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The Tip Sheet Today's Informed Principal
June 18, 2021
Bringing the 2020-21 School Year to a Close           
“Every goal, task, race, and year comes to an end. Therefore, make it a habit to always finish strong.”  
~ Gary Ryan Blair, Everything Counts
A year ago, the District and School Improvement (DSI) team at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) created The TIP Sheet as a tool to provide leadership support to K-12 principals while the pandemic forced a shift in school systems. We hope that you have found this newsletter useful and been inspired by stories from your peers as you led your teams through the many changes in 2020-21. 

As we close this school year and go on a brief summer hiatus, we want to let you all know that The TIP Sheet will return this fall with a new format and content. But our purpose will remain the same: to provide supports, links, and networking opportunities to principals in traditional, charter, and independent schools across the county. 

We intend to highlight timely, relevant information, events, and resources specifically for this leadership group. If you have ideas or suggestions for content, we encourage you to email Anne Worrall or Erin Dare.

Wishing you all a restful summer break with a bit of self-care, and special time with family and friends. 

We'll see you in August!

Team DSI
Principal Spotlight
Showing gratitude is one of the simplest things that a person can express to someone. This month, The TIP Sheet would like to give thanks to all principals in San Diego County and beyond. We thank you for your countless hours in ensuring that the last year was the best you could provide for your students and your school community. 

We also would like to give thanks to all of the principals who were featured in the Principal Spotlight segment in each newsletter. Your insight during the pandemic helped leaders across the county.

As you embark on a well-deserved summer break, we thought we would leave you with some words of wisdom from our featured principals:
  • Stephanie Brown — The values I hold true in tough situations are courage, vision, authenticity, compassion, and trust. 
  • Shawntanet Jara — Being honest and real about our current conditions is throughly appreciated. 
  • Angela Rosendale — Trust, kindness, compassion, courage, and resiliency are the values I hold true.
  • Eric Frandsen — Always start by caring for the person in front me regardless of the situation, consider every challenge from multiple perspectives, deliberately look for the "holes" in every solution and try to address them before taking action, and regularly consult with people I respect and trust.
  • Martin Casas — Listening, patience, communication, and action. 
  • Stacey Perez — Be honest and transparent, while being reliable and consistent. 
  • Jason Babineau — Leadership is action, not a position.
  • Cynthia Larkin — You must love the school that you lead.
  • Audra Mandler — "Relationships before Rigor; Grace before Grades; Patience before Programs; and Love before Lessons." (Jonson)
  • Rick Oser — The “Keeping it R3E2AL” acronym stands for: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships, Expectations for Excellence, Accelerate, and Learning 
  • David Jaffe — It is the moral obligation of school leaders to create school cultures where the focus is on developing learning environments where we intentionally work toward ensuring each student graduates with a strong sense of self, is self-reflective, has the ability and tools to work through the challenges life will present, has a voice and is unapologetic about that voice, and, has a plan for college/career life post high school such that they have the best opportunity to follow a path that leads them to a meaningful and productive 100 year life.
  • Issac Jones — “Who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if [he] fails, at least fails while daring greatly…” Meeting fear with vulnerability and consistently putting yourself in the arena. (Roosevelt) 
  • Samantha Bartrom — Always assume positive intent. In any given moment, I like to believe that everyone is doing the very best they can. 
  • Maysa Bitar — I wish I could tell this quote to every educator who comes my way with a loud and proud voice: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” (Gibran)
  • Eileen Moreno — "In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." (Einstein)

Wishing you all a restful break and see you in 2021-22!
Leadership Learning Opportunities
Visioning for School Leaders
Many school leaders engage in visioning exercises over the summer months to take stock in what has been accomplished and design the path forward. School leaders must provide clarity in the expected outcomes and identify the processes their staff and faculty will take going forward to arrive at the outcomes. Visioning exercises include looking inward at your own learning this year, and then looking outward at how relationships and expertise can be leveraged toward your schoolwide goals. Join us to identify, compose, or fine-tune your schoolwide vision for equity for the 2021-22 school year. Executive leadership coaches will provide personalized support for this 90-minute session, which is free for San Diego County leaders.

Event Dates (choose one):
Targeted Feedback
SDCOE has partnered with the nationally recognized University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) to offer the two-day institute Feedback for Teacher Growth: Tools and Processes to Support Teaching Improvement Systems. The partnership with CEL was formed in response to needs identified by superintendents in supporting districts to build system capacity, promoting the improvement in teaching practice through a collaborative model.

The institute supports principals, teachers, and central office leaders in developing the skills for strengthening teaching practice through a collaborative learning culture that results in the improvement of student learning.

Participants will learn how to develop feedback in partnership based upon teachers' identified learning needs/goals. It is highly recommended that districts send teams that include principals, teachers, and a central office leader who supervises principals.

For more information and to register, click here. The next session will be held July 27 to 29.
Exploring Deeper Learning: Become Part of the SD Deeper Learning Collaborative 
Aug. 3 and 4

In a rapidly-changing world, where inequities are being illuminated, students need empowering and global learning experiences. Our world has been transformed, so should our students’ learning experiences.

Develop an understanding of deeper learning, in which all students engage in meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for their dynamic future. Designed for teams, this two-day launch will explore what deeper learning looks and sounds like in a classroom as well as how to build a culture of deeper learning in your system/school. 

Registration is open now to participate in Explore Deeper Learning and get ready to join the San Diego County Deeper Learning Collaborative, which will meet monthly in fall 2021 to engage in further deeper learning exploration, collaboration, networking, and support. 
SDCOE Preliminary Administrative Service Credential

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) Program​ at the SDCOE is designed to prepare experienced educators for the challenges of school leadership. The credential allows you to serve in a variety of administrative roles, which may include principal, assistant principal, program manager, coordinator, and others, depending on your district. Gaining your PASC will expand your opportunities as an educator.

Our innovative, competency-based program combines high-quality instruction and leading-edge research with contextualized fieldwork experiences that prepare you to be an effective educational leader.​

If you know of a great candidate for our PASC program, please encourage them to enroll!
ICAN Network — Improving Chronic Absenteeism

The San Diego County Improving Chronic Absence Network (ICAN) aims to address the enormous challenge of improving chronic school absence by helping schools implement small, targeted changes that are proven to get results. 

Grant Opportunities
AASA Women in School Leadership Awards 
  • Funding Source: AASA, The School Superintendents Association 
  • Funding Amount: $1,000, conference registration, and a plaque 
  • Direct Link: 
  • Description: Awards to women to acknowledge outstanding leadership in the field of education. The purpose of this program is to honor female education professionals that positively impact the lives of students. Nominations and applications are accepted for the following two award categories: 1) The Superintendent Award: awarded to any female superintendent who's been in the superintendent position for two years or more; 2) The Central Office/Principal Award: awarded to any female central office or building level leader — equivalent job titles may include: assistant superintendent, central office administrator, and school-based principal/assistant principal. Each candidate is judged on the following criteria: Leadership for learning (creativity in successfully meeting the needs of students in her school or district); communication (strength in both personal and organizational communication); professionalism (constant improvement of administrative knowledge and skills, while providing motivation to others on the education team); and community involvement (active participation in local community activities and an understanding of regional, national, and international issues). 
  • Deadline: Sept. 10 

Barona Education Grant Program
  • Funding Source: Barona Band of Mission Indians
  • Funding Amount: Up to $5,000
  • Direct Link:
  • Description: Grants to K-12 schools for purchases that enhance academic performance and benefit current and future students. Funding is intended for the acquisition of supplies and materials, including computers, books, and other much-needed supplies that will promote educational improvements. Application must be accompanied by an endorsement letter from a state executive office holder, senator, or assembly member within your school district.
  • Deadline: June 30
  • Note: Application must be postmarked within 30 days of endorsement letter.

Store-Based Giving Grants
  • Funding Source: Ross Stores, Inc.
  • Funding Amount: Varies
  • Direct Link:
  • Description: Funding is intended to build academic achievement and life skills in economically disadvantaged young people ages 3 to 24. Eligible applicants are schools or government programs within 25 miles of a Ross Dress for Less or dd’s DISCOUNTS store. Note: schools must be either Title 1 designees or have at least 40% of their students participate in free or reduced lunch. Academic achievement support includes programs with a focus on literacy, STEM, tutoring, stay-in-school efforts, and college readiness. Life skills support includes programs that focus on mentoring, financial literacy, leadership skills, after-school programs, and career readiness.
  • Deadline: Ongoing
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