June 2020

Despite economic concerns from the pandemic, contractors are reporting brisk sales this spring.
We appreciate all that you are doing to keep up with this flurry of new business. 
According to national surveys, stay-at-home consumers have ramped up their spending on home repairs, remodeling and improvements.    
More time at home has helped them see shortcomings in their current landscaping and given them time to engage with pros to make needed improvements.
Even as restaurants and entertainment venues start to re-open, consumers will stay focused on maintaining their homes as a peaceful retreat.    We expect a strong sales year for landscape improvements.    
The Team at North South Supply

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Avoid a Summer Slowdown with the Right Sales Strategy  
Getting the phone to ring in April and May is easy. As we head into summer, smart contractors are already planning to capture every sales opportunity in an uncertain year..
You need a MARKETING STRATEGY to generate a strong backlog.

Sell more to current customersMine your list for customers who could buy additional services from you.   For example, customers who bought landscape plantings may now be ready to add landscape lighting

Reactivate past customers. Have you lost touch with past clients? Make a list of the clients who haven't bought from you this season. Send them information and then reach out by phone. Offer them a sweetener to come back and work with you again.

Review your past service checklists / evaluations.  Remember those evaluation forms your technicians have been completing on every site visit?  They're filled with items either your technicians couldn't get to during in-season visits or where the customer said "I'll have that done later".  Later is now!  Follow-up and get the work scheduled.
Looking for a new, easy way to increase your sales and profits? Add patio lighting to your offering!
Patio lighting is an easy install and a perfect add-on sale for your current landscape lighting customers. It's convenient - you can plug right into their existing set up (transformers, etc.). Plus it's quickly installed in a few simple steps: Design, Hang, Connect, and Enjoy. With a little bit of extra time and some materials, you have an entire new service to sell.
Create an enjoyable backyard paradise for your customer by illuminating patios, decks, gazebos, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens with patio lighting. On top of everyday lighting - special occasions like weddings, parties, and family gatherings provide more great opportunities for you to sell a patio lighting job. The possibilities of what you can create for your customer are endless.
New Videos Help You Calculate Drainage Requirements   
What does
Q = (C x I x A)/96.23 mean, and how does it help solve drainage problems? Well, good news! You don't have to be a math whiz to calculate peak runoff flows. Join Dr. Drainage in this simple and straightforward video series that will show you how to diagnose the problem, crunch the numbers, and find the right solution for you. Let's get started.
In this brief overview, Dr. Drainage explains the three essential steps to fixing your drainage problem. 
NDS offers helpful tools to determine how much stormwater runoff you have, and Dr. Drainage walks you through how to use them to calculate your runoff.
Dr. Drainage shows you in three easy steps how to calculate and choose the right size catch basin for your needs.
Learn about flow rates, slope %, load capacities, and more. Dr. Drainage demystifies channel drain calculations for you.
Did you know NDS offers a variety of helpful online tools, including the Drainage Pipe Calculator? Dr. Drainage show you how it works to help you select the right pipe for your project.
How to Calculate the Volume of Stormwater Runoff Welcome to Stormwater Management 101, as Dr. Drainage shows you how to calculate stormwater runoff volume and explains different storage solutions.
For more information, check out these resources:
How Contractors Can Survive the COVID-19 Crisis
And Come Out Ahead in the Recovery!    
How can you continue to thrive with a whole new set of challenges facing your business.   
It's time to make a plan for the future!

W e're excited to share with you a free guidebook that presents 9 practical ways you can strengthen your business now for an inevitable recovery from the COVID-19 downturn.
Get focused. Take decisive action. Rally your team. 

Irrigation Association Issues Recommendations to Help Contractors Adjust to "New Normal" in Industry

How do they recommend you adjust?   This recorded webinar has their ideas. 
Leaders in the Irrigation Association recently gathered to share recommendations for professional contractors preparing for potential economic, market and business changes due to COVID-19.

Their recommendations included a focus on WiFi controllers. They asserted these are driving increased residential sales opportunities.

View all of their recommendations in the webinar and learn more about how the Irrigation Association is helping professionals in these uncertain times.

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