The Super Hopeful Jumbo Times
Reach Edition VI
"Reaching In - Worship"
April 26
"Living Right Side Up
In an Upside Down World"
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
A Special Time Just for Kids!
featuring some great moments in cclflb musical history!
May 3
John Prine Special Music Sunday
"That's the Way the World Goes Round"
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman, preaching
featuring multiple musical performers
May 10
Mother's Day Service
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
May 17
Grateful Dead Service (tentative)
Rev. Zachary Hancock, preaching
"Reaching Out - Food"
Two Food Drives. Two Towns. One Goal.
* * * * *
Lake Bluff - drop off food daily in our truck parked at the Community Church office, or in our MFAC (Mobile Food Access Vehicle - ok, it's the truck) weather permitting) Tue & Sat mornings on Lake Bluff's east side and on afternoons on the west side - checks can be made out to Community Church Charities or give on our website
Lake Forest - drop off food at Gorton Community Center - check out the Gorton Food Drive flyer below!
* * * * *
(You know what? We are honored and delighted to partner with our friends from Gorton, the Church of St. Mary, and Christ Church!)
"Reaching Out - Face Shields"
Kim Nyland spearheaded face shield assembly efforts
Cindy Kuchman off to deliver face shields to Aperion nursing home.

A letter from Jennifer Randolph:

So far, our residents have ordered & are assembling over 7,000 face shield kits. 

These face shields are currently being used at Lurie's Children’s hospital, Condell ER, Lovell veterans hospital, neighboring urgent care centers, nursing homes, dental offices, fire & police stations, as well as ambulance companies that serve LF Hospital. 

Daily, we get requests from facilities who simply do not have access to PPE. We just covered an Urgent Care Center based in Waukegan that was doing drive-thru Covid testing with only goggles to protect their nurses! 

The City of Chicago needs one million & the State of Illinois, two million. But first, we are committed to supplying Lurie's weekly and are determined to get our neighbors at risk covered. 

You can help! Click here to order kits Go for it if you'd like to make them yourself or contact Kim Nyland our assembly coordinator if you need help or would like to have us assemble the kits. When finished, please deliver to 74 East Woodland Road, Lake Forest. Thank you!

Contact me for bulk pricing of our pre-assembled Full Face Shields our factory in CT or Scott Rempala’s factory in Chicago.

See here Photos on the front line & our community members pitching in. We are grateful for the groundswell of support and are eager to get more people covered. 

Please spread the word, we need all hands on deck. 
How often do we get to literally help save lives?
"Reaching - For Help"
Has this Covid-19 time been more challenging than you anticipated? Finding yourself struggling each day, and not sure where to turn? While Zach and I are enthusiastic to talk and be of service in whatever way we can, we are not therapists.
However, our community is blessed with a number of counselors, therapists, and psychologists with a wide range of specialties who've provided meaningful - and in some cases life-saving - assistance to people in our church and community.
If you think there might be value in having a skilled professional help you sort things out right now, email Tom or call him at 847 234 8191 for a confidential referral.
"Reaching - on the Screen"
Community Church Zoom Menu
(the links are underlined,  bold-faced,  &   italicized )

* Weekly Wellness With Matt Dewar. 5:00 pm.  LINK
(spots in Weekly Wellness Zoom with Matt is limited -
please email  Pam Campbell  to reserve a space)

Meditation. 5:45 pm Ann Barbour & Venu Tummalapalli.  Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zach Hancock.  Community Contemplation

Course in Miracles. 9:00 am Darrell Bloom.  LINK
Virtual Bohemian School of Uke. 5:30 pm. Elliott Delman.  LINK
High School Group. 7:00 pm. Zach & Matt.  LINK

Meditation. 9:00 am. Dave Andersen.  Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zack Hancock.  Community Contemplation

 if you use the Zoom app for  Community Contemplation  the Meeting
ID:927-7895-1159 and the Password: hippo
• if you use the Zoom app for  High School Group  the Meeting ID:
933 0136 4405 and the Password: peace
• if you use the Zoom app for Thursday morning  Course in Miracles  the Meeting ID: 996 069 420
• if you use the Zoom app for the  Virtual Bohemian School of Uke  the Meeting ID: 771 5775 2833
• if you use the Zoom app for  Weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar  the Meeting ID: 957 5163 9334
All you need to do to participate is click on the link next to the program. If you have questions, email  Elliott Delman   Darrell Bloom   or  Dave Andersen
"The Human Element"
Film Screening and Discussion - Link Expires Sunday!
Watch at Home - Gather on Zoom to Discuss

The Community Church invites you to join us for a special film event sponsored by Interfaith Power & Light and the Earth Vision Institute.
In an arresting new documentary, environmental photographer James Balog captures the lives of everyday Americans on the front lines of climate change. With rare compassion and heart, The Human Element relays captivating stories from coast-to-coast, inspiring us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world. 

Go to the web page below and sign up to receive a link to view The Human Element from April 17 through 26. After you sign-up (or if you have any questions) send Zach a note indicating that you are planning to watch and he will send you the link for the Zoom discussion group. It’s that easy. Date for discussion group TBA. 

Worship on the Screen Watch Party

Every Sunday the The Community Church sends out a link for the week’s Worship on the Screen—so why not have a Worship on the Screen Watch Party —virtually together on Zoom or Google Hangouts or FaceTime? A group of Community Church folks took part in a Worship on the Screen Watch Party together and had a blast doing it. Nine families gathered together on Zoom—kids and all. Here’s how they did it: 
* * * * *
• One person hosted the party and sent out an invite by email and/or text—this group chose to use Zoom but you could use Google Hangouts or any other platform that works for you and your group.

• Arrive at the party on your computer or phone. Spend the first few minutes chatting and comparing brunch items. 

• Start the Service on the Screen on a different device (a second computer or TV). A smart TV works really well for a Watch Party.

• Keep your friends on the computer and the service on the TV or vice-versa.

• Go to the web browser, visit the church website and  HERE  on Sunday and go down to Worship on the Screen and click, find the fresh new service delivered that morning and click.
• Muting the Watching Party participants while watching the service is probably a sensible idea (and what the Watch Party of nine families on Sunday chose to do).

• Texting or chatting on Zoom is a fun way to communicate and also hear the service (sort of like whispering during the service to the people you’re sitting near). 

• At the end of the service unmute the group, chat for a bit, say goodbye.  

If you’d like to try a Worship on the Screen Watch Party but have questions about how to do so from a technical standpoint email contact  ZACH If you’d like to be placed into a Watch Party group email  PAM

You've Made it This Far - Time to
"Reach For Yuks"