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Yaskawa's Drives Are Sweeping Across the Nation

There are well over one million Yaskawa drives in operation today just in North America. Globally, that number rises into the 10’s of millions!   One good example of why more and more customers are choosing Yaskawa is the U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive.  The U1000 is a compact, total all-in-one solution for ultra-low harmonics and/or full regeneration, and is the ultimate choice for power quality and energy savings. Additionally, the U1000 delivers high flexibility and motor control performance to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

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The Summer's Heating Up, But Your Applications Don't Have To!

Climate control products offset their price by improving the durability and uptime of the equipment they protect. With Rittal, you get durable, long-lasting climate control products that protect equipment in the world’s harshest environments, and deliver significant energy savings to your operations.  Lifetime value and cost savings are just some of the reasons Rittal is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial climate control solutions. Here’s how our customers improve their bottom line: 

• Competitive pricing on climate products
• Energy savings up to 75% with Blue e+
• Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
• Rapid response service calls
• Increased equipment protection
• Reduced downtime on the plant floor

Whatever the Application, Banner has a Sensor to Solve It

We are experts in a broad range of sensing technologies, offering the most comprehensive collection of sensors in the world. We have been consistently chosen as the preferred sensor vendor in more than 50 independent studies for nearly 30 years.  Hostile industrial environments can shorten the life of any electronic component, which is why our products are built to perform reliably in the most challenging conditions. Our products undergo a rigorous process to ensure that they achieve a high standard of ingress protection, including an IP69K rating. 

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