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Summer 2018  |   Vol.65, No.4
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Spiritual Reflections
One Thing Spoken, Two Things Heard

Psalm 62 ends with the provocative statement "one thing God has spoken, two things I have heard; power belongs to you, God, and with you is unfailing love." As Christians, we would say that the one thing God has spoken, God's word, is Jesus Christ. And Christ's life, death and resurrection reveal two things: that the ultimate power of God and the ultimate love of God are inextricably linked. It's a truth to meditate upon, to center one's self in, to learn by heart.  Read more...
Waking Up

As we enter the summer, we may find ourselves overdue for taking time for rest, relaxation, and recreation. This is a good thing, for the central part of rest for our well-being is not to be ignored. Healthy living includes rest and activity, stillness and movement, silence and sound, shadow and light. Read more...
Do Yourself a Favor this Summer

If you haven't come to a summer worship service, you've been missing something special. We still gather in the sanctuary at 10:00 AM. But, the service is shorter and more informal than during the program year. People are casually dressed and relaxed. Fellowship following the service is held in the back of the Sanctuary.  Read more...
Ministries Updates
Summer Bible Study
Sundays at 9:00 AM, Henry Room

Join us for an informal Bible study before Worship each Sunday during the summer. We  head down the hall afterwards to the Worship service at 10:00. This summer we will be focusing on the book of John. Each session can stand on its own so you can come to a few or to all of them, just come join your fellow churchgoers for this nourishing activity!
Ministry Team and Support Staff Vacations

Rev. Will Burhans
June 21-28, July 19-21, Mission Trip: Aug. 4-11
Rev. Judy Arnold
July 12 to July 24
Ben Pulaski
Vacation: June 20th-23; Ghost Ranch: June 24-July 1; Paternity Leave: July 8-Aug. 18  
Sarah Marino
July 22-28, Aug. 5-11, Aug. 19-25
Kathleen Zagata
July 1-Sept. 4
Tyler Campbell
June 29-July 15
Jane Ring Frank
July and August
Jeffrey Mead
July and August
Prayers for Our Mission to Puerto Rico

Twenty-one members and friends of First Congregational Church in Winchester are going to Puerto Rico from August 4 through August 11th with a group called  Experience Mission. They will lend a hand to a local community near Dorado to help in the rebuilding effort. Read more...
outdoorchurchOutdoor Church Ingredients Needed
On the 5th Sunday of the month, our church makes and brings sandwiches and other items to the Outdoor Church congregation in Cambridge. Our tradition is to make the sandwiches in the kitchen after worship on "our" Sunday using ingredients donated by the Congregation. Can you help? Read more...
Front Step Railings Are Coming!

Over the Summer and, perhaps into the Fall, you will see enhancements being done to the front steps down to the street. Both the Facilities Ministry and the Leadership Team have approved this project. It will be a two step process consisting of first straightening and leveling the steps and then adding wrought iron hand rails on both sides of each of the eight sets of steps. This project will be funded by family and friends in honor of Bradley Ross.
New and Outgoing Members, and an Invitation!

The Leadership Team (LT) is delighted to welcome four new members - Sarah Gallop, David Peretti, Cindy Wankowicz, and Jennifer Wilson. We also said thank you and goodbye to three valued members - Patricia Brady, Dina Pradel, and Dick Sayre. Our model of lay individuals rotating through varied terms is serving the LT well as fresh perspectives are brought into the mix each year. The LT enters its 4th year with a newly-approved organizational structure (and accompanying by-laws) that we believe is effective and will promote vibrancy in all areas of our mission. Read more...
Book Selections for 2018-19

Introducing the Old Testament
Coming This Fall on Tuesdays in September + October

For six weeks, we will offer the second course of the Massachusetts Bible Society's Exploring the Bible series Introducing the Old Testament This second course helps you understand the Old Testament in the context of the world in which it was written. Read more...
transTransgender Awareness and Understanding
Save the Date! September 23 after worship
What does it means to be transgender? What do the letters in LGBTQIA stand for? Come join us to learn about gender identities and the myriad of terms that are evolving to capture the transgender experience. Explore why the Christian teaching of unconditional love is so important for the transgender community. Read more...
rosiesInterfaith Service Event at Rosie's Place

On June 10, Mother's Day, representatives from Temple Shir Tikvah, Parish of the Epiphany, First Congregational Church and Zahra Hasanaat cooked and served brunch to the women of Rosie's Place. The catalyst for this was Zahra Hasanaat, a social service organization of the Muslim Community promoting interfaith experiences during Ramadan. It was a beautiful day outside and all the guests seemed to come in smiling. This is our second year participating in service with Zahra Hasanaat during Ramadan. We hope to continue this tradition and to consult with our Muslim neighbors in presenting an Adult Faith Series on "People of the Book" in the fall.
Reflections on the Spring Fellowship Gathering held May 30  

A delightful spring afternoon of fellowship, song and refreshments was enjoyed by guests. On behalf of Health Ministry, I wish to thank Lynne Rahmeier and members of the Sounds of Grace for reflecting the beauty of the day in song and Marsha Lamson for preparing a framed photo of the Tseckares' garden as a parting gift of gratitude to our neighbors Charles and Lorna for their tender care to the Dix Street church garden over the years. The Witness to Peace mission trip that Marjorie Moore was part of in 1988 was highlighted by Terry Marotta followed by a short video edited by Anne Hoenicke. Ben and Will talked about this year's mission trips while Jane and Judy greeted guests along with Health Ministry Members Christine, Janice and Pam. Sending a note of thanks to Sarah for creating the party invitation and Tyler for setting up the room... a reminder that sometimes it takes a village.  - Kathleen Zagata, Health Minister

Lillian Miriam Pulaski, daughter of Ben and Kerri Pulaski was born on April 4
Hope Cary Sandak, daughter of Kate and Steve Sandak was born on June 3
Mateo Alexander Jones, son of Nicole & Craig Jones was baptized on April 8
Lillian Miriam Pulaski was baptized on June 17
Stephanie Warren and Michael Scarano married in the sanctuary on April 28
Laura Montgomery and Thomas Malone married on June 2 in Little Compton, RI
Erin Carter, daughter of Marianne and Joe Carter, and Kevin Boehm married in the sanctuary on June 9
Jessica Haggett and David Silverman were married on June 9, 2018 in Phippsburg, ME
New Members 
Leonore Eforo, Bill Goodwin, Nancy Goodwin, Phoebe Goodwin, Craig Jones, Nicole Jones, John Keeley, Jean Moses, Jennifer Murtie, Joshua Murtie, Janet Snover, and Jim Stansfield joined on June 10.
In Memoriam
Gordon Duff, Marcie Troisis's brother, died April 15, 2018
Nicholas Troisi, Sr, father of Nick Troisi died on April 26
A. Bliss McCrum, Jr,  Laura Bailey's stepfather,  died on June 6

In the same way that we celebrate new members, we would also like the opportunity to say 'goodbye' to current members who are moving away. If you are moving or are aware of another church member who is, would you please let Pastor Will or Sarah Marino know? We promise not to embarrass you with anything over the top (at least not without your prior knowledge). Thank you.
Opportunities to Serve
How Can You Help?
EventsatGlanceSummer Events at a Glance

July 8, 15, 22, 29 at 9AM
Summer Bible Study

July 21
Dwelling Place Serving Opportunity

July 29


Aug 5, 12, 19, 26 at 9AM
Summer Bible Study

Aug 4-11
Puerto Rico Mission Trip

Aug 18
Dwelling Place Serving Opportunity

Aug 30
Choir rehearsals resume

Times and dates are subject to change. For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the Church Calendar .

Please email the office or call if something needs to be added to the calendar, or if you need the password to view private events on the online calendar.
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