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Women in the Workplace (and not)

Data from the federal government shows that men are entering the job market in droves despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Women are not.

"In many families, the lowest-wage-earning spouse chose to voluntarily resign to care for their at-home children or other family members," said Deb Boelkes, author of Women on Top: What's Keeping You from Executive Leadership "Many women found juggling business responsibilities with homeschooling, child care and elder care simply wasn't worth the effort or the income to justify staying in the job."

Bob Turknett, Co-founder of TLG puts it this way, "Both men and women are work horses for businesses, but women are also the work horses for families to thrive." During these last years, many women have had to make some tough choices between the two.

In almost every area, these years have taken a toll on the progress women were making in the workplace. We hope this newsletter issue will serve to stimulate thought and discussion as well as action. During Women's History Month, it's an appropriate time to reset.

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In this issue:

From the Experts features Co-founder and Co-chair Lyn Turknett, and Senior Consultants Michael Sessions and Cindy Cheatham addressing the topic of what unique stressors they are seeing among women during the pandemic, and what we can do about it. Tino Mantella, President/CEO, TLG, shares how women are tackling barriers in wrestling.

Lyn Turknett gives us an update on the state of the "tightrope", known as the competence-likeability paradox, that is an issue for women to this day. Vicki Abelson also delivers two brand-new articles that give a more personal take on the Ukraine conflict, and why so many women are leaving their corporate jobs.

Women in Leadership gives you an opportunity to attend our first live Women in Leadership event of 2022, featuring Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, who will share her expertise on the topic of race with facilitator Dr. Cherry Collier, Strategic Partner and Diversity Specialist. Listen is as Anne Quiello interviews Jacqueline Merrill in the latest episode of the Barrier Busters: Women of Character Podcast. You will also meet Bintou Tunkara, a next generation SHEro interviewed by Susan Hitchcock, the founder of "The Age of SHEroes"!

For fascinating and practical articles on our topic, explore the "What We Are Reading" section. So many rich resources including books and articles from our Founders, Bob and Lyn Turknett!

And don't miss Turknett Buzz to check out the latest happenings at TLG. See highlights from what TLG has been doing in the community, including our three-day workshop for sophomore students from Agnes Scott College. You can also meet new TLG Senior Consultant Robin Mladinich, our newest addition to #teamtlg. This is just the tip of the iceberg, visit our page to learn more!

Women in Leadership Welcomes

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum


We are only a few days away from welcoming Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, this country's leading Race Psychologist, to the Commerce Club in Atlanta for a live dialogue on race that you simply won't want to miss. Dr. Tatum has also agreed to sign copies of her landmark book, "Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" Purchase your annual subscription today! For individual tickets, please contact us directly.


From the Experts: How we can Support Women in the Workplace


Women have always faced many unique and gender-specific challenges in the workforce, such as equal pay, childcare, and barriers to leadership. Since the pandemic began two years ago, things have only gotten worse. We asked our team of experts what specific stressors they are seeing among women, and what they feel leadership can do to address them.


Tino's Corner

Women in Wrestling

Women today are continuing to break through barriers in areas like politics and sports. As a former collegiate wrestler, Tino highlights how women are exceling in wrestling, which has always been known as "a man's sport".


Featured Articles

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Heidi and Howard: An Update on the Tightrope

TLG Co-founder and Co-Chair Lyn Turknett revisits the famous Heidi and Howard case study, while sharing new research on biases against women.


The Ukraine Crisis: How we can Help.

Vicki Abelson, Senior Consultant - Healthcare, shares her story of immigrating to the United States from the former USSR, and a few ways we can support the people of Ukraine.


Why I Left my Corporate Job.

Two years ago, Vicki traded in her secure corporate job for the unknown. Today, many are doing the same. Learn about Vicki's journey and why so many are searching for fulfillment.


Updates and Outlooks


Women in Leadership

TLG’s Women in Leadership (WIL) is a program designed to spotlight women of achievement. Come have a seat at our table.

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Turknett Buzz

Looking for the latest news and happenings at TLG? You've come to the right place! See what our staff and consultants have been up to.

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What We are Reading...

Our goal is to provide you, the reader, with the latest resources, articles, and research in leadership development. See what we're reading!

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Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 34 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


Coach Spotlight: Robin Mladinich, PCC, ACC


TLG is welcoming Robin Mladinich, CPCC, ACC as the newest member of team TLG. Learn about Cindy's global coaching journey that has spanned over 20 years!



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