We have a very large weeping cherry tree in our front yard, and around this time each year its bright pink blooms burst out of their buds. We always know when it’s coming, but it usually feels like it happens overnight. We wake up one morning, and there they are! Our street is a relatively quiet one, so lots of folks walk back and forth in our neighborhood in the nice weather, and very frequently we get compliments like, “Your tree is always so beautiful this time of year.” We usually smile along with a simple, “Oh, thanks!” We know that we can’t exactly take credit for it!

It’s funny how easy it is for us to point out the beauty we see in the world around us. “You should have seen the sunset last night,” “What beautiful spring weather,” or even, “Talk about an exciting game!” We’re vocal witnesses to an inordinate amount of experiences in our lives…our faith is often the exception. Join us on Sunday as we take a look into our own witness of life and faith.