast.
WELCA meets on Tuesday, May 18, 2021
at 6:00 p.m.
Ruth Haskins, WELCA Speaker
Ruth Haskins joined St. Andrew Lutheran two years ago, but it was a long journey for her to get to 908 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin, Tennessee. Ruth grew up in the Chicago area for most of her life. She spent two years in England when her father was transferred there for his job. In 1968, Ruth moved to Memphis, Tennessee to finish college, but instead she met her future husband. They lived there until 2010 when they moved to the Nashville/Franklin area. While in Memphis, Ruth and her husband joined the Presbyterian church where Ruth spent 13 years as a preschool teacher.

About the time her children became adults, Ruth became a Buddhist. She was a Buddhist for 20 years in Memphis and in Nashville. While on her way to work, Ruth would pass the Unity Church on Franklin Road. She enjoyed their messages on their outdoor sign. One day she quit Buddhism and joined the Unity Church, but it wasn’t a match made in heaven. She left after only two years. In 2019, Ruth joined St. Andrew Lutheran Church. 

Join us Tuesday evening, May 18 at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in the Meditation Garden at 6:00 PM to learn about Ruth’s journey to grace. Please bring a lawn chair, a sandwich if you wish, and wear your mask. If you cannot make the meeting in person, join using the Zoom link below.
Meeting ID: 861 3384 9904
Passcode: WELCA
Dial by your location - 1.301.715.8592
Calling All Quilters!
Don’t forget to pick up your quilt kits (instructions included) in the administration entry. Call or email the office ahead of time to make sure someone can let you in. Don’t forget to wear your mask. Lutheran World Relief is in need of these quilts. If you can tie a knot you can make a WELCA Quilt!

Pictured to the right: Gracie Frantz helps her mom, Meredith, and Susan Shannon, as they tie quilts! Looks like this quilt passed the "cat approved" test!
Support Ronald McDonald House!
Don’t forget to bring your aluminum soda and beer tops too the administration entry. Put them in the designated brown bin. Call ahead to make sure someone can let you in. Please don’t forget to wear your mask.
What is this ministry about? The Prayer Shawl Ministry brings together people who use their talent of knitting or crocheting to spread God’s message of mercy, love, and compassion. Prayers for comfort, healing, and strength are said as each item is made.
Where do the shawls go? Pastors, church staff, and members of the congregation distribute them. Our items can be given to anyone in the community, family, or friends. The Prayer Shawl Ministry group provides prayer shawls to nursing homes, hospitalized patients, patients in hospice, and those involved in a disaster. We also make baby blankets that are given to each newborn in our congregation. The baby blankets are distributed by the Baby Brigade at St. Andrew.
Where can I find the knitted and crocheted items? Completed items are placed in one of two brown bins on the shelves in the Administrative Entrance to St. Andrew. Select an item and write your name and the recipient’s name on the clipboard provided. If you prefer, contact me and I would be happy to deliver the item to your home.
Cost of Supplies- Funds are available to reimburse you for supplies needed to make a prayer shawl or baby blanket. A tax exempt letter is available for Hobby Lobby, but you can purchase supplies anywhere.
Skill level- You work at your comfort level. You select the pattern you want to follow. Need help in finding a pattern? We are happy to help!
Meetings- The Prayer Shawl Ministry does not have regularly scheduled meetings. We occasionally get together to share ideas and for fellowship.
For more information contact:
Jody Smith
Leader, Prayer Shawl Ministry or 314-313-7852
May 6            Ryan & Sheri Meyerhoff
May 19          Mike & Nancy Seitz
May 24          Keith & Bekki Hinson
May 26          Ron & Marsha Scheusner
May 29          Jason & Marlene Boshears
May 30          Zach & Claire Harris


For a list of May birthdays,
Jolene Richardson, The Messenger Editor