COVID-19 - The Sun Fund and Alumni Connections:
How Richmond Waldorf School is Connecting Our Community
Dear Richmond Waldorf School Community Members, Family and Alumni,

In this time of need, we hope you are all staying healthy, happy and financially stable. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to, and we are doing our best to combat this in our own community. Although we know not all have the time or capacity to help, we would like to extend the offer to. Together, we can find a way to keep this one great family united. Help our families, help our school, help our community.

We have just launched 'The Sun Fund.' This is an initiative to help those families in our community who have been hit financially and are unable to pay tuition costs at this time. Any donations made to The Sun Fund will go into a pool of money. Any family who is struggling with tuition cost for the remainder of this year, or enrollment fees for next year, can apply to receive these funds. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis by a team who the applicants will remain anonymous to, and have no bias. Awards will be given this June and can be used retroactively towards costs for this April of May. A link will be available on our website soon. We will send an additional email with this information. Cash or check can be mailed to RWS.

Additionally, we would like to extend the warm welcome for Waldorf Alumni to join the global Waldorf Alumni Network . We know it can be hard to navigate all the challenges of life right now, and transitioning into a new stage of life, whether it be going from High School to College, or College to a new job, or anywhere in between, this platform gives you the chance to connect with others in your position, who share the same Waldorf values you do.

Thank you to our Parents, Students, Faculty and Administrative staff during this difficult time for continuing to do an amazing job and keeping our school running. Thank you to our family, friends, alumni, community members and donors for your continued support during this time.

We welcome any additional support or ideas in this unprecedented time. Please contact Dayna Guadagno for any questions, comments, concerns or ideas.

Thank you for being part of our community - there has never been a time more than now that we need, are grateful for, and rely on our you.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy!


The RWS Development Team
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