A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 27, 2021
For Friday's Sake success. To every single person who came out for our first Friday night shopping extravaganza and music, thank you. It was such a relief to not drink alone listening to music with empty chairs. That makes for very awkward times. One customer melted my heart when she shared she had shopped at FGS as a little girl and DREADED coming here. "It was soooo boring." Now, she comes with her darling daughter and is in absolute love with shopping for plants, seeing the goats and chickens, and treating her daughter to playtime and Sunset Slush. She also insisted we should have nights like this EVERY Friday night and I said I would have to take that to the top, and it might take some convincing. Maybe if you're reading this and you attended Friday night, you could flood our inbox. Help a girl out!!! 

One morning as I skipped in to work sprinkling flower petals, I was abruptly met at the door by AmberLeigh. I stopped for a moment looking for the fire. It made me chuckle because she immediately asked, "Have you seen the Angel Soft toilet paper?" It wasn't just a question of have you seen any toilet paper. It was very, very specific. It was Angel Soft.  

I laughed and explained that yes, I did indeed see the Angel Soft toilet paper and I had put it away. 

"Who is asking?" I inquired.  

"Josh. Josh ordered it, and he hasn't seen it come in."  

Remember Josh from my previous story? He is the smooth talking, calming voice on the other end of the phone that takes calls at the Garden Center and most often returns your calls. And yes, we love him and no, he doesn't read stories to help you fall asleep because I asked.  

Josh was fretting and AmberLeigh was hunting because she is an Enneagram 2: The Helper. She found striped toilet paper and little flower prints (wink) on toilet paper, but she did not find the Angel Soft

Still chuckling, I replied, "I am pretty sure I put some upstairs in the bathroom and in the upstairs rental space." 

Why? Because it is very important to provide our rental space guests Angel Soft, as well as our staff who like privacy.  

Running upstairs, she found the Angel Soft. She called Josh and minutes later, he arrived for the pick up. I couldn't help but grab this picture for you to confirm that yes, there was a hunt for Angel Soft toilet paper. Two, Josh does exist, and three, this toilet paper was apparently very important to very important people. (And I thought people could be snobby toward certain plants and flowers. I think we have TP snobs to deal with too!)  But all's right with the world now. The staff is happy with their Angel Soft, the customers who pop in to use the bathroom while shopping should be happy with their Angel Soft, and because of this, I may have to alter my future purchase and check this out. It's all the new rave.  

Do you know what else is the new rave? You guessed it. Plants. Green ones, blooming ones, tall ones, short ones, sun-loving, shade-loving, house-loving plants.  We have you covered in all the areas. We're just awesome like that. Now get your butt here! Baaaahaaaahaha!
in the garden

Saturday, June 12
6PM -9PM

Performing Live!

The Potting Shed will be open and Off the Hog food truck will be here! This is a ticketed event. Click here for more information and to order tickets!
Echinacea is a bright and colorful pollinator-friendly plant. Bees and butterflies love them for their nectar, and birds love them for the seed-domes that also offer interest in your garden. While most are not quite blooming yet, they will be soon. We have many varieties and colors available. Plant in full sun to enjoy blooms all summer long. Echinacea can tolerate our clay and rocky soil well (you still should amend the soil when planting), but do need good drainage. Don't forget to water your plants!
Can you imagine a more wonderful combination than a plant that climbs AND produces beautiful white Hydrangea blooms? Because of the growth potential of these plants (some can grow up to 80 feet tall!), they do need to be supported well. Provide a structure they can climb on, and make sure to amend the soil well before planting in full sun or part shade. They will be happiest where they can receive afternoon shade and be protected from our intense summer heat.
Spider plants are a popular houseplant, but they are also happy as a hanging basket on a shaded porch! We love that they are pet-friendly (so many houseplants are NOT), and they are super easy to propagate. They put off multiple shoots that grow babies. You can cut off the babies, put them in water, allow them to root--and boom! You have another spider plant.
Potting Shed & Food Truck Schedule
The Potting Shed
Friday 12-4:30p
Saturday 12-4:30p
Sunday 12-4:30p
If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!

Food Trucks
El Jefecito
Saturday, May 29, 11AM-3PM
You don’t want to miss this! Come on down and help us welcome a new truck, El Jefecito, to the For Garden’s Sake food truck rotation!
Enjoy tacos, burritos, quesadillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, and pupusas done right (aka, DELICIOUS!).

Meet Judy Rosenberger!
Role: Houseplant Specialist
Started at FGS: March 2017
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Movie: Family Stone
Plant: Brugmansia
Last Book Read: Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd
Food: Grilled chicken served with a fresh salad

Judy is an FGS staple! She has been loving on our houseplants for over 4 years now. She always has a smile on her face and loves helping customers find the right houseplant for them! Judy is so easy to talk to and makes you feel right at ease whether you have known her for years or if you just met her. She loves spending time with her kids, grandkids and her dogs. We bet you've met her before, but if you haven't, make sure to say hello the next time you're at FGS.
Propagation Station 101
Thursday, May 27, 6PM-7PM TONIGHT!! A few spots left!
Is your plant dying and you want to save it? Do you want to multiply your plants without spending money on new ones? Do you love watching plants thrive under your care? Then learning how to propagate your plants is just what you need! This class will cover the basics of propagating different types of plants from existing plant material that you already own! We will cover several methods of propagating in different mediums using different parts of the plant. Cuttings will be provided to show examples of different methods. Come learn the basics of multiplying your plants at the PROPAGATION STATION.
Fee is $15.00 (includes class and clippings)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Joey Pierce, FGS Plant Coach

There are many other classes coming up soon! See our website for more information!
Summer Rose Care
Wednesday, June 2, 6PM-7PM
Keep your roses lush, vigorous and blooming up a storm this summer! This class will cover all you need to know about how and when to fertilize, water and prune your roses for the healthiest shrubs in the neighborhood. We’ll also be discussing common rose pests and diseases and what to do to keep them under control.
Fee is $15.00 (includes class and pair of shears)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Sunshine Jull, FGS Plant Coach

Plant Tip of the Week:
Water is crucial to a plant's success. When temps start to rise like they have lately, and that is paired with little to no rain--it is more critical than ever that you are watering your plants well. To make sure you are using the best watering practices, read this blog post for more info!
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