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October is here

....and Summer has officially come to an end, with fall bringing a crispness to the air. It is time to officially bring out our winter boots, rakes, warm blankets and a great book.

As you know, "the studio " is also back to it's regular schedule so you can all come on in and warm up, put focus back on your practice, whether it be Bikram, Barre, or HIIT and catch up with all of your studio-mates.

Speaking of schedules, we've made a switch to our Thursday HIIT class time. We've moved it from 7:00pm to 7:00am. You can check out our current schedule at the bottom of this newsletter.

See you at thestudio!

Bi-Annual Membership Sale

Enjoy one of our best deals of the year, with these 3 amazing options:

Option One: One Year Unlimited membership for Bikram Yoga only. This includes both Bikram Yoga and BYX.... $899.00+tax.
Option Two: One Year Unlimited membership for Barre, Barre BURN! and HIIT.... $899.00+tax

Option Three:  One Year Unlimited membership All Inclusive. This includes all of our classes, Bikram Yoga, BYX, Barre, Barre BURN! and HIIT....$999.00+tax

With either of these amazing deals, you  will also receive 10 free class passes for friends and family AND 10% off retail from our studio boutique (excluding food and beverages).  

Either come by the studio to purchase your membership or click here to go to the pricing page on our website for more information and to purchase online.



We will be open over the Thanksgiving long weekend with our usual offering of classes and class times, to help you with your pre or post indulgence practice, whatever the case may judgement!

From our studio family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family and may the blessings of this Thanksgiving fill your heart and home.  

Extra Tofurkey for Sandy and Iain!!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

30 Day Couch Potato Challenge

You guys are doing awesome! What an accomplishment!  You're over half way there!! Feeling stronger and committed to this incredibly difficult process and challenge. 

You're going to come out feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered, with a jumpstart to your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

Keep up the hard work and let's get that challenge board filled up with stickers!!  

If you signed up for the challenge but are starting to feel like there are more blank squares than ones with stickers....Adjust your goal....make it a 15 day challenge instead or 7 day challenge even.  This is meant to be a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle, not something to stress over or feel overwhelmed by.

Readjust your goal and let's finish strong, together!!!

Barre Workshop

Join the Barre Team on Friday October 19th from 7:00-9:00pm for a FREE Barre workshop. The focus will be the very challenging, yet effective Seat exercises. Learn to enhance your Arabesque Pretzel, Foldover and Waterski.

Be a bad ass with a great ass!

Space is limited so register now. Sign-in online or at the front desk.

See you at the Barre!


Have some fun! Dig out your favorite costume, wear it to class and we will give you a mexi-pop as a treat. No tricks, we promise!
Christmas Party

We know....We keep mentioning this, but its our biggest event of the year!

We love getting together with you all for this annual potluck event.  Come join us on Saturday November 24th at thestudio, for some fun, some fantastic company and some amazing food!

Please bring your kiddos and your significant other. The more the merrier! Further details to follow in November's studio newsletter.

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Suggestion Box

1. 2 7pm Bikram weeknights please? (then Ryan can make those). Thanks for the weekend non-morning ones.

Hmmm.  If we did this it would have to be on Thursday night, and we already have a 3:30 and a 5:30 class that evening.  So it would be to saturated with a 3rd.  Ryan.... your gonna have to get out your "Sticky Be" socks and try some evening Barre classes!

2. 1 lb weights for Barre?  We've been running out of 2 lbs lately and 3-4 is too much for most of us.  

You shouldn't be using weights if you're needing a 1 lb weight.  Good news is...we bought 10 new sets of 2 lb weights! 
3. 7pm Monday Express class.  

We already have a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class at that time.

4. Having Bikram class at 5:30 rather than 5:00 pm on Fridays. I know three other people other than myself that would be able to attend if it was scheduled that 1/2 hour later.  If worries.  Thx

We'll take a look at this.  It depends on teacher availability, and also the students who attend at 5:00 and are happy with that time.