Volume One | Issue Five
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Weathering the Storm toward New Growth! Financially
Pivoting! A business owner may consider major adjustments in the manner in which they operate - what you offer and how you conduct your enterprise. Or, perhaps you are thinking about starting a new venture. These are the things that require thoughtful strategic planning.


Business owners are using this time to readjust and reimagine their business options. To position your personal mindset and business for impending success, one must first hone the necessary prowess to assess where they are, where they've been and how to perform better in the future.

Education is paramount and gaining knowledge is always a plus! Business tools, technical assistance, and counseling abounds!
Financial Service Providers
are available to help you
Navigate to 2021!

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Starting from scratch may seem overwhelming and daunting, but, when will you ever have another opportunity to review the "R's" . . . Reimagine, Retool, Recalibrate, Restructure your business enterprise?

COVID-19 has caught EVERYONE off guard, leading to re-evaluating and reflecting on your past successes and now, your future endeavors. Strategic planning, preparation will set your business in the right path, once you prepare meaningfully.
Additional Options at your Fingertips!
Now, onto the PERSONAL side of credit . . . 
For many, who may not be aware, nearly 43 million Americans have less than a 600-credit score! This means that there is a serious need for financial literacy in our communities. As an independent agent with Financial Education Services, I offer innovative financial literacy tools, products and services that will assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Did you know that the information listed on credit reports are what the banks use to determine if you will be able to start a business, purchase a home, a car or even a cell phone? Doesn't it make sense to partner with a company which has removed over 2 million negative items from credit reports? Whether you have a high credit score or a low credit score, I look forward to creating a strategic plan for your specific credit needs. 

Let's connect and determine how I may be of service to
you and begin the process of repairing your credit!
Go to: htttp://www.myfes.net/MPennbeveney -or-http://www.ucespp.net/MPennbeveney

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