Gavin's Story

Meet a real life hero, Gavin Rayne Penkala.   Gavin  is a 7-year-old boy from Pennsylvania who has already faced some serious challenges in his young life. Kind, considerate, thoughtful and brave Gavin is on the high-functioning autism spectrum called Aspergers. Earlier this year,  Gavin  was being treated for what the doctors thought was pink eye. When his eye condition wasn't improving, they called for further testing, and the results came back with news no parent can prepare for-  On February 1st, Gavin was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma in his left eye.  He immediately entered testing and treatment including a biopsy of his eye and bone marrow, and a spinal tap. He  has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments once a week, which unfortunately have been making him very sick, but he is handling them with grace. Gavin also just completed 28 days of radiation, in which he had to be put under for every treatment. 
With everything Gavin is going through, he remains very strong and positive.  He prays for all other sick kids to get better every day! Even though he has had many hard days, he has many good days filled with smiles and laughter, too. He is a very sweet and bright boy and is one of the smartest kids in his class. Oh, and Gavin absolutely loves pigs! Continue below to see how you can help.

Now, meet Gavin - the pig! Shortly after one of  Gavin Penkala's very caring teachers reached out to us about his dream of meeting a pig, we received a call from a humane police officer about a group of badly neglected animals. She needed help removing them and placing them in safe sanctuaries. We wanted to offer our help, but we had no more room in our barns, and our caregiving team was already at max capacity caring for the hundreds of animals we have already rescued. We put our heads together and figured out how to squeeze one more pig in, and we offered our help in removing and placing the rest of the animals. 

Among them was a very sick pig who was suffering even more than the other animals in this sad place, and we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence. We brought him home to Indraloka, and we named him  Gavin, to honor the brave, kind, sick little boy we just introduced to you, in effort to cheer him up as he undergoes his treatment.  For the whole story, click here

Unfortunately, Gavin the pig is sick, too.  He has a long list of parasites, mange, is several hundred pounds underweight, and emotionally traumatized from his experience, so he will need extensive care.  His situation is urgent. But happily, for one week, a generous donor is willing to match every dollar donated to Gavin's care. Please consider a gift for Gavin's care by using the donate button below.
When Gavin Penkala is well enough, we look forward to introducing him and his family to Gavin the pig and the other residents of Indraloka!  Gavin and Gavin are both fighting, but are strong, and we know they will both overcome any obstacles that lie ahead.
Gavin Penkala loves receiving cards and reading them during his treatment. Please consider mailing him a card to PO Box 155 Mehoopany PA 18629, or sending well wishes on the Shout Outs to Gavin Facebook page. Feel free to include photos of pigs or video game gift cards to brighten his day!

T hank you so much for your love and support.


Indra Lahiri
Founder, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

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