Can we share a story?
It's about a distributor from Nashville
who embraced change.
After moving to  ERP-ONE , Naxos of America -- the largest distributor of classical music CDs in North America -- experienced process improvements throughout their growing operation. Their business model shifted from 100% CDs to a split between CDs and digital. They even saw a transformation within their customer base. Having once been comprised of 90% businesses, Naxos now focuses mostly on direct consumer relationships.

Recognizing that the industry was being revolutionized around them, Naxos hit the accelerator. Their rapid transition to a more modern operation eclipsed their competitors and embraced new areas of growth at the same time. ERP-ONE helped to make it possible.

Intelligent, Efficient

Recognizing a change in the market, the leadership team required increased efficiency to stay competitive. Using
ERP-ONE, they sped up manual
processes in every department with a focus on automation in the warehouse.

Every distributor has different needs. When Naxos needed to connect with a shipping solutions provider to handle real-time rate shopping, they simply integrated it with ERP-ONE. Deep configuration is the norm.

Tracking Key Metrics
Their goal was hyper-accuracy. With ERP-ONE, they attained it. Over 4 million pieces of inventory didn't stop Naxos from achieving 99.8% accuracy. With a sharp eye on the numbers, they saw their pick/pack efficiency rise an astonishing 400%
Simple Yet Adaptable
As robust as it is, ERP-ONE is user-friendly even to a novice. Naxos was able to train part-time warehouse personnel in just 45 minutes. The flexibility of the system made it easy to grasp and reduced the learning curve.
Accelerated Growth
The new efficiencies allowed for major expansion including moving from a 15,000 square foot warehouse to one triple the size. Naxos is still adding 5000 new SKUs a year serving the classical music niche with a future-thinking strategy.
With the right technology partner beside you, there's no need to fear change. Naxos embraced it, and their performance quickly reached a crescendo.
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