Season's Greetings! Christmas Hamper Food Donations, New Year's Eve Class Lineup, We're Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day, We Have A New Name and more....
Seasons Greetings!

From our studio family to you and yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

We hope your holiday is filled with lots of fun, laughter and love, from friends and family. 

If you're having trouble finding a gift for that special someone, check out the studio boutique or pick up a gift card online or at the front desk!

Ho Ho Ho!
Sandy educating the kids on the finer points of Xmas dining. Thanks Sandy!
Ch ristmas Party 

Our Annual Studio Potluck Christmas party was a huge success once again, with many happy smiling faces, amazing food and great conversation.

A BIG THANK YOU  to everyone who came out to make it so special.

To help make someone else's Christmas special, Rob Phillips will be bringing us two Christmas Hampers and a list of items for us to fill them with. Look for them set up in thestudio hallway. Your donation of a food item/s is greatly appreciated and will really brighten up a family's holiday! 

Thank You!
Holiday Schedule Changes

The studio  will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. However, on New Year's Eve, we will have two special classes. The first, is a Silent Candlelit Bikram Yoga class at 5:00pm.  The second, is a Bring in the New Year class from 10:30pm to 12:00amWhat a fantastic way to celebrate and ring in 2019!

Please note that on Monday December 31st, the 7:00pm yoga class will be cancelled to accommodate this schedule.

What's in a Name?

Well quite a lot actually as it turns out! So it's official...we are no longer "Bikram Yoga Comox Valley." 

Why? Simply put, we have evolved far beyond our humble roots as a Bikram Yoga studio. In addition to Bikram Yoga, we now offer BYX( Bikram Yoga Xpress), Barre, Barre BURN!, HIIT and soon (all going to plan) we'll be adding Yin Yoga to our class lineup. Lot's of change! The one thing that hasn't changed though, is the care, compassion, community, comedy and continued humility that we continue to make part of everything we do at thestudio. Oh, and our logo will remain the same...that was too beautiful to change!

And there it is...our new name...the studio. You may have seen glimpses of this over the last few months as we slowly began introducing the name. You may have even heard rumours of the impending name change. We are calling ourselves "The Studio Comox Valley" or just "The Studio." You'll see this in various forms on the various platforms that we use, along with the signage changes that will take place at the
studio over the course of the next week or so.

We chose this name not only to encompass all that we now offer but quite simply because most of us that work or practice at the studio were already calling it just that...the studio. "Where are you?'..."I'm at the studio." "What you doing later?"..."I'm heading to the studio." "Let's grab a class at the studio." "I'll meet you at the studio." "I'm stuck at the studio" "They just destroyed me at the studio!" "I left my thighs at the studio" get the picture. Oh and of course, let's not forget the classic "the studio" one liner....

See you at thestudio!

Vision Board Class

Feel like doing something a little creative? Come to thestudio on January 19th at 6:30pm for a class led by Natasha on making a vision board. 

This class will cost $10.00 for supplies and is a fun, creative way to set your goals and intentions for creating the life you want in 2019.

This is also a great and fun way to get to know the wonderful community we have at thestudio!  We will have a sign up sheet for this at the front desk if you are interested.
Suggestion Box

1. Sculpt classes at noon 1 hour  2-5 lb weights

Well...we hadn't actually  thought of this idea. It's not in the works for now...but never say never. Some of our best ideas and inspiration have come from this suggestion box. You guys are so clever and you rock too.  

2.  Earlier am yoga classes

Please see 3 below

3.  Yoga in early am for peeps who work at 9:00am (6:30am Bikram class)

Ok...we take that back. are new to the studio, so we forgive questions 2 and 3.  We have tried and TRIED to make early morning classes work! We had 6:00am Bikram Yoga classes in the past for over a year and only 3 or 4 people would consistently show up to take them. Then came the 7:30am HIIT classes.  We recently cancelled those due to lack of participation.  So nooo. No, No, No!  Unless someone made a petition with 15 signatures of people that would regularly attend, that's not gonna happen again. Not in our lifetime anyway. Nope.     

4.  Barre class on Thursday nights.

Well we have a Bikram Yoga class at 5:30-7:00pm on Thursday night. Also, we don't have enough Barre teachers when are able to cover a Thursday evening class at the present tim e.

5.  Bikram with less cueing and music

We do offer the Silent Candlelit Bikram Yoga classes, but we don't have a class with music in the works right now.  Bikram Yoga is a class that requires direction, discipline, silence in the room and someone to oversee that you aren't going to injure yourself.  We offer a few silent classes...but we have to limit those to people with experience.  

6.  Please bring more yoga at 7pm and 12pm. Pleeeeese!  

Oh my.... When you say it like that!!  Well, we have something in the works.  We will be starting evening  Yin Yoga  classes in the near future. Hey!! Maybe even to  music!  Anything is possible (except early morning classes!!). Maybe to singing bowls! Nope.

7.  A monthly workshop of Barre, HIIT, Bikram

This is another event that we have advertised and extended to students several times in the past, only to have few to none show up. Monthly is a lot to ask, but perhaps we could put on another workshop in the near future. Stay tuned.

8.  Keep 8:00am Barre!  Excellent challenge.  

It's  ALLLLL up to you ! Seriously...if we have the attendance we keep the class.  Right now this class is on trial until February.  Then we will evaluate if it's a strong enough class to keep. So drag your buddies out of bed and lets get this class hopping!