Dear Friends
As citizens and voters, we need to demonstrate the moral courage that is missing from the Lake County Board's leadership.

It is appalling that the Lake County Board has never instilled basic anti-corruption rules for the benefit of our community. Democracy was invented to protect human beings from the corrupting influence of power. When checks on power are not in place or unenforced, we suffer under corruption.

Citizens, as voters, must be the check on power in Lake County, where no checks have been put in place.

  • We need budget rules and guidelines to protect the tens of millions of dollars unspent at the end of each fiscal year;

  • We need ethical guidelines that demand the disclosure of financial relationships between county officials and contractors that do business with Lake County;

  • We need to stop the practice of eliminating a salaried county position that gets replaced with a contract that costs taxpayers more for the same work;

  • We need to stop family members of county officials from getting no-bid contracts.

We deserve a better path. I'll work to get it done. Join my campaign! You can volunteer to get the word out. Let's send a message on Election Day: What's happening right now is not okay. We need better representation and lower taxes. We need change, not more of the same.

Vote for me, Susan Malter, on November 6.

Yours truly,
Susan Malter