Every Summer Has A Story
A Note From PAVE...
As unrest in the United States persists following the violent deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police, we at PAVE Centre would like to express our solidarity with the Black community. We may not all understand but united we stand with our Black brothers and sisters. The need is great, especially during this unprecedented time given that the COVID-19 crises still rages in the US and disproportionately affects and kills Black individuals. Here at PAVE Centre we do not tolerate racism of any kind and firmly believe in promoting the well-being and education of all those that we serve and especially the Black community during the "Double Pandemic" being endured with COVID-19 and systemic racism in America. 
We commit to support racial justice, by standing together in solidarity and raising our voices.
Construction Class Begins!
Meet Mr. Everton Graham
We would like to express our most sincere PAVE welcome to Mr. Everton Graham, our Construction theory instructor. We are overjoyed to have both his experience and expertise on our team.
Throughout the duration of the class, the students will work their way through our carefully crafted curriculum. They have been provided the tools necessary to learn both concrete and masonry skills.
This will be our first in person class offered since the initial wave of COVID-19. We have implemented strict social distancing and sanitizing measures in order to keep the students, instructors, and staff as safe as possible. We are blessed to have the opportunity to teach our program at Port Antonio Methodist Church. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we embark on a journey into "the new normal"
Riding The Virtual Waves
PAVE Centre has now launched it’s first online platform for the students and graduates of the PAVE program. Using Google Classroom along with video conferencing, we tested our first fully virtual workshop for all 9 coaches of our previous classes. The workshop focused on leadership skills and professional development with topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, resumes, interviews, money management, etc.
As one of the first organizations of our kind to provide virtual training in Portland, we are pleased to announce that we are encountering minimal technical challenges and breaking the barriers of doubt for accessible online training in the island of Jamaica!
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