Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal – March 2022
Seeing how long the devastation of war has been affecting the Cambodian nation, we are saddened and horrified by the suffering of Ukrainian people. 
International Women’s Day : March 8
Steady Progress for Cambodian Women

Over the years CCDO has been promoting the advancement of women in rural Cambodia and we have been delighted to see the steady progress. Much work still remains, but we are glad to see many more women speaking up, educating themselves, supporting their daughters’ education and taking charge of their lives. 

In recent years the literacy rate for adult women increased from 57% to 75%. Women also own 61% of businesses in Cambodia, even though they make up on 51% of the population.
This year, in partnership with Soroptimist International, we have started our Women’s Empowerment Program to help bring Life Skills to marginalized women in the rural areas.

By learning basic skills and giving them new confidence and tools we are confident that they will attain their goals and improve their financial situation. When a woman gains financially, her children and her family benefit. 
There are 1215 participants from 6 communes in our program for the 1st year’s operation. The project team will conduct the training once a month for each village in a rotating schedule until all the villages have completed the designed topic. The training mostly takes place near the participants' houses such as village homes and community halls because most women don’t have their own transportation.   

World Water Day : March 22
Groundwater is in the forefront of the awareness this year. We have been working on improving the groundwater since we built our first latrine, realizing that water wells are not enough to improve the health and life of Cambodian rural families. We are addressing the quality of pumped water by making sure ground water is not polluted by open defecation practices. 

A water well costs $325
A latrine costs $275
Monk’s Visit to Preschool
We had a visit of a group from the American-Khmer Monk Association in Seattle, WA. The members were themselves from poor families and had an opportunity to migrate to live in the USA. They realize that it’s time to pay back and support their nation especially a new Khmer generation in Cambodia.
Led by the Venerable Theavy, they collected funds to build a latrine and water well to ensure our preschoolers have clean water and sanitation. They also distributed school materials. CCDO is excited to see Khmer helping Khmer as many successful Cambodians are now starting to see this need and follow suit. 
Battambang Teacher Training College
Our only Bachelor Choeurm Chork, has agreed to move from Siem Reap to Battambang to set up a new program that has been sponsored by Childs Dream Cambodia. It is a 2 year project with a grant of $29,500 a year at the BTEC, Battambang Teacher Education College

Choeurm has the backing and practical wisdom of Sitha Sok, our lead Teacher Trainer as well as our executive director Leangseng Hoy, a PHD candidate in Education

The project includes training future teachers through our specially designed teaching manuals as well as uploading various tools on our google drive platform. There are 300 teacher trainers and students who will benefit from the program.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.