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1. P ut some culture in your company!
Company culture is vital to building a brand you’re proud of, and that people want to work for and work with.

2. H arness the power of social media.
Your social media brand is just as important as your website or product brand – and it must be consistent!

Use social media for advertising, customer service and engaging your target audience and partners as you scale your business. When done right, social media can help fuel business growth.

Know who your target personas are , know their pain points and know where to reach them.

By focusing on your company’s differentiators and its solutions for your target audience, both through media outreach and social media platforms, you help drive businesses credibility, and ultimately, customer acquisition.

4. Don't forget about analysts!
Briefing industry analysts is a great way to get buzz in front of target customers. And analyst reports generate new business, investor interest and lead to new customers.

Did you know between 40-60% of all technology purchasing decisions are influenced by analysts?
Startup Week is almost here!
Colorado Springs Startup Week is a five-day celebration with more than 50 events designed to bring entrepreneurs, local leaders and friends together and build momentum and opportunity around our community’s unique entrepreneurial identity.

Events include keynotes, presentations, workshops, happy hours, mentoring, and more.

SSPR will present on the secrets of telling a startup story, how to supercharge growth with PR, business development basics, client communication skills and more. All sessions are designed to inspire, educate and advance our startup community!

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