March 12, 2019

Our TEST Facebook Party is on! Our TEST Consultant is amazing Cayla Biel and our super hostess is Lynn Bardowski. And it will be just like YOU are a real Facebook party guest!

If you haven't join the party yet, jump right on and catch up.

Or... go to the L'BRI CONSULTANT FORUM, click on EVENTS in the left column and click GOING.

Check out the fun way Cayla is getting to know the guests and invites us all back TONIGHT at 7:30 PM CDT "for a SWEET SURPRISE!"

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a TEST PARTY for L'BRI Consultants for TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY. This is a fun way to learn how to put Lynn Bardowski's Facebook Party Formula into action! Remember... one of the keys to being authentic is to use your own voice, your own words.

You can find Facebook Party Pro training and tools in the Learning Center - You can also watch the replays of all the training in the Consultant Forum.

Let's party tonight!


Love to hear from you! For questions or comments, contact me:

Lin Ragle