News From CCF-LA | June 17, 2021
The Summer of Strategic Thinking
It will take at least a generation to know the real impact of the pandemic on our working environments, our education system, our faith life, and our families. We remain optimistic and know that what we do today affects the future. This month, I’d like to address our business environment.

This is the summer of strategic thinking: How can we address the lessons we have learned while operating remotely and finding new ways to communicate? For a small staff such as ours with a big mission, it has always come down to teamwork—the power of each one working with the power of many toward a common goal. It’s teamwork that got us to over $500 million in assets under management this April.

We wrote our first strategic plan six years ago based on the community-foundation concept and using a teamwork model. At that time, we anticipated that success for our young operation required high levels of client satisfaction. That meant staff members would need to assess their work activity, expenses, selection of contractors, and communications with clients to not only meet but moreover exceed client expectations.

That mantra holds true today, and, as we enter this next phase in our strategic-planning process, we will take the lessons we have learned in our first six years—and especially in the last 15 months—to make CCF-LA an even better place for our clients and staff.
It is our challenge this summer to update our strategic plan and take into account all of our stakeholders—clients, Board of Directors, committee members, staff, contractors, and beneficiaries—so that we can continue to grow efficiently and transparently to exceed our own definition of success.

Teamwork, together with a challenging and disciplined office environment, will propel us to our next $500 million. It was never about 16-digit accuracy in forecasting, it was about the people on the team and having a mission that matters. It always comes down to the age-old adage, “Good ideas get funded.” And CCF-LA was an excellent idea.

Kathleen H. Anderson
President and Executive Director
Strategic Teamwork Delivers Excellent Client Service

Timithie Norman,
Senior Director of Client Development

In the business of philanthropy management, two things set CCF-LA apart—our staff’s dedication to our Catholic mission and our commitment to “above and beyond” client services.

Client satisfaction has always been the top priority for the organization, and the five members of the CCF-LA client-relationship team take an organized approach to ensure that we can deliver every single day.

Our department relies on a tracking system that includes calendar software, spreadsheets, checklists, and whiteboards to actively manage 253 client accounts worth more than $510 million. Each member of the team has a role to play in documenting communication, calendaring important dates, processing client transactions, and preparing and issuing special letters and reports. We meet several times weekly to discuss workflow and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

We use the same discipline and attention to detail in our work to develop new business with individuals and organizations. The time it takes to develop a new relationship can take from three weeks to three years. The key is follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! Working together, we ensure quality and timeliness at every step along the way.

It is truly a team effort, and I am grateful for the dedication, expertise, and passion that each staff member contributes toward the success of CCF-LA. 

From the Desk of Our CFO
The continued growth in the U.S. economy in May was fueled by economic optimism and increased consumer spending. The U.S. equities market surged higher while the recent selloff of bonds slowed. The total assets managed by CCF-LA as of May 31, 2021, was $512.0 million (compared to $451.6 million at the end of 2020). The Balanced Pool results (net of fees) for the month were +1.05%, which brought the return for the trailing 12-month period to +28.2%. Our Intermediate Fund had a return of 0.3% for the month and +14.4% for the 12-month period. I continually reinforce with our finance team that providing premier client service is always our highest priority. As always, we are be happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact us at any time.
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Featured Client: St. John's Seminary
Since 1939, St. John’s Seminary has formed our future priests for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. During their years of study in the picturesque Camarillo campus, men are led to grow in the dimensions of spiritual, academic, pastoral, and human formation. Over 700 men have graduated from St. John’s, including local Bishop Marc Trudeau, Bishop Alex Aclan, Bishop Joseph P. Brennan of Fresno, and Bishop Myron J. Cotta of Sacramento.

St. John’s was one of CCF-LA’s first clients, and Michael Collins, Director of Finance at St. John’s Seminary notes that “CCF-LA and St. John’s Seminary share a common goal of providing for the needs of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles under the light of Catholic teaching, and I know, with them, our funds are in good hands.”

This year, we’ve deepened our relationship with St. John’s by welcoming two seminarian interns onto our CCF-LA staff.

The Return to Mass
This week, Archbishop Gomez encouraged L.A. Catholics to return to in-person Mass based on the progress made in fighting COVID-19, noting that during this pandemic, "we came to recognize our deep reliance on God and the truth of God's abiding love for us, His sons and daughters."

We look forward to seeing family and friends again at parishes this summer!
Voices of CCF-LA
Learning Leadership
Seminarian intern Paul Collins reflects on the leadership development he's experienced at St. John's Seminary in the classroom, in the parish, and, most important, in prayer. Read more from Paul about his experience.

How CCF-LA Supports Charitable Organizations
The long-term financial health of charities, schools, and parishes in our Catholic community is more important than ever. At CCF-LA, we’re invested in working with our organization clients to help them achieve their mission both now and into the future.
2020 Annual Statement of Accountability
Read about CCF-LA's extraordinary year and growth since our founding just six short years ago.
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