" 'Cause a Little Bit of Summer is What the Whole Year is All About..."

-John Mayer
The Stram Center Welcomes: Sierra Garrett, FNP-BC

My passion for healthcare and assisting others to maintain or achieve a better quality of life also started at a young age. I grew up with nurses as aunts who often promoted this career. I enjoyed assisting them with tending to wounds and giving medication reminders to their elderly neighbors. It was a great reward for me to observe the direct impact that care, love, and attentiveness could have on individuals in need. I realized quickly that nursing was not only my dream career, but my calling.

REN 12 for a Healthy "Summer" Stomach
The summer brings much excitement and enjoyment. Finally, we can thaw out after the harsh winter and cold spring we had this year. Often in the summer we eat foods that we don't eat in other seasons, like cold vegetable and fruit salads, cold drinks, and ice cream treats. According to Chinese medicine, this can injure the digestion. 
Get in the Blue Zone to Support Longevity! 

I recently heard an interview with Dan Buettner, Author of Blue Zones. As a National Geographic reports/explorer, he studies and focused on 5 areas of the world where people easily live healthy lives into their 100s. From his research, he distilled shared similarities in each culture that seem to support longevity. To kick off your summer, here are a couple that are easily added to our daily lives. Click below for recipe!
Save Your Ticks! 
Testing Can Help Pinpoint What a Tick May Be Carrying

Saving your ticks and sending them out to be tested is one of the most effective measures to find out types of infection(s) a tick may be carrying.

If you get bit by a tick, remove it safely and carefully, and place it in a ziplock baggy with a moist cotton ball. Visit tickreport.com to read more about where to send your ticks and how much it costs (Average Cost: $50).
Chinese Healing Herbs and Tick-Borne Diseases
There are a number of different herbal protocols to address Tick-Borne Diseases at multiple stages and with its varying symptoms. Chinese herbal medicine is no stranger to Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. Many Chinese herbs contain broad spectrum antibiotic and antiviral properties as well as other constituents that diminish the pathogenic load in the body.
Cerbo: Our New Electronic Health Record is Here!

Starting this month, the Stram Center will be using a new Electronic Health Record (EHR): CERBO by MDHQ. Please watch for a communication from us to get you ON BOARD our new portal. 

Our new system gives you better access to your records and will allow you to send secure messages to your provider. 
Lyme Support Group for Teens and Young Adults
3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 PM (The Stram Center: Delmar)

What: A free support group for all teens and young adults who are afflicted with Lyme are welcome! You do not have to be a patient at the Stram Center. Share your story, find support for the unique challenges this age group has while facing Lyme disease. The group is lead by Julia Rinaolo jrinaolo@skidmore.edu and Kelsey O'Brien: kkobrien1023@aol.com. Feel free to contact them. 

When: Every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM.   Please check our calendar for any cancellations! 
Adult Lyme Support Group
2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6 PM

Join us in the lobby of our Delmar location - we welcome you to come share your stories, frustrations, achievements and find support and guidance.  Family and friends are welcome! FREE. 

Free Guided Meditation
Wednesdays 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

The free meditation sessions are available at The Center to practice and experience the deep state of meditation. These sessions serve as an introduction for beginners as well as a practice for experienced individuals in the cultivation of clarity and mindfulness.

Yoga For Bone Health
At The Stram Center
Our Yoga for Bone Health is focused on anatomy and proper alignment to improve your posture and balance, give you greater flexibility and range of motion, decrease stress and help counteract osteoporosis.

Yoga for Bone Health is Thursdays, 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM. Class size will remain small for individual assistance. 
Beginner's Yoga
Saturdays: 10 AM to 11 AM

If you are curious or have wanted to try yoga for enhanced health and well being, this beginner yoga class will gently guide you through common poses used in yoga classes. 

3 classes pre-paid: $30, drop in class: $12 
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