ROOM-Storytime for Grownups
February 2nd, 2013. 7:30 pm

February Theme at Galaxy
Studios, 1700 S. Lamar:

Going In,
Coming Out Stories

This month we reunite with alum storytellers extraordinare---Annie La Ganga and David Jewelll.
And we welcome newcomers: Julian Bruno, Carlisha Tennille and Alan Bolt.

Music Guest: Amparo Garcia-Crow with guitarist Juan Pablo Siles.

January 5, 2013

What brings Hurricane Sandy and two wildly possessed cats, Christmas Angels, a fist fight at a funeral, a wise Hawaiian healer, the former manager of the Jimi Hendrix band and a Dr. Genius together?   The telling.

Storytellers: Sally Ramirez, Douglas Finer, Oscar Madera, Amparo Garcia-Crow and Steve Adams.  Music Guest: Patrice Maltas (not pictured)

No, the stories are collected, developed in dialogue with Amparo Garcia-Crow

The result is a lovely sharing of a story threaded and revealed through the ancient art of 'oral' storytelling. Sometimes they delicately fall a part, sometimes they land beyond our wildest imagination but always they are alive and probably never, ever told exactly that way again. If you want to tell a story too--call Amparo to begin the process.  Your story either inspires the theme and/or it finds a mate in one of the upcoming collections.

About Amparo Garcia-Crow
Amparo is an inter-disciplinary teaching artist who acts, directs, singer who writes plays, screenplays and songs.   Her work has premiered Off-Broadway, PBS and in various films and collaborations including SXSW, the Los Angeles Latino Internation Festival and the Kennedy Center.   The New York Times has called her work " sensitive, insightful and beautifully written."

Amparo Garcia-Crow

Give her a call today to tell her you're coming so she knows how many chairs to set up!

Or just call to tell her your story.

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