TOP Sellers for us from Tiger Tales!
Hey Diddle Diddle $8.95
Ten in the Bed $9.99
Rumble in the Jungle $9.95
Bear's Truck is Stuck $12.99
Who's There Beware $12.99
I Love You Little One $12.99
Noisy Noisy Digger $12.99
Noisy Baby Animals $12.99
Goodnight Farm $12.99
Farm, My 1st Touch and Feel $7.99
Old MacDonald Had a Farm $8.95
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star $7.99
Night Night Dino-Snores $12.99
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear $8.95
I Like to Squeak! How Do You Speak $12.99
This Little Piggy $8.95
Snip Snap $9.99
Hickory Dickory Dock $7.99
Goodnight My Honey Bunny $14.99
Kittens, My 1st Touch and Feel $8.99
All prices are retail. Order 15 or more total books, and receive a 50% discount and free freight.
Are Your Payroll Costs Too High?
ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) recently asked its members to fill out a survey. One of the questions was related to overall payroll costs. Based on 138 stores who responded, the average payroll costs for those stores was 19% of their annual sales. How does that compare to yours? Better? Worse? It may help give you a benchmark for what it is probably the biggest expense for your business.
The Story of Melissa and Doug
I had the very good fortune of meeting, working with, and developing a friendship with Melissa and Doug when they were first starting out. To see the incredible transformation of two people who were essentially doing a road show, turn it into a business selling over 350 million a year is truly amazing.
To learn more about their story, I highly encourage you to give a listen to “How I Built This” with Guy Raz (NPR) and his interview with Melissa and Doug.
7” Kitty in Santa Suit
$15 (1)
7” Corgi in Santa Suit
$15 (1)
7” Kitty in Pineapple
$15 (1)
7” Corgi in Bee
$15 (1)
7” Corgi in Octopus
$15 (1)
7” Corgi in Unicorn
$15 (1)
7” Kitty in Dragon
$15 (1)
7” Kitty in Shark
$15 (1)
7” Kitty in Penguin
$15 (1)
7” Bunny in Cupcake
$15 (1)
7” Bunny in Ninja Suit
$15 (1)

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