In Christ, We Worship, Love, Grow, Serve and Send.
A Season of Blessing
The Rev. Pauline Farrington, co-lead pastor
Just as the holy family welcomed the shepherds and magi into their home and blessed them, and just as the shepherds and the magi offered blessings for the Holy Family, the Church has traditionally offered house blessings during the season after the Epiphany. We, Lutherans, even have a liturgy for this traditional blessing of the Church.

Here is what happens. The door or lintel of the home is chalked with this pattern: 20 ✝ C ✝ M ✝ B ✝ 22. The numbers are the year 2022. The crosses signify Christ. The letters have two different interpretations. They are an abbreviation of a Latin blessing, Christus mansionem benedicat, “may Christ bless this house.” Or they can represent the traditional names of the magi, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. Either way there is blessing. From the entrance blessing, the rite continues through the primary rooms of the home with scripture reading, prayers and blessings. 

Your pastors would love to offer you a house blessing sometime during the season after the Epiphany (January 6, 2022 and following.) Simply give us a ...Read more.
ADVENT 2021: Love the Guest, is on the Way
An Advent Calendar with prayer petitions offered as guides to prayer for the global, social, and outreach ministries of the ELCA, as well as for the needs and circumstances of our neighbors, communities and world. We pray all these things in the hope of the One who comes in love, with love, who is Love.

Filled with Hope and Gratitude
A 2021 Advent Devotional from Luther Seminary
Luther Seminary invites you to use the 2021 Advent devotional, “Filled with Hope and Gratitude” for personal or congregational use this Advent. You may pick up a copy at church or download below.

Our midweek worship during Advent will feature a liturgy that is beloved by many people at St. Andrew and by others in our community, Marty Haugen's Holden Evening Prayer. 

You may join us each Wednesday for worship service in person in the nave or on our YouTube channel at at 7:00 p.m. Each service will be 25 minutes long, including a short homily by our co-lead pastors. Our Wednesday Advent offering is designated to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in New Orleans, LA for a building program. 
By Liza Hawkins, Director for Youth and Children's Ministry

When I asked the little ones if this photo looked like an Advent wreath, lots of voices loudly said "no." It isn't very big. It isn't fancy. It literally has grass from the yard sprinkled on it. There are no gilded candles; just some bowls with simple mismatched votives, a burlap mat, and some greens from the yard.
Advent is a time of waiting, hope, preparation. Advent reminds me to pay attention to the stars, like the shepherds. Advent reminds me to say yes to God in the face of the impossible, like Mary. Most of all, Advent reminds me to return to the basics.
Every week, we celebrate God's presence in the most basic elements: wine, bread, water. Our church year is structured around the most fundamental human experiences of Jesus: his birth and his death. In the beginning, God created the cosmos with a word and the first people with dirt. God works best with the basics.
This Advent, I invite you to celebrate the basics. Set up some candles, grab greenery from the yard, reuse items you already have. As a family--whether that's you and your kids, you and a spouse or partner, you and a parent, or just you and God--we invite you to light a candle, take a breath, and prepare your heart for the new life that is to come.
The devotional booklet will guide you through the simple activities on the Advent Calendar. In the rush of the season, remember that God might not be in the whirlwind or earthquake or fire. God is in the quiet. God is in the simple. Settle in.

Most voices said no, it didn't look like an Advent wreath. But from the back of the crowd, I heard my pal Griffin D. say "yes!" I agree with Griffin.
I think my Advent wreath is just what I need this year. I hope yours is, too.
"Christmas: What to Expect When We're Expecting"
By Liza Hawkins, Dir. for Youth & Children's Ministry
I hope it comes as no surprise to you, dear reader, that I love music. I am always listening to music--in the car, in my office, on a run, in the kitchen making dinner. As I was preparing these words, trying to think ahead to Christmas, I turned to music. I sifted through my Advent and Christmas music trying to find the right songs to inspire me. ...Read more.
12:15 PM in the Nave
Welcome, Little Ones!

Jamie Knox Hanson, newborn son of Dana (Nethercutt) and Blake Hanson was born on November 4, 2021 at 6:08 p.m. He weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 18 inches long. Judy Hanson and Kris Nethercutt are the proud grandparents at St. Andrew. Jamie will be baptized on the Baptism of Our Lord Sunday, January 9, 2022.

We celebrate with Stacy and Karl Klug on the birth of their new son, Owen Vincent Klug, who was born yesterday, November 10, weighing 7 lbs., 3 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Owen is welcomed home by his siblings, Rylan, Cora, Ivan, and Lucy. Congratulations to the Klug family!
O God, like a mother, like a father, you tend your children with care. With awe and thanksgiving we praise you for the birth of Jamie Knox Hanson and Owen Vincent Klug. Watch over them and bless these new lives. Hold us all in the arms of your compassion and love; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.
The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
Luna Rae Rockwood, daughter of David and Samantha Rockwood, was baptized on All Saints Sunday, November 7 at the 11:00 AM service. Luna’s sponsors are Cheryl and Darrel Hutcheson. 

Owen Gregory Smith and Carter Ross Smith, sons of Ben and Brianna Smith, were baptized on Christ the King Sunday, November 21 at the 11:00 AM service. Owen's sponsors are Zac Conforti and Mel Conforti. Carter's sponsors are Brandon Smith and Carly Smith. We welcome Owen and Carter as the newest children of God at St. Andrew.

We welcome Luna, Owen, and Carter as the newest children of God and into the mission and ministry we share at St. Andrew Lutheran Church.
Alice Pearson Chapman
February 24, 1972 - November 9, 2021
Alice Pearson Chapman, managing partner at MP&F Strategic Communications, died November 9, 2021, in Nashville following a sudden illness.

Chapman, 49, joined MP&F in 1995 after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Her natural leadership abilities and her quick grasp of public relations meant a steady advancement at the company to top managerial positions. In 2012, she was named an equity partner in the firm and, in 2019, became managing partner, leading a company of 75 people and annual revenues of nearly $11 million.

In 2004, she married Tom Chapman, an analyst with Shayne & Co., LLC. The couple have two children, Ryan, 15, and Cate, 10.

In addition to her husband and children, she is survived by her parents, the Rev. Eric C. and Connie Pearson, brother Tim and sister-in-law Megan Gale, niece Hilda, in-laws Booth and Georgeanne Chapman, brother-in-law John Barret Chapman, sister-in-law Amy, and nieces Darcy and Avery.

She was a devoted wife, mother and daughter, who adored and was fiercely proud of her children. She loved telling friends and co-workers about the accomplishments of Ryan and Cate. Most recently, she traveled to Chattanooga to watch Ryan compete in the annual Head of the Hooch Regatta.

To all those who knew her, Chapman was a beautiful example of a woman who found a balance between being a wife, mother, and businesswoman. She was often sought out for advice by other working professional women in the area for her insights...Read more.
Pictured above from Sunday School Class on All Saints Sunday are Isla (Saint Francis) and Hannah (Saint Anthony).
"M is for Manger" Fun!
After having a little fun dressing up themselves, Michael, Elaina, Emily, and Haylee fit all the children in period costumes for the Christmas program “M is for Manger!”

Haylee, granddaughter of Wanda Jasper, won the gold in the Music City Archery’s Fall Classic! She was in the Cub division shooting a Recurve, Olympic Style Bow. All competitors shot a 60 arrow round following USA Archery rules. This competition was held November 6-7, 2021. Way to go, Haylee!
Fuel Bag Fun and "M is for Manger"
Christmas Program Practice!
Above: On Christ the King Sunday, children and adults filled around 100 Fuel bags and were sent to GraceWorks Ministry. Thanks to ALL who helped with this outreach ministry.
Under the direction of Katherine Mansouri, Director of Children's Choir, the children rehearse songs for the "M is for Manger" Advent program to be presented on Sunday, December 19 at 9:50 AM in the nave. All are invited to feel the joy of the season through our children at St. Andrew.
THANK YOU, ST. ANDREW CONGREGATION! 311 pounds of food and non-food items were donated to GraceWorks Ministries from Reformation Sunday for the special food drive. The need is always great; please continue to donate. A full list of needed items can be found in the weekly reminders. Bring your items to the church and place in the brown bins located in the administration entry. Thank you.
November 2021 to March 2022
Sign-up sheets can be found at St. Andrew to volunteer to set up, drive, host dinner, stay overnight, make sack lunches, or do laundry for our guests. We need your help to continue to serve RITI. Please donate generously! Contact Ken Cockerham for questions at 704-614-3946.
St. Paul's Breakfast Ministry
NEXT on Saturday, December 11
Breakfast items drop-off at St. Andrew from
11:00 AM to 12:00 NOON
Watch for the sign-up link coming soon!
A Message from Laura McElroy:
November was another strong month for breakfast items donated by St. Andrew congregation. Elizabeth Short, Stacey Stiles, Tom and I delivered the food to the mission. 

Watch for the link coming in email to donate breakfast food items in December and thank you again for keeping this most important ministry alive and well. Thanks be to God and to you for your donations!
Haiti Hunger Fight has been a very successful program and we are all so thankful for the opportunity and support.  

  •  Overall fund-raising results are: 
  • The auction was very successful this year raising $6, 858 and providing some good fun and value for the winners
  • The Cholla Foundation, which Ken Cockerham helps to lead, increased its donation to $6500, after a very successful pheasant hunt in October
  • Direct Sponsorship. including individual matching and corporate matching was very successful as well, raising nearly $8,000
  • Regarding new match, after our event, we were notified of a generous donor who offered to match the ENTIRE EVENT's proceeds if the event exceeded the previous year's average total. Per Trinity Hope, our average has been $17k. Therefore, the donor matched the total for another $21k.    
A special thanks to:
  • Our dedicated Haiti Hunger Fight team Julie Bednar, Jeanette Higbe, Patte Belin
  • All those who donated auction items
  • Trinity Hope Feeding program team of Candi Cook, Denise Gudlin, Keith Logan
  • Ken Cockerham and the Cholla Foundation
  • Margaret Bearss and the Oktoberfest team
  • Darrel Reifschneider for hosting the Oktoberfest event
  • All those who very generously donated via the sponsorship program and have taken the time to apply for matching funds
  • All those who came out the Oktoberfest event and had some fun with the auction.   
  • We will be distributing tax donation letters to all who have donated auction items.
  • Those who have contributed via the sponsorship will receive tax donation letters directly from Trinity Hope 
  • Thanks again for all the support.      
  • We are all feeling very blessed to raise this much money to help provide over 170,000 meals or over 700 children for the entire year!!!

In Peace,
Your Haiti Hunger Fight Team
Stress Eating
By Lyn Williams
In our day-to-day life, we often take for granted the things that God does to bless us. Sometimes, we even despise doing the mundane things that others would find a pure thrill. In the age of curb-side service, Instacart and Door Dash, even getting food has become too mundane for us.
My visit to Haiti gave me a new perspective. Now, when friends and I are chatting and I hear the term “stress eating,” I’m reminded of those children in Haiti who do not have the opportunity to “stress eat.” When I think of the pandemic here, in America, and I think of how stressful it has been, I remember that the children in Haiti have dealt with the pandemic, an earthquake, a tropical storm, and major safety issues resulting from political unrest.
Despite the rough living conditions and the lack of food at home, my fondest memory of these children was seeing them at lunch time ready to eat. Their smiles and expressions of pure joy and thankfulness were apparent. I know they savored every bite. The meals we send to Haiti are now more important than ever.
Take a day to cherish the gift of abundance. Walk through the supermarket and think about the bounty that God has provided. Maybe on this day, you can skip your favorite comfort food, and send that food cost to Trinity HOPE to provide meals for those who do not have a stocked grocery store to walk through. “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” (Heb 13:16) Send thanks to God for the provision of food and income, send prayers to God for the children in Haiti, and now more than ever, let’s band together and support Trinity HOPE so we can continue to nourish these children.
All Women of Saint Andrew Church
are invited to the
Annual WELCA Christmas Party
When: Tuesday December 21, 2021
at 6:00 PM
Where: Home of Meredith Frantz
201 Churchill Place
Franklin, TN 37067
Bring: $15.00 Gift to exchange and
                      and a side dish to go with ham

This year you may choose your gift items by using this Sign-up Genius ANGEL TREE LINK OR by choosing an angel(s) from the Christmas Tree. You DO NOT need to do both. If you have questions about the sign-up online, please reach out to Beth Smith at 615-479-3566.
Be sure to label your UNWRAPPED gift with the name of the organization you intend to receive it or by attaching your angel. Please place your gift(s) under the tree no later than Sunday, December 19. 
We have selected 3 local community ministries to support this year. Here is a little about each one with a link to their organization.

  1. Oak Tree Cottage for Women - exists to provide a safe residential home to formerly incarcerated women to re-enter society as a productive citizen. We seek to create a balanced spiritual, physical, vocational and emotional foundation for daily living through Christ centered, compassionate care.
  2. Bridges Domestic Violence Shelter - As the only domestic violence shelter in Williamson County, Tennessee, Bridges Domestic Violence Center is dedicated to helping victims and survivors find a pathway to safety and independence.
  3. Inspiritus Caring Closet - Building Healthy Families offers an educational support group for women living in low-income neighborhoods. This program is focused on encouraging healthy family skills. Participants gather weekly for a class, meal, and the opportunity to choose personal or household items from the Caring Closet. As it says in the Building Healthy Families Community statement, it is “a time for multi-generational therapeutic sisterhood to learn, grow, and become more powerfully whole."
Thank you in advance for your always generous support of this WELCA community outreach. We can't do it without you!
Quilting Days at St. Andrew
In-person quilting takes place at the church on the second and fourth Mondays at 9:30 AM. If you can tie a knot, you can quilt! Quilt dates for December are December 13 ONLY. Help setting up and cleaning up is appreciated!
We will still provide quilt kits for those who may want to continue working at home. Pick them up at church, from the brown bin in the administration entry.
December 1  Rand & Beth Smith
December 8  Lax Vardhanapu & Mary Dayam 
December 17 Ted & Stephanie Forsberg
December 18  Kirk & Carlotta Rutter
December 19  Wayne & Marilyn Kruse
December 20  Julian & Morgan Gordy
December 21 Ken & Gretchen Reynolds
December 22  Ken & Bonnie Sersland
December 27  Gary & Sherre Wicks
December 28  Rod & Cyndy Dyer
December 28  Eric & Connie Pearson
December 29  Buck & Rachel Haltiwanger
December 29  Dave & Kay Hess
December 30  Daniel & Brenda Farrell
CLICK HERE or on the cake to access the December birthdays.
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Jolene Richardson, The Messenger Editor