Code TEN - expresso STEAM Makers 1 May 2018
2018 Expresso Summer STEAM Challenge
June 1 - August 15!
Listen Learn Leverage Launch - Play & WIN!

STEP 2: Pick Your Platform

Option A:
To Play On Your Laptop Click the Picture Above
Option B:
To Play On A Smartphone/Tablet Click the Picture Below

Play, Compete and Win!
Throughout the summer test your STE(A)M awareness compete and win. We will be announcing dates and times for our online competitions. We have lots of cool prizes! And you'll be featured in our newsletter.

Check Each Week for your name on our Winners List!

Hello Friends of eXpresso,

School is out so now let the fun begin! We believe learning can and should be fun! We created a virtual STE(A)M summer camp that kids can attend from their home or where ever the summer takes them.

Kids can play solo, play against friends or challenge family members. You can see who knows more about STEAM topics parents or the kids in your family.

Not only will get a certificate to acknowledge your accomplishments but also you can accumulate points to spend on prizes like movie tickets, gift cards and vouchers for STE(A)M events/programs.

And at the end of summer we will hold a STEAM Superbowl Challenge. Just start by downloading our mobile app and let the GAMES begin.

Full STEAM ahead!

Download Our Mobile App to Make Point Tracking, Game Event and Winner Announcements Convenient!
Download the Our Mobile App to Make Point Tracking, Game Evnet and Announcements Easy!
Step 4:
Browse the Categories and Practice As Much As You Want! Members will get notified of Group Competition and Tournaments!
Science - Inventors

The Science of Everyday Objects
Careers in Science
Tech - Inventors
The Technology of Everyday Objects
Careers in Technology
Engineer - Inventors
The Engineering of Inventions
Careers in Engineering
Art - Inventors
Innovative Art and Design
Careers in Art/Design
Math - Inventors
Inventions Based on Math
Careers in Math
Locating Practice Games!
  1. Download the Kahoots mobile app or go to the website
  2. Search for the "ExpressoSTEAMgames"
  3. Use the User ID you created on your Expresso Profile for every new game you play
  4. Practice and Play GAMES
  5. Submit Your High Score and accumulate points via the Point Tracker

You can also points via the Technology Expresso mobil app or the link below:

Where to Find Answers & Clues
10 Resources to Find
Clues & Answers
We want to encourage you to search and discover the various resources that provide facts and information about the many "Hidden Figures" when it comes to Diversity in STE(A)M.
  • Wikipedia
  • TechnologyExpresso.Net (podcast)
  • BDPA.Org
  • NSBE.Org

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